[[http://new.websnark.com/ Websnark]] is or was a {{blog}} that has seen as one of the most (if not the most) in-depth and detailed sources of {{Webcomics}} analysis. It has two main writers, husband and wife Eric and Wednesday Burns-White, who tackle different areas of the genre. These days the site isn't quite abandoned, but it [[ScheduleSlip only gets new posts once or twice in a blue moon]].

Like ''Website/TelevisionWithoutPity'', it provides snarky commentary and reviews on webcomic plots and structure. It academically pulls a webcomic apart by the tropes and points out everything good and bad about them. It is considered by many artists and creators a sign that your comic has made it if it is mentioned on the Websnark front page. This usually results in a massive boost in its readership, as at its peak Websnark received over 60,000 hits a day.

Oh, and it's not actually ''intended'' to be a webcomics blog - just a site where the Burns-Whites post about stuff they find interesting. It just happens that they frequently find webcomics interesting.

!! Tropes coined by Websnark:
* CerebusSyndrome
* MilhollandRelationshipMoment
* SorkinRelationshipMoment

!!! Tropes invoked by Websnark:
* GloryDays