Poem as she is sing

* {{Madonna}}'s ''Sorry'' has the Dutch "ik ben droevig" in the intro, this is a incorrect literal translation of the title and actually means "I'm sad". A better translation would have been "Het spijt me".
* The Spanish backing vocals in the latter half of "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by TheClash are a hurried word-for-word translation of the corresponding English lines provided by the Ecuador-born mother of a recording studio employee.
* The band Music/CleanBandit are named after a Blind Idiot Translation for a Russian phrase meaning "utter bastard".
* The title of the {{Reggae}} classic "Satta Massagana" by The Abyssinians is ''supposed'' to mean "give thanks and praise" in the Amharic language of Ethiopia. But the band members have admitted that they only had passing knowledge of the language, and it turned out they got the tense, grammar and spelling wrong. "Give thanks and praise" would actually be ''Misgana''. ''Sţţ amssgn'' literally means something like "gave praised".
* Brazilian comedy singer Falco covered the brega classics "Eu No Sou Cachorro No", "Fusco Preto", and "Meu Cofrinho de Amor", ''intentionally'' translated to blind idiot English.