From the upbeat techno vibes of Area 1's stage theme in ''[=RayForce=]'', to the serene and atmospheric tunes of the fourth stage in ''[=RayStorm=]'', and the surrealistic styling of ''[=RayCrisis=]''[='=] soundtrack, there's no denying that Tamayo Kawamoto has created some awesome music for the [[ShootEmUp shoot 'em up]] series that made [[MacrossMissileMassacre lock-on]] [[HomingLaser laser]] [[BeamSpam weaponry]] [[RuleOfCool awesome]].


[[folder: The Sega Saturn version ]]

* "[[ On Stand-by]]", a track that normally plays during the opening cutscene for the arcade version and its home ports. It later became the main menu theme of the iOS re-release.
* "[[ Penetration]]", Area 1's theme.
* "[[ G]]", theme of Area 2 that pulls you into the vast scenery of the [[SceneryPorn Mode-7 visuals]].
* "[[ Experiment 1: Aggressiveness]]", the boss theme of Stages 1 through 3.
* "[[ Into the Darkness]]", Area 5's theme and where the decent into the Earth delves deeper.
* "[[ The Plot Thickens]]", pre-Area 7 theme, and "[[ Quartz]]," the main theme for the game's climax.
* "[[ The Fates]]" and "[[ Doomsday]]", the theme during the [[FinalBoss final showdown]] with [[BigBad Con]]-[[AIIsACrapShoot Human]].
* "[[ Q.E.P.D.]]", a perfectly-laced TearJerker and a BittersweetEnding theme.


[[folder: The original music ]]

* "[[ Cycloid]]", the Attract Mode theme.
* "[[ Gemometric City]]", Stage 1's theme.
* "[[ Aquarium]]", the theme of Stage 2.
* "[[ Muddling Through]]", Stage 3's theme.
* "[[ Catharsis]]", a very atmospheric theme for Stage 4.
* "[[ Luminescence]]", another atmospheric piece for Stage 5.
* [[ "Toxoplasma"]], Stage 6.
* "[[ Slaughter Hour]]", Stage 7's theme.
* "[[ INTOLERANCE]]", the final boss' theme: a melancholic, almost heart-breaking piece.
* "[[ Ceramic Heart]]", a beautiful piano piece for the Arcade version's staff roll.


[[folder: Arrangements ]]

* "[[ Geometric City]]" from the Neu Tanz Mix.
* "[[ Ceramic Heart]]" from the Neu Tanz Mix featuring vocals by Clair; the English translation of the French lyrics can be found [[ here]].
* "[[ Coeur de Creamique]]"
* "[[ Ray'z -BEYOND-]]" from ''Ray'z PREMIUM BOX -BEYOND-'' original soundtrack compilation and DVD.

* "[[ Lavande]] [[ bleu]]", Intelligence and Consideration Part's stage theme.
* "[[ Vit-Symty]]", Memory Part's stage theme.
* "[[ Non]]-[[ sentimentalisme]]", Consciousness Part's stage theme.
* "[[ Son]] [[ dessein]]", Emotion Part's stage theme.
* "[[ Formless living bodies]]", the final boss music for Con-Human.
* "[[ Root of all evil]]", [[spoiler:the TrueFinalBoss music for Infinity, Con-Human's core.]]
* "[[ All is shut down]]", the ending music for the normal ending.
** "[[ All is shut down - Complete Version]]", the ending music for the true ending.
* [[ There are no nails at my tiptoe]], the music for the worst ending.
* [[ "Blue - the day you live on earth"]], the [[EpicRocking 23 minute long]] Special Mode theme from the PC and PSX versions.
* [[ "Installation -Antithese-"]], Special Mode FinalBoss theme.