The two ''{{Spellforce}}'' games provide a vast range of HighFantasy medieval style orchestral music, those who adore Tolkien-esque scores, [[ this is definitely worth a look]].

* For a starter, [[ Sharrowdale]] should give you an idea of Spellforce's musical beauty.
* [[ Cenwen]] and its [[ credit remix]] are both rather beautiful.
* Main theme in Spellforce are generally beautiful and majestic at the same time : here is the one for the seconde game [[ Shadow Song]] and for his extension [[ Dragon Storm]]
* If you want epic, you can try this : [[ Era of the Orcs ]]
* For ambience, there is [[ Lyraine]], listening to this track really beings an idea of what AdventureTowns must feel like.
* Walking upon a vast plane of grass, enjoying the [[SceneryPorn scenery]] and many other subtle beauties of the game, what expresses your feel of freedom more than [[ this song?]]
* Yet another [[ example]] of beautiful orchestral fantasy music.

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