Steve Goldshein, Alex Abraham and Jeff Williams (and his daughter Casey) are just plain incredible at what they do. Every episode has a versatile soundtrack that makes the show all the more worth it to watch. From soft piano reprises and tear jerking pieces from episodes like "The Stray" to might-as-well-be-making-a-music-video from the team fights in "Players and Pieces" and "Painting the Town", the music has a life of its own and brings both the fight animations and the voice acting up to a much higher level. Honestly, it's much more challenging to find examples of pieces that ''aren't'' examples of awesome music than to find ones that are. Nevertheless, the list below showcases some of the best and brightest work from the ''{{WebAnimation/RWBY}}'' soundtrack.

[[folder: Volume One ]]

* The trailer music:
** [[ Red Like Roses (Red Trailer).]]
** [[ Mirror Mirror (White Trailer).]]
** [[ From Shadows (Black Trailer).]]
** [[ I Burn (Yellow Trailer)]]. The [[ remix]] for "I Burn" is also amazing.
* Special mention to [[ "Red Like Roses Part II"]]. Awesome battle music, heartbreaking lyrics. The song was actually so popular that the version that played during Episode 8 was released as a single before the OST came out. The full song wasn't even finished at the time. The [[ finished version]] just expands the awesomeness and tragedy. The second verse is of the missing person, who tries to justify her actions while begging the first singer not to live her life as she did. The third verse, a duet, becomes an angry argument between the two which ends with:
-->Every nightmare just discloses\\
It's your blood that's red like roses
* The [[ opening theme]], "This Will Be The Day", is pretty awesome. Same for the acoustic version included on the Volume 2 soundtrack.
* "[[ I May Fall]]", which plays through the credits. It's basically Aragorn's ''[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Return of the King]]'' [[ speech]] in song form.
* The most emotional song of Volume 1, "[[ Wings]]". It's the credits song for final episode, "Black and White", and the movie cut. It is incredibly moving.
* Jaune and Pyrrha's [[ theme]] is a serene, atmospheric piece that perfectly counterpoints their scenes together.


[[folder: Volume Two ]]

* [[ "Time to Say Goodbye"]], Volume 2's Opening Theme, noticeably has a certain SerialEscalation on "This Will Be The Day". The latter was encouraging one to DareToBeBadass. The former goes farther by explaining, there's no waiting for the right time. Take your roles as heroes or people will die. Even if you're not sure that you're doing the right thing...
-->Are we heroes keeping peace?\\
Or are we weapons \\
Pointed at the enemy \\
So someone else can \\
Claim a victory...
* While the food fight between RWBY and JNPR at the start of volume two has a great tune to it on its own, it also incorporates snippets of the themes for each member of RWBY depending on who's center stage during the fight before reaching its climax with a bit from "Red Like Roses". That theme is part of a 9 minute song called "Best Day Ever". Even better, the portion that plays when Ruby ends the fight is now the theme for Rooster Teeth Animation!
* The ending song of "A Minor Hiccup" named [[ "All Our Days"]], a beautiful follow-up to Volume 1's [[ "Gold"]] about Yang's love and admiration for her little sister.
* During Team RWBY's fight with Torchwick's Atlesian Paladin mecha in "Painting the Town," a rockin' blood-pumping song called [[ "Die"]] kicks in when Yang's power kicks in to turn the tides against Torchwick. [[ The full version is even better]].
* During the Rooster Teeth Extra Life live stream, Jeff Williams released the full version of [[ Shine]], used when Team JNPR perform a cheesy, yet awesome dance number in "Dance Dance Infiltration". Going off of the lyrics, it's about Pyrrha's feelings towards Jaune, and how grateful she is for having him in her life.
** Team JNPR gets another romance song in [[ Boop]], which is about Nora's feelings for Ren.
** [[ "Dream Come true"]] is another one for Team JNPR, specifically for Pyrrha and Jaune. Not only is it catchy, it's hilarious since it's basically Pyrrha singing "[[MemeticMutation Notice Me Senpai!]]"
* [[ "Caffeine"]] is a dynamic rock song that perfectly highlights how badass the members of Team CFVY are, playing as they easily wipe out swarms of Grimm. It may also have contributed to Coco instantly becoming an EnsembleDarkhorse. Not to mention how many songs out there are about going crazy on caffeine, even a small rap about coffee.
* [[ "Sacrifice"]]. Aside from notable lyrics and music, it is famous for causing mass debate among fans over every line's meaning. It is also not clear whom the song describes.


[[folder: Volume 3 ]]

* The Volume 3 soundtrack includes an absolutely beautiful (and tragic, considering the events that happen in the volume) acoustic rendition of "Time to Say Goodbye", similar to the arrangement of "This Will Be The Day" on the Volume 2 soundtrack.
* [[ "When It Falls"]], the new opening theme. Not only does the song take a darker tone musically from the past two openings, but also visually and thematically. It has no qualms in showing that this will be the world's DarkestHour. After "Fall", this opening easily fits with the tone of the volume. And if you thought the intro version was foreboding, read the released full lyrics. Seems like it's promising widespread military conflict, the decimation of the entire civilization of Remnant, socio-economic collapse, atrocities from both the faunus and human side, civil war, and the grimm menace running unchecked. And, worst of all, the bridge directly quotes Cinder's speech from [=PvP=]. Whereas the Volume 1 and 2 openings seemed to come from the students and team RWBY in particular, volume 3 turns things dark yet again by having the opening come from the BigBad herself.
* Basically all of the battle music from Episodes 1-4.
** The fight between Team RWBY and Team ABRN provides us with a kickass song called "It's My Turn", which tells how Weiss is stronger now than she was as a child and she's no longer under her father's influence anymore, and that she's now going to make a mark on the world herself.
** During Team SSSN's fight, an incredibly cool [[ Pirate-styled theme]] plays, "S.S.S.N. vs N.D.G.O." complete with AdventurousIrishViolins.
** Qrow and Winter get background music that's slightly reminiscent of [=JRPGs=] and ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' during their brawl. It's effectively a mashup of their respective leitmotifs, too.
** In the fight between CFVY's duo and our villains, Jeff and Casey sing "I'm The One", a song that harkens back to the days of ''Machinima/RedVsBlueTheProjectFreelancerSaga'' with its hard and fast nature. Part of its lyrics allude to exactly how dangerous Emerald and Mercury are, even when faced with established badasses such as Coco and Yatsuhashi.
---> I'm the one that your mama said\\
'Don't mess with them or you'll end up dead\\
That type they don't follow any rules'\\

--->You're looking tall, you're looking tough\\
I'm sorry dude, it's not enough\\
Your girlfriend's purse won't help you win this duel
* Blake and Sun's ShipTease moment shortly after Team SSSN's fight was accompanied by the song "Not Fall In Love With You" playing in the background. Upon the soundtrack's release, it was revealed to be (most likely) a song about Sun's feelings for Blake. It describes how cool Sun thinks she is, how he loves everything about her, and how there's no doubt that he's fallen in love with her. But there's also mention of how he thinks Blake is out of his league, that he's foolish for trying to pursue her, and that he's unsure if she could return his feelings.
* At the very end of Weiss + Winter's talk ('Lessons Learned'), we get "Mirror Mirror Part II", which sheds some more light on Weiss's character. While mostly somberly self-reflective, the lyrics begin to gain a hopeful bent towards the end:
-->Some believe in fairy stories, and the ghosts that they can't see.\\
I know that I could do so much, if I could just believe in me.\\
Mirror Mirror, I'll tell you something. I think I might change it all.
* The fight between Weiss, Yang and team FNKI, "R.W.B.Y. vs. F.N.K.I." is set to jazzy remixes of "This Will Be The Day" and "I Burn". And before those, a techno song plays during the very beginning of the battle, "[[ Neon]]", whose lyrics seem to be from Neon's point of view, all about how cool she is and how her opponents shouldn't pine that they can't be as fine as her.
* "Fall" follows it up with a metal remix of "I Burn" that plays when Yang starts getting her HeroicSecondWind against Mercury, and [[spoiler:a sad piano remix of "I Burn" playing when Yang is arrested after her [[DeliberateInjuryGambit incident]] with Mercury. [[TearJerker Not that you'll really notice the latter.]]]]
* In "Beginning of the End", when Amber goes all "[[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Maiden-state]]", it's accompanied by an EtherealChoir backed by Jeff's powerful guitar work, pumping up the awesome of the scene.
* "[[ Threat Level: Nine]]" -- The ominous, choral soundtrack to [[spoiler:all of the shit hitting all of the fans]] in "PVP". GOD DAMN.
* "Battle of Beacon" features a few memorable instrumental renditions:
** A somber piano and viola rendition of "When It Falls" plays in the opening scenes of Blake and Weiss at the overrun fairgrounds, Yang and Zwei at Beacon Academy and Ruby and Pyrrha in the aftermath of the tragedy at Amity Coliseum.
** An orchestral TriumphantReprise of "Time to Say Goodbye" called "[[ Taking Up Arms]]" is played when the Giant Nevermore attacking the stadium is taken down in a concerted effort by Teams JNPR, ABRN, FNKI, SSSN and CFVY.
** Ironwood's bombastic {{leitmotif}} blares again during his showdown against an Alpha Beowolf, only this time it's accompanied by rocking guitars.
** Right when Blake discovers [[spoiler:Adam]], an organ version of the opening lines of "From Shadows" plays.
* "Heroes and Monsters" has "[[ I May Fall]]" return as a ThemeMusicPowerup for [[spoiler: [[PowerCopying Velvet]] and [[SummonMagic Weiss]].]]
* After this, the fight between Ruby and Neo/Roman is accompanied by some truly admirable musical performance. It really gets you pumped for a battle on top of an airship.
* The last moments of "Heroes and Monsters" gives us the haunting, ''[[TearJerker tear-jerking]]'', and beautiful "[[ Such Arrogance...]]". [[spoiler: In the episode, the entire piece is punctuated by a series of [[WhamShot Wham Shots]], making it all the more heart-breaking...]]
* "[[ Do You Believe In Destiny?]]", the absolutely EPIC music that plays during the [[spoiler: Cinder versus Pyrrha]] fight in Chapter 12. It really gives off the feeling of what it's like to grab your destiny with both hands and fight for what you believe in, even though you know you can't win.
* "[[ Divide]]" from "End of the Beginning", an epic rock ballad from Salem's point of view. It is one part BadassBoast with Salem saying how hopeless a battle against her is and one part WhatTheHellHero with Salem calling Ozpin cruel for sending heroes to die in battle.
* [[ "Cold"]], Season 3's final credits song -- a short, sorrowful ballad and refection on the tragic events thus far, as well as an homage to both [[spoiler:Pyrrha]] and Monty Oum.


[[folder: RWBY Chibi ]]

* You wouldn't think that even this series would get this treatment, but the theme for the song essentially capsulizes the entire idea of the show -- essentially having fun with everyone and not worrying about the bad stuff. It's like an apology for Volume 3!


[[folder: Others ]]

* Although not part of the official sound track, [[ "Answer To Me"]] was made to be Taiyang's theme, sounding like an old-school rock version of "I Burn" in which Taiyang talks about [[PapaWolf his feelings towards his daughters]] and how any who dare to harm Ruby or Yang will face his wrath. And this was made BEFORE Taiyang was officially introduced. The real awesome, though, is that in the comments for the song [[ApprovalOfGod Jeff Williams himself praised it]]. With the release of ''Heroes and Monsters'' and ''End of the Beginning'' the lyrics have become even more relevant for Taiyang. Some fans are actually sending messages into Rooster Teeth requesting that this song becomes Taiyang's official theme. No word on if it is, but people like it enough to actually ''send in emails'' to Rooster Teeth for a fan-made song to become an official theme.
* The Videri String Quartet made arrangements of [[ "Red Like Roses"]] and [[ "Mirror Mirror"]] [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin for string quartet]] and they sound duly gorgeous.