* The Nespresso ad campaign stars Creator/GeorgeClooney {{as Himself}} and Creator/JohnMalkovich as God. The former never comments on the resemblance.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v52FLMOPSig&feature=plcp This political ad]] for Bridget Mary [=McCormack=] (a candidate for the UsefulNotes/{{Michigan}} [[UsefulNotes/AmericanCourts Supreme Court]]) -- besides causing {{Squee}} for fans seeing the cast of ''Series/TheWestWing'' together again -- mentions that candidate [=McCormack=] is the sister of Mary [=McCormack=]. Of course, Mary [=McCormack=] played Kate Harper on the show and in the ad... so CJ naturally has never heard of her. Lampshaded by this (at 2:12):
-->'''CJ:''' Quick question...\\
'''Josh:''' Who's Mary [=McCormack=]?\\
'''CJ:''' Who's [=McCormack=]?\\
'''Kate Harper:''' (''as she randomly walks in'') No clue, [[ButHeSoundsHandsome but something tells me]] she's ''delightful'', whip-smart, possibly hot... hard to say, really. C'mon, we're [[WalkAndTalk walking and talking]].
* If the ''[[Film/XMenFilmSeries X-Men]]'' movies were in the same continuity as Creator/SamRaimi's ''Film/SpiderManTrilogy'', some of the mutants must have wondered why J. Jonah Jameson was training insurance agents (for Farmers insurance).