There are so many examples that they have been documented [[ here]], in alphabetical order.
!!Thin Characters
* Taiga Fujimura and Saber from ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''. Saber has the excuse that food replenishes her mana. Taiga doesn't.
** Then again, the guy they hang around with is a SupremeChef. Who would blame them for wanting some more munchies?
** Of course, with the exception of the anime, the amount Saber eats is not that great.
** Saber's supposed obsession with food is hugely exaggerated in some spinoffs, notably ''Anime/CarnivalPhantasm''.
* [[BloodKnight Momoyo Kawakami]] from ''VisualNovel/MajiDeWatashiNiKoiShinasai'' is notable for this at times. It gets brought up in the anime several times, [[ and she can clearly put away a lot]].
* Emi Ibarazaki from ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo''. At one lunchtime at the rooftop, she brings a lunchbox who is twice as larger as Hisao's and Rin's. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] as she's the local PassionateSportsGirl, thus does a lot of exercise and burns more calories than most people so she kept her girlish figure.
* Emma Cee from ''{{VisualNovel/Halloween Otome}}'' is known for this to her companions. In fact, her frequent visits to the kitchen grant her a chance conversation with her host.
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney'': Maya Fey, who even claims she has separate stomachs for particular foods she likes.
* Licia in ''VisualNovel/StrawberryVinegar'', especially around rice. However, she learns the limits of her body when she gets sick one morning as the consequence of overindulging for three days straight on human food.
* In ''VisualNovel/{{Sickness}}'', Misa ''devours'' a bunch of meat while on a picnic with Suoh (leaving him to his dismay with mostly vegetables) [[RealityEnsues and ends up making herself sick.]]
* In ''VisualNovel/VirtuesLastReward'' Phi mentions having eaten about 7 different dishes at once (she names them all) and then adds one she initially forgot about. She claims she's "growing girl" but considering she's already 20 it's more likely she was trying to grow [[ACupAngst forward]].
* ''VisualNovel/ShallWeDateNinjaShadow'' has Ukyo, the local FairCop, who is known for having a huge appetite and a massive SweetTooth. i.e., in Kagura's path he takes some of Kagura's sweet dumplings during a talk and without asking, [[BerserkButton much to the ire]] of Haru aka the SupremeChef who made said dumplings for Kagura himself.