* Wrestling/{{Jacqueline}}, despite being five foot four at most, quickly became an unpopular target when several larger wrestlers, men included, found she could easily toss those much larger than herself.
* Wrestling/ReyMysterioJr. A tiny little guy with big PuppyDogEyes who would look like a kid playing superhero in his backyard, almost across the border into {{Moe}}...except he's held as many or more titles than any giant in the ring twice his size and can usually be found, especially recently, whomping the hell out of those same giants.
* Wrestling/BryanDanielson's role in the [[Wrestling/LondonAndKendrick swarm]], where he would seem lost, trying to keep a straight face in the face of Paul London's inanity. Also, his re branding into "Daniel Bryan", who Wrestling/BellaTwins "competed" over, assuming he ''must'' be virgin. All the same, Danielson was never lost or underestimated once he was in the ring and the bell rang. He nearly caused the breakup over Wrestling/TeamHellNo over getting the idea someone thought he might be the weak link of the team, even though everyone but JerkAss Wrestling/SethRollins told him it was not the case.
* Since there was no women's championship for a stretch of The Attitude Era women for the first time in a long time found themselves liable to compete with men in the WWF. Wrestling/{{Chyna}} quickly disproved that this may have been problematic by repeatedly beating up Wrestling/BretHart and winning the intercontinental championship from Wrestling/JeffJarrett and feuding with Wrestling/ChrisJericho.
* People are prone to worrying about Wrestling/DaizeeHaze on the account she really isn't that big, a fact she knowingly took advantage of in Wrestling/{{Chikara}}, screaming and cowering before anyone who might try to attack her, and then beating them relentlessly if they should flinch. Hardly anyone in Wrestling/{{N|ational Wrestling Alliance}}WA Wildside condoned Sal Rinauro's harassment of her, but after seeing her wrestle, no one was ''especially'' worried, as Haze demonstrated she could take care of herself.
* At a mere nine years old, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUEnpi_g2ZI Haruka wrestled Kenny Omega to a time limit draw at Stardom x Stardom 2011]]. In fact, that was just her "summer vacation".