[[folder: Music ]]

* Music/SoundHorizon is full of awesome characters, but [[Tropers/PrussianEagle I]] love Idolfried Ehrenberg from their 7th Story CD "Märchen" the most. He only appears in the backstory of one of the other characters and only has about three lines of dialogue, which resulted in the fandom basically running away with his personality which was later adopted in official concerts, making him an awesome(ly rude) pirate that basically lives for breasts and has quite a bit of HoYay going on with Cortes.
* Gorillaz has Noodle, a cute Japanese girl with mad guitar skills.


[[folder: Newspaper Comics ]]

* ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes. And for that matter, [[LittleMissBadass Susie]] [[{{Moe}} Derkins]]. One of the best female foils out there. She's the only kid who tries to be friends with Calvin, and no matter what crazy shit he pulls, she never stops trying.


[[folder: Other ]]

* Spring Heeled Jack, The terror of England, so mysterious, was he a real life demon? Was He an alien? Was he just a hoax? Was he a guy in a costume? Was He a monster or evil or was he really a misunderstood hero? Remember That in Universe, most super heroes are framed for crimes or accused of crime, whats to say that Spring Heeled Jack wasn't a hero who was misunderstood? He's just that Mysterious! There's a reason I based my College Creative Writing on his sightings & made a rather good Super Hero Story.
* Geof the talking mongoose. Yes, a talking animal which may or may not be a poltergeist can be creepy and inconvenient, but there's just something so adorable about how he bonded with the family. And he mostly spoke with the daughter, so he pretty much is a childhood imaginary friend come alive!
* [[TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife You.]]
* [[Franchise/NeoPets Brynn and Hanso.]] Theres just something about the way they interect that makes me happy.
** If we're talking about Neopets, Armin. He's so ''sweet!'' I've also always had a big soft spot for Jeran.
* Creator/KimKardashian. Just try to [[MyEyesAreUpHere maintain eye contact]].


[[folder: Professional Wrestling ]]

* Wrestling/JohnCena! From just being some guy with, to quote Jericho, "silly green shorts" to his transformation into [[PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy "The Dr. of Thugenomics"]] to his [[HeelFaceTurn face turn]] to his becoming the #1 babyface in wrestling, [[Tropers/{{JIKTV}} I]] have always supported him. "The Champ is HERE!" Down since day one. Word Life.
* [[Wrestling/GregoryHelms HURRICANE HELMS!]] He is awesome, hilarious, and cool all at the same time. Too bad [[ExecutiveMeddling he got released...]]
* Wrestling/ChrisJericho is the funniest wrestler in history, and has the heart of a lion.
* What about Wrestling/ReyMysterioJr? He's awesome! He is one of the most amazing wrestlers because of his high flying techniques, and the fans love him!
* Wrestling/CMPunk. While he's been always awesome to [[Tropers/DasNordlicht91 me]], everything he's done starting from the awesome 6/27/11 rant at the end of Raw, and culminating in Punk becoming WWE Champion thrice during the (still-going) run, was where he really became a complete favorite for me.
* How can anybody not love [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson THE ROCK?]] Sure, he can be [[InvincibleHero a Boring Invincible Hero sometimes,]] but still! He's the [[AudienceSurrogate PEOPLE'S CHAMP!]] Not to mention his [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome CMOA when he came back:]]
-->'''The Rock:''' Make no mistake, Vince! There is only ONE person that is electrifying enough to host ''Wrestling/{{WrestleMania}}''. And that man is.... [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome the jabroni beating... ALELELELELOW! PIE EATING, SHOW STOPPING, TRAIL BLAZING, EYEBROW RAISING, FOOT OFF THE BRAKES, FOOT ON THE GAS, ALWAYS READY TO WHOOP SOME ASS PEOPLE'S CHAMP....THE ROCK!]]
* Wrestling/TheUndertaker [[{{Badass}} is just badass.]]
* [[Wrestling/DeanAmbrose Dean Fucking Ambrose!]] The lunatic fringe, despite being mid-card, gives some of the best matches the WWE has during the PG era, is one rarety as a face who is just as ruthless as a heel, even when Wrestling/TheShield was disbanded he never betrayed Roman Reings, the other face member and his match against Kevin Owens for the IC title in TLC is the highlight of the rather lackluster PPV (That and Roman wailing on Triple H).