Steve Goldshein and Jeff Williams (and his daughter Casey) are just plain incredible at what they do. Every episode has a versatile soundtrack that makes the show all the more worth it to watch. From soft piano reprises and tear jerking pieces from episodes like "The Stray" to might-as-well-be-making-a-music-video from the team fights in "Players and Pieces" and "Painting the Town", the music has a life of its own and brings both the fight animations and the voice acting up to a much higher level. Honestly, it's much more challenging to find examples of pieces that AREN'T examples of awesome music than to find ones that are. Nevertheless, the list below showcases some of the best and brightest work from the ''{{WebAnimation/RWBY}}'' soundtrack.
* The trailer music:
** [[ Red Like Roses (Red Trailer).]]
** [[ Mirror Mirror (White Trailer).]]
** [[ From Shadows (Black Trailer).]]
** [[ I Burn (Yellow Trailer)]]. The [[ remix]] for "I Burn" is also amazing.
* Special mention to [[ "Red Like Roses Part II"]]. Awesome battle music, heartbreaking lyrics. The song was actually so popular that the version that played during Episode 8 was released as a single before the OST came out. The full song wasn't even finished at the time.
* The [[ opening theme]], "This Will Be The Day", is pretty awesome.
* "[[ I May Fall]]", which plays through the credits. It's basically Aragorn's ''[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Return of the King]]'' [[ speech]] in song form.
* The most emotional song of Volume 1, "[[ Wings]]". It's the credits song for final episode, "Black and White", and the movie cut. It is incredibly moving.
* Jaune and Pyrrha's [[ theme]] is a serene, atmospheric piece that perfectly counterpoints their scenes together.
* [[ "Time to Say Goodbye"]], Volume 2's Opening Theme, noticeably has a certain SerialEscalation on "This Will Be The Day". The latter was encouraging one to DareToBeBadass. The former goes farther by explaining, there's no waiting for the right time. Take your roles as heroes or people will die.
* While the food fight between RWBY and JNPR at the start of volume two has a great tune to it on its own, it also incorporates snippets of the themes for each member of RWBY depending on who's center stage during the fight before reaching its climax with a bit from "Red Like Roses".
* The ending song of "A Minor Hiccup" named "All Our Days" which is an incredibly beautiful song with lyrics about staying together with someone you care for.
* During Team RWBY's fight with Torchwick's Atlas mecha in "Painting the Town," a rockin' blood-pumping song called [[ "Die"]] kicks in when Yang's power kicks in to turn the tides against Torchwick.
%%* The song that plays during Team JNPR's dance sequence in "Dance Dance Infiltration" is impressive.
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