From the upbeat techno vibes of Area 1's stage theme in ''[=RayForce=]'', to the serene and atmospheric tunes of the fourth stage in ''[=RayStorm=]'', and the surrealistic styling of ''[=RayCrisis=]''[='=] soundtrack, there's no denying that Tamayo Kawamoto has created some awesome music for the [[ShootEmUp shoot 'em up]] series that made [[MacrossMissileMassacre lock-on]] [[HomingLaser laser]] [[BeamSpam weaponry]] [[RuleOfCool awesome]].

In addition to each game's soundtrack being available individually, there's also the ''[[ Ray'z PREMIUM BOX -BEYOND-]]'', a four-disk CompilationRerelease including all three games' soundtracks, as well as ''[[ Ray'z Music Chronology]]'', which has ''ten'' discs that includes all of the above, including both arcade and album versions of each game's soundtrack and a number of arranged goodies.

The arcade soundtrack was rearranged slightly for the Saturn version. The Saturn version is used for the original soundtrack, and the arcade version's soundtrack can be found on ''Ray'z PREMIUM BOX -BEYOND-''.


[[folder: The Sega Saturn version ]]

* "[[ On Stand-by]]", a track that normally plays during the opening cutscene for the arcade version and its home ports. It later became the main menu theme of the iOS re-release.
* "[[ Penetration]]", Area 1's theme.
* "[[ G]]", theme of Area 2 that pulls you into the vast scenery of the [[SceneryPorn Mode-7 visuals]].
* "[[ Experiment 1: Aggressiveness]]", the boss theme of Stages 1 through 3.
* "[[ Into the Darkness]]", Area 5's theme and where the decent into the Earth delves deeper.
* "[[ The Plot Thickens]]", pre-Area 7 theme, and "[[ Quartz]]," the main theme for the game's climax.
* "[[ The Fates]]" and "[[ Doomsday]]", the theme during the [[FinalBoss final showdown]] with [[BigBad Con]]-[[AIIsACrapShoot Human]].
* "[[ Q.E.P.D.]]", a perfectly-laced TearJerker and a BittersweetEnding theme.


[[folder: The original music ]]

* "[[ Cycloid]]", the Attract Mode theme.
* "[[ Gemometric City]]", Stage 1's theme.
* "[[ Aquarium]]", the theme of Stage 2.
* "[[ Muddling Through]]", Stage 3's theme.
* "[[ Catharsis]]", a very atmospheric theme for Stage 4.
* "[[ Luminescence]]", another atmospheric piece for Stage 5.
* [[ "Toxoplasma"]], Stage 6.
* "[[ Slaughter Hour]]", Stage 7's theme.
* "[[ INTOLERANCE]]", the final boss' theme: a melancholic, almost heart-breaking piece.
* "[[ Ceramic Heart]]", a beautiful piano piece for the Arcade version's staff roll.


[[folder: Arrangements ]]

* "[[ Geometric City]]" from the Neu Tanz Mix.
* "[[ Ceramic Heart]]" from the Neu Tanz Mix featuring vocals by Clair; the English translation of the French lyrics can be found [[ here]].
* "[[ Ceramic Heart (ALR Rewind Remix)]]" by Masayoshi Minoshima (a.k.a. Alastromeria Records) of [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} "Bad Apple!! feat. nomico"]] fame, with vocals by anporin, featured in ''VideoGame/GrooveCoaster''.
* "[[ Coeur de Creamique]]"
* "[[ Ray'z -BEYOND-]]" from ''Ray'z PREMIUM BOX -BEYOND-'' original soundtrack compilation and DVD.

Unlike the past two games' soundtracks, ''[=RayCrisis=]'' lacks per-stage BGM. Instead, the game picks one long track which then plays throughout the entire game up until the final stage. (In the consumer ports, the track instead jumps to the next section when transitioning from stage to boss or boss to next stage.) Each of the arcade tracks ranges from [[EpicRocking 12 to 16 minutes]], giving the impression of a very contiguous play experience like no other.

* "[[ Lavande]] [[ bleu]]", Intelligence and Consideration Part's stage theme.
* "[[ Vit-Symty]]", Memory Part's stage theme.
* "[[ Non]]-[[ sentimentalisme]]", Consciousness Part's stage theme.
* "[[ Son]] [[ dessein]]", Emotion Part's stage theme.
* "[[ Formless living bodies]]", the final boss music for Con-Human.
* "[[ Root of all evil]]", [[spoiler:the TrueFinalBoss music for Infinity, Con-Human's core.]]
* "[[ All is shut down]]", the ending music for the normal ending.
** "[[ All is shut down - Complete Version]]", the ending music for the true ending.
* [[ There are no nails at my tiptoe]], the music for the worst ending.
* [[ "Blue - the day you live on earth"]], the [[EpicRocking 23 minute long]] Special Mode theme from the PC and PSX versions. Alas, because it's exclusive to the consumer versions, there's no version of the game that plays the track without interruption.
* [[ "Installation -Antithese-"]], Special Mode FinalBoss theme.