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* Forget about survival horror. Dismiss any thoughts in your head of zombies, or teamwork, or social commentary. Watching Creator/CillianMurphy snap in ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater'' is so much more entertaining. It's not so much a journey from innocence to adulthood as it is getting so far, far broke that you come out the other side.
* ''Film/ThreeHundredRiseOfAnEmpire'': Poor little Artemesia...
* What Adam tries to do to Ivan in ''Film/AdamsApples''.
* Max is a victim of this in ''Film/TheAdventuresOfSharkboyAndLavagirl''.
%% * ''Film/AIArtificialIntelligence''
* ''Franchise/{{Alien}}'': Newt. Before the colony was taken over by aliens, she was apparently a perfectly normal first grader. After spending a few weeks fighting for her life against a ravenous, chitinous swarm of parasites, however, she is too scared to even sleep on top of her bed ([[spoiler: which is probably a good thing, since the movie's CorruptCorporateExecutive decides it's a good idea to unleash a few face huggers in her room to get rid of Ripley]]).
* ''Film/AllAboutLilyChouChou'' does this to every single main character.
%% * ''Film/AmericanMary''
%% * ''Film/AnEducation''
* ''Series/AnneFrankTheWholeStory'': Since this movie goes into the concentration camp, unlike the black and white Anne Frank movie, this trope is played big time. Anne's breaking point is very clearly shown: [[spoiler: Anne tries to wake up her sister Margot, only to push her off the bed and kill her by accident. Anne looks up at the sky, defeated, and allows herself to die, since she thinks everyone in her family is dead. We learn later, however, that this was not the case.]]
* In ''Film/AnotherTimeAnotherPlace'', Janie is a lonely farmer's wife who finds some escape from the crushing boredom of hard labour and her loveless marriage by starting an affair with Luigi, one of the Italian [=POWs=] who has been billeted on her and her husband's farm. Unfortunately, [[spoiler:one of the prisoners from the local camp commits a rape whilst Janie and Luigi take an opportunity to have one last RollInTheHay before they part forever. This results in Janie having to confess her adultery to the military to provide Luigi with an alibi, but it turns out he'll go to jail anyway as he is guilty of "association with a civilian female". This leaves Janie alone, even more miserable than she was before and with any hope she might have escaped her stultifying life in her village thoroughly crushed. Naturally, Else, the rape victim, doesn't come out of it too well either.]]
* The village children being left behind in ''Film/{{Apocalypto}}''.
* George from ''Film/TheArtist'' gets crushed by his refusal to transition to talkies, in a somewhat uncommon gender-reversal of this.
* ''Film/{{Atonement}}'': Robbie Turner has the best evening of his life: he confessed his feelings to the woman he loves, she reciprocrates them, they have passionate sex [[WallBangHer in a library]], and when he finds the two boys who went missing (the search party had failed to do so), he feels like the hero of the day. [[MoodWhiplash So why is everyone looking at him so seriously?]]
* Asami comes conveniently pre-broken in ''Film/{{Audition}}''.
* ''Film/{{Batman}}'': Poor Alicia.
* ''Film/BatmanReturns'': Poor Selina.
* One of the more odd examples. ''Film/{{Bernie}}'', who is well loved by the community, is beaten down by Marjorie until he finally snaps.
* In Film/BeyondTheLights, lead character Noni comes pre-broken and the film starts with her attempting suicide.
* ''Film/TheBigRedOne'': [[spoiler: Near the end of the film, Griff discovers a furnace full of burnt human remains at Falkenau concentration camps. While hesitant to shoot people at the beginning of the film, upon discovering a live German soldier hiding in another oven, Griff shoots the German dead, and then shoot his corpse repeatedly until he runs out of ammo. Sarge investigates, and upon discovering the situation immediately gives Griff more ammo to continue shooting.]]
* In ''Film/BitterMoon'' Oscar intentionally breaks Mimi who was a pretty and nice enough girl who wants to be a dancer.
* Poor Elizabeth Short from ''Film/TheBlackDahlia''. She went to Hollywood hoping to become a movie star. She actually got auditions but she was such a bad actress she never got a part and the only film she ever made was porn. Oh and [[KillTheCutie then she gets brutally murdered]].
* Nina, the protagonist of ''Film/BlackSwan'', spirals through this from beginning to end. This is from the director of ''Film/RequiemForADream''.
* Pretty much everyone in ''Film/{{Blindness}}'', but most of all [[spoiler: the women who become violently gang-raped.]]
* ''Film/BloodDiamond'': Standard procedure for the RUF in regards to making ChildSoldiers.
* ''Film/BlueIsTheWarmestColor'': [[spoiler: Poor Adele after the break-up and three years after at least until she leaves the gallery at the end of the film where she gets her closure]].
* ''Film/TheBoatThatRocked'': [[spoiler: Elenore's horrible treatment of Simon, especially considering how ecstatic he had been about the marriage.]]
%% * ''Film/TheBookOfRevelation''
* Twist in ''Film/BoyCalledTwist'' [[spoiler: becomes dangerously close to ending up a criminal on the streets.]]
* Happened to Lionel years before ''Film/{{Braindead}}'' began when his father died in a swimming accident. [[spoiler:Turns out that was a lie made up by his mother. The real moment came when Lionel witnessed Vera drowning both his father and mistress in the bathtub.]]
* Kitten in ''Film/BreakfastOnPluto''.
* ''Film/BreakingAway'': [[spoiler: What happens to Dave at his race with the Italian team; they cheat by crippling his bike and causing him to crash]].
* Chen and Lucy in ''Film/BrokenBlossoms''.
* ''Film/{{Byzantium}}'': The Captain plucks a young Clara from her job picking cockles on the beach, carries her off to a brothel and makes her a whore, turning her into the flawed human being she is now. [[spoiler: He also rapes a 16 year old Eleanor to infect her with syphillis and subject her to the same slow, agonising death he faced due to her mother's actions.]]
* Dana from ''Film/TheCabinInTheWoods''. [[Creator/JossWhedon As to]] [[SignatureStyle be expected]].
* Paul from ''Film/CacaMilis'' is friendly and a little juvenile, in a cute way. He's very proud of having memorised the entire train route; even Catherine seems a bit impressed. Then she pretends he got it wrong, confusing and distressing Paul. He's noticeably less jolly after that point.
* ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'':
** Bond in the chair with no bottom. Bond being heartbroken [[spoiler:after Vesper's death]], and that causes Bond's depression and weariness seen in most of ''Film/QuantumOfSolace''.
** Vesper as well. She [[spoiler: has to play along with everything to steal Bond's money and rescue her kidnapped/dead boyfriend.]]
* In ''Film/CedarRapids'' when Tim finds out that [[spoiler: Roger Lemke, his idol, was a sexual deviant that even Joan couldn't keep up with and that he bribed the ASMI president for each of his Two-Diamond awards. Tim also has to do the same to save his company. He redeems himself later on.]]
* ''Film/{{Cell211}}'': Juan [[spoiler: and later, Elena. [[KilledOffForReal To the very worst]].]]
* Chappie in ''{{Chappie}}''. Over the course of the film he's mistreated by Ninja, [[spoiler: has an arm cut off by Moore, has to come to terms with his own mortality, and his mother-figure die among other things, all whilst having a child's mentality for the most part. Ultimately Chappie become an IronWoobie due to it.]]
* Jasmine from ''Film/ChinaBlue''.
* ''Film/{{Chunhyang}}'''s imprisonment and torture.
* Any character with a shred of innocence in ''Film/CityOfLifeAndDeath''. [[spoiler:Xiaojiang]] [[spoiler:Ms. Jiang]] [[spoiler:May]], all the girls raped (this is the ''Rape'' of Nanking, after all).
* The TenorBoy and Georgina in ''Film/TheCookTheThiefHisWifeAndHerLover''.
* This almost happens to Beau in ''Film/CountryStrong'' but [[spoiler: he ends up better in the long run, even after the painful loss of Kelly]]
* ''Film/TheCraft'': An example where [[spoiler: [[BewareTheNiceOnes the cutie breaks you]] in the end.]]
* Kate (with shades of BreakTheHaughty) and [[spoiler:Mandy]] in ''Film/{{Creep}}''.
* They come pre-broken in ''Film/TheCrucible'', as In-ho quickly discovers.
* ''Film/{{Crush}}'': Oh Scott.
* Chan's last ten or so minutes on screen in ''Film/CurseOfTheGoldenFlower'' result in her literally running screaming into the night.
* Gunther's arc in ''Film/TheDamned'' from sensitive violinist to prospective SS recruit.
* Westlake had just proposed to marry his girlfriend in ''Film/{{Darkman}}''. It seems like she was going to say 'yes' too.
* Creator/LarsVonTrier's ''Film/{{Dancer in the Dark}}'' brings this trope to a truly unsettling level.
** As does ''{{Dogville}}'' by the same director.
** What ''Dancer in the Dark'' does to Selma goes way beyond TearJerker worthy; be prepared to burst into tears and stay that way for the last forty minutes.
** ''Film/DancerInTheDark'' is the final entry in what's termed von Trier's "Golden Heart trilogy". All three films, the other two being ''Film/BreakingTheWaves'' and ''Film/TheIdiots'', use this trope ''heavily''.
** EmilyWatson, who made her film debut in ''Film/BreakingTheWaves'', has essentially forged a career out of this trope.
* In the film ''Dare'', Alexa and Ben somewhat unconsciously do this to Johnny.
* Yoshimi from ''Film/DarkWater'' comes [[BrokenBird pre-broken]], having suffered a mental breakdown several years prior to the events of the film. Her not-so-pleasant childhood doesn't help matters.
* In ''Film/{{Daybreakers}}'', the BigBad's cute daughter awaits cruel treatment [[spoiler:and eventually death]].
* Losing her family in a car accident does this to Sarah in ''Film/TheDescent''. [[spoiler:Then the events in the cave break her some more.]]
* Poor, poor Margot in ''Film/DialMForMurder''. She's almost strangled, then convicted of murder and sentenced to death, then discovers her husband (for whom she had started to renew her love) was the one trying to kill her. By the end, she's surprised at how calm she is over all this, and Mark assures her she'll soon have "the most wonderful breakdown."
* Helen at the beginning of ''Film/DiaryOfAMadBlackWoman''.
* This happens to Lisa, Karo's best friend, at the end of ''Film/DieWelle''.
* The cuties in ''Film/{{District9}}'' would probably be Christopher and his son who, while maybe not as dramatically abused in the film as Wikus, probably had to endure a lot more hardship. Tania may also qualify, given that she ends up traumatized by her father's lies and her husband's disappearance and frightened phone calls.
* Marilyn in ''Film/TheDivide'' on so many levels. Everybody else gets [[MaddenIntoMisanthropy Maddened Into Misanthropy]] or just plain dies.
* ''Film/DodgeballATrueUnderdogStory'': "You are ''not'' a pirate."
* ''Film/DontBeAfraidOfTheDark'': Poor, poor Sally.
* Amy Adam's character Sister James undergoes a mild form of this is in ''Film/{{Doubt}}'' when she has to accept the possibility that a priest at their school molested a young boy.
* This eventually [[spoiler:leads to [[KillTheCutie killing the cutie]]]] in ''Film/DragMeToHell''.
* ''Film/TheDuchess''. Dear God...
* In ''Film/DueDate'' after getting his arm broken, Peter absolutely snaps on Ethan and tears him a new one on so many levels.
* Basically, ''Film/{{Elizabeth}}'', with Elizabeth being the operative cutie.
* ''Film/ElMariachi'' starts off as an innocent, cheerful young musician looking for work. The events of the movie turn him into the cynical, vengeance-driven vigilante we see in ''Film/{{Desperado}}.''
%% * ''Film/EmpireOfTheSun''.
* When Mieke reads Scotty's e-mail in ''Film/{{Eurotrip}}'', she seems genuinely upset and hurt.
* ''Film/EvilEd''.
** [[spoiler:Evil Ed does this to Nick in the end.]]
* [[spoiler: Jeanie]] in ''Film/{{Flashdance}}''. Alex barely manages to bring her back to sanity.
%%* Seth from ''Film/TheFly1986''.
* Private Leonard Lawrence, a.k.a. Gomer Pyle, in ''Film/FullMetalJacket'' is put through utter hell during the first half of the movie. Overweight and mentally slow, Pyle quickly draws the wrath of the original DrillSergeantNasty, who reserves the worst of his abuse and invective for him. Eventually Pyle gets paired up with Joker, with whose help he starts to show some improvement. But then Hartman finds a jelly doughnut in his foot locker and decides to punish the entire platoon, resulting in the other members getting pissed and deciding to take it out on Pyle in the infamous "blanket party" scene.[[note]]A "blanket party" is a form of military hazing involving pinning the victim to his bunk with a blanket and then beating him with improvised flails (in Pyle's case, a bar of soap with a bath towel wrapped around it).[[/note]] Pyle is never quite the same after this incident, and though he soon develops into a model Marine and an expert rifleman, he starts undergoing a psychotic breakdown in which he withdraws from the others and talks to his M-14. The first half ends with Pyle snapping out, murdering Hartman and then committing suicide in a nightmarish scene.
* In ''Film/GalaxyQuest'', [[BigBad Sarris]] forces Jason to do this to the alien leader Mathesar by admitting that the ShowWithinAShow is fiction.
* ''Film/{{Glorious39}}'': [[spoiler:Anne is the victim of gaslighting, her family are completely corrupt, her boyfriend is murdered, two of her friends ''apparently'' commit suicide, and then her family lock her in a small room and sedate her, possibly for years.]]
* Michael of ''Film/TheGodfather'' goes from being the one person in his family that could possibly go legit into a cold-blooded Mafioso who can lie to his wife's face and feel no remorse.
* Parodied in ''Film/TheGreatMuppetCaper'' in which Miss Piggy humorously lampshaded" What am I a glutton for punishment?!"
* Roxanne accidentally revealing to her daughter [[spoiler:there is no Tooth Fairy]] in ''Film/GrownUps''.
* Several characters in ''Film/TheGrudge'', but most notably Allison.
* Jamie Lloyd from the ''Franchise/{{Halloween}}'' series. Her parents died when she was young, she was [[KidsAreCruel constantly bullied]] due to being the niece of an [[ImplacableMan undying]] [[SilentBob mute]] ''thing'' who shows up and almost kills her before briefly [[DemonicPossession imbuing her with some of his evil]] in ''Film/Halloween4TheReturnOfMichaelMyers'', prompting paranoid citizens to regard her as some kind of devil child.
** After all that her EvilUncle shows up again [[Film/Halloween5TheRevengeOfMichaelMyers the next year]], kills much all her loved ones and after being captured he's sprung from prison by a fanatical cult which abducts her as well.
** ''[[Film/HalloweenTheCurseOfMichaelMyers The Curse]]'' apparently has Michael ''rape and impregnate her'' while she is held captive. Though she escapes and gets the baby to safety, Michael [[KillTheCutie still kills her via tractor harrows]].
* Annie and [[spoiler:Laurie in the director's cut]] of ''Film/HalloweenII2009''.
* Sullivan from ''Film/Halo4ForwardUntoDawn'' is easily the friendliest and most laid-back of Hastati Squad. As of Part 4, he's seen the Covenant massacre the rest of the academy, his roommate has been killed, and he's been nailed in the leg with a needle round.
* [[spoiler: [[{{DefiedTrope}} Openly defied]] ]] in ''Film/HappyGoLucky''.
* ''Film/{{Heat}}'' have Lauren Gustafson and Eady. Lauren is a teenager driven to depression [[spoiler:and to suicide]] because of her father's neglection over her and Eady gets speechless when [[spoiler:Neil leaves her behind as he was been chased by Vincent Hanna]].
* The whole plot of ''Film/HeavenAndEarth'', especially in the first half of the movie.
* ''Film/HenryPortraitOfASerialKiller'': [[spoiler: Poor Becky had a horrible childhood.]]
* ''Hick'' is this for Luli from beginning to [[spoiler: almost the end which ends, if not a high note at least a hopeful one.]]
* In the original version of ''Film/TheHitcher'' John succeeds.
* ''Film/HornetsNest'': And nothing is better for that than watching their parents getting massacred by the SS.
* Despite living with her stern grandmother and having an alcoholic father, Lewellen of ''{{Film/Hounddog}}'' still has a relatively normal life. She adores Elvis Presley and finds enjoyment in the simplest of things. Then, her father's girlfriend ([[spoiler:who is actually her biological aunt on her mother's side]]), who was like a mother to Lewellen, leaves, causing Lewellen to believe she herself needs to take over the "mother" role of sorts. THEN her father [[spoiler:is in a horrible accident, leaving him brain damaged and retarded]]. You must be thinking by this point that her life can't get any worse than this, right? Wrong. Finally, she's talked into dancing nude for a much older male in exchange for Elvis tickets, in which she is [[spoiler:horribly raped by said male, leaving her so traumatized she's sick to the point of being bedridden]].
%% * ''Film/HouseOfWhipcord''
* ''Film/TheHouseOfYes'' does this with relish. Leslie visits her fiance's family for Thanksgiving, only to be bullied by his mother and twin sister. Then his younger brother tries to sleep with her and reveals that [[spoiler: her fiance and twin sister have been romantically involved in the past. She goes downstairs to see for herself, only to witness the brother and sister reenacting the JFK assassination before having sex on the couch. She runs back upstairs and in a moment of weakness, has sex with her fiance's younger brother. And no, she wasn't broken then. She ends up breaking when the twins sister shoots and kills her fiance.]]
* Lindsay and Jenny in ''Film/TheHumanCentipede''.
* ''Film/TheHunt'':
** This entire movie is devoted to the breakage of Lucas. He begins as a likable, enthusiastic kindergarten teacher, but slowly degrades as gossip fans the flames. He is beaten, rejected and held in contempt.
** This extends to Marcus, his son.
%% * ''Film/InHell''
* In the MadeForTVMovie, ''Intensity'', Edgler Vess takes pleasure in specifically putting all of his efforts into "breaking" any victim whom he happens to kidnap.
* ''Film/{{Intolerance}}'':
** The Dear One. She and her father have to move away after cutbacks and a strike at the mill. She marries The Boy, who repents of his criminal ways for her, but he's framed, arrested, and jailed, leaving her to raise her child alone. The MoralGuardians choose to seize the child and give it to an orphanage. The Musketeer of the Slums (a gangster/pimp) takes advantage of the couple's struggle to get the child back and tries to rape her; he's shot dead by The Friendless One but the Boy is convicted of the crime