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* The original [[ Pokémon Theme]] itself. ''[[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue FireRed and LeafGreen]]'' brought about [[ their own great remix]].
* ''Gold and Silver''[='s=] is [[ pretty great as well]].
** ''[[UpdatedRerelease Crystal]]''[='s=] [[ title theme]] slightly differs at the beginning from the ''Gold/Silver'' version, but soon becomes the traditional ''Gold/Silver'' title theme. It's just as good.
** Awesomeness driven UpToEleven with the simply wonderful [[ HeartGold/SoulSilver remix]].
* ''[[ Ruby and Sapphire]]''[='s=] and its remix in ''[[ Colosseum]]''.
** [[ The orchestrated remix]] in ''Omega Ruby'' and ''Alpha Sapphire'' is a truly grandiose song.
** In Pearl and Diamond, [[ an unused track in the game is the theme.]]
* ''[[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Diamond and Pearl]]''[='s=] [[ title theme]] is great, too, although it plays more during the introduction ''video'' rather than on the title screen itself.
* And the [[ epic remix]] from ''[[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Black and White]]'' when you [[NearVictoryFanfare face a Gym Leader's last Pokémon]].
** ''Especially'' when the music plays during the Gym Leaders' BigDamnHeroes moment in N's Castle.
** ''Black and White''[='s=] [[ title theme]] itself is great as well.
** ''Black 2 and White 2'' version also [[ does the job]].
** ''Black 2 and White 2''[='=]s [[ title screen]].
* [[VideoGame/PokemonXandY X & Y's]] [[ title theme]].

* The wonderfully calm [[ Pallet Town]], where it all began.
* [[ The League Champion Theme]].
* The [[ Trainer battle Theme]].
* [[ The Rival's Encounter Theme.]]
* [[ The Original Gym Leader Music]]. Awesome on a stick. You knew it was time to get serious when you heard it.
* And for the old school, the original [[ Cinnabar Island]] theme. Kinda makes you feel like you're walking on a low bit beach huh?
* [[ Pokémon Mansion]].
* [[ Lavender Town]]. Which is awesome in a scary way.
* The [[ Pokémon Tower music]].
* [[ Silph Co.]], which is, in a few words, creepy, chaotic, and totally awesome.
* That's also true for [[ Team Rocket's Hideout]]. The true theme of Team Rocket?
* [[ The Bike Theme from the original R/B/Y games]]. It's so unbelievably catchy...
* The [[ S.S. Anne]] music. And since you hear it only once in the game, you will MISS it.
* The [[ Ending Credits Theme]]. Even better, up until ''Diamond and Pearl'', the ending credits themes ''always'' ended with a short callback to this original.
* [[ Route 11,]] the seaside boardwalk famous for tieing Lavender Town, Vermilion City and Fuchsia City together. It's also famous for the awesomely carefree feel embodied by its BGM.
* [[ The Main Kanto Route Theme]]. [[ A certain glitch Pokémon causes audio glitches, presented in the linked video as a simplified version of Route 4's music playing at Lavender Town's speed.]] It somehow makes one of the most inspiring songs in the series be slightly depressing.
* [[ Route 1.]] You step outside, you get your starter and you leave your little pokey town and venture into the world full of hope and ambition. This tune nicely conveys that child-like sense of wonder and playfulness.
* The one, the only, the [[ original Victory Road]]. Short song, but packs an unbelievable amount of awesome into the time you spend with it.
* [[ The Hall of Fame Music]].
* [[ The music that plays inside the Pokémon Gyms]].
* The [[ Viridian Forest]] is damned creepy! And so addicting...
* [[ Route 24 and 25]], first heard in the game's opening and then again in said routes (between Cerulean City and Bill's House), just has that perfect adventure sound to it.
* [[ Cerulean City]].
* The [[ Pokémon Center Theme]]. What an EarWorm.
* The [[ Viridan/Pewter/Saffron City Theme.]] This music is classic!
* [[ Celadon City]] and the [[ original Game Corner]]. So catchy and wonderful. Kind of jarring when you think about Team Rocket's presence there.
* The one, the only, the original [[ Surfing tune]].
* [[ Vermilion City,]] best described as "departures, arrivals and goodbyes" in musical form. Taken UpToEleven in ''Gold and Silver''.
* [[ Mt. Moon]].

* Your Johto adventure begins with [[ Route 29]] and [[ Route 30]].
* [[ The champion theme]], which [[RecurringRiff borrows from RBY's main theme]]. If you're not picturing yourself getting your ass kicked by Red while listening to this, well, you might want to look into that source of heat that is your pants.
* From ''Crystal'', the [[ Raikou/Entei/Suicune Theme]].
* [[ Professor Elm's Lab]].
* The [[ Rival Trainer music]]. [[ The Rival Trainer's leitmotif]] is just as good as the first games' rival's theme. If not better.
* The [[ Johto Trainer Battle Theme]]. ''GSC'' managed to make the second most-heard theme in the games epic.
* The [[ Johto Wild Pokémon Theme]].
* The [[ Johto Gym Leader Theme]].
* [[ Goldenrod City]], perhaps the best town theme EVER.
** And its awesomeness grows with the [[ Bike Theme REMIX!]]
** It's even better [[ if you take the train from Saffron into Goldenrod]]. They just meld perfectly into one another.
* The [[ Lucky Channel/Game Corner Music]].
* The [[ Tour Music]]. A catchy little tune that fits so perfectly for tutorials that it was even reused in ''Black and White 2'' and ''X and Y''.
* The [[ Violet City/Olivine City Music]].
* [[ Team Rocket's Battle Theme]].
* [[ THE. TIN. TOWER.]] Almost impossible not to like this.
* The music used in [[ Azalea Town/Blackthorn City]].
* [[ Team Rocket Radio Tower Takeover]].
* [[ Team Rocket Hideout]].
* [[ Dark Cave]], awesome enough to make you WANT to go in there.
* The [[ Credits Theme]] sticks the most out of all the tracks in the game.
* The [[ National Park Theme]].
* [[ The Bug Catching Contest music]], a remix of the first-gen Bike Theme.
* [[ Eusine's Leitmotif]] from ''Crystal''.
* The [[ Battle]] [[ Tower]] Music.
* [[ The Route 42/43/44 & Lake of Rage music]] is just incredible.
* [[ The Route 38/39 music]].
* [[ New Bark Town]]. Probably the best starter town music in the Pokémon games. As good as the ''HGSS'' version is, there's something about the original version that just can't be topped.
* ''Gold and Silver'' probably has the most elegant [[ surf theme]] in the entire series.
* [[ The Kanto Trainer Battle Theme]].
* The Kanto Gym Leader theme. Dear Lord, as awesome as the ''HG/SS'' version of this song is, [[ the GSC version's]] first few seconds tells you just two things: you're going against the original gym leaders, and SHIT. JUST. GOT. REAL.
* [[ The Main Kanto Route Theme]].
* [[ Route 26 and 27]]. Beat all Johto's Gyms, go back home to New Bark, Surf to your right for a few seconds, and fasten your damn seat belt, because you're in Kanto now, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch.]]
* [[ Victory Road]].
* The [[ Indigo Plateau]] theme. A very short song, but it still makes you feel like the biggest BadAss around when it plays.
* [[ The music that plays inside the Pokémon Gyms]]. You knew that this theme had to show up eventually.
* The [[ Pokémon Center Theme]] and the [[ Pokémon Communication Center Theme]], which can only be heard in the Japanese version of ''Crystal''.
* Pallet Town once again. You have all 16 badges, [[ you're heading down Route 1]], and you know exactly what music is coming... [[ and it's still awesome]].
* [[ The S.S. Aqua]]. You've just beaten the champion, Professor Elm has given you a boat ticket, and then you're on your way! To...
* [[ Vermillion City]]! The nostalgic feeling of being in Kanto again. The sense of achievement of coming this far, on your long journey from Johto. How could this not be awesome?

->Themes that debuted in ''[=FireRed=]'' and ''[=LeafGreen=]'' are in those games' folder.

The SNES-like audio for the GBA did wonders for the music of Pokémon, and the whole soundtrack doesn't disappoint.
* [[ Route 101]] is yet another great first-route tune.
* Everyone volunteer their love for the [[ R/S/E Elite Four theme]]
* The Champion's [[ battle theme]], [[ encounter theme]], and [[ victory theme]] all qualify as awesome tracks.
* [[ Route 120, one of the most epic route themes in the series.]]
* The [[ Archie and Maxie]] Battles are under-appreciated.
* [[ Victory Road]] from ''Ruby/Sapphire'' is worth a listen.
* The [[ R/S/E Gym Leader Theme]]. It's perhaps one of the BEST battle themes the series has!
* The [[ Wild Pokémon Battle]] theme.
* [[ Pokémon Trainer Battle]] theme.
* [[ Route 113]] from R/S/E, an utterly amazing track reminiscent of "Snowman" from ''VideoGame/{{Mother}}''.
* The [[ Trick House]] theme, and the [[ vocal version]].
* [[ Mt. Pyre (Peak)]]
* [[ Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza's battle theme]].
* [[ Regirock, Regice, and Registeel's battle theme]].
* The rival theme, both for [[ Brendan]] and [[ May]].
* [[ Verdanturf Town]]. One of the most beautiful tracks in R/S/E, which is saying a lot.
* [[ Heavy Rain]] is excellent for the situation, tense and ominous.
* And [[ The Drought]] puts [[MemeticMutation Lavender Town]] to shame.
* [[ The Mt. Chimney/Sky Pillar music]].
* [[ Slateport City]]. One of the best town themes from the series.
* [[ The Sealed Chamber]]. A tranquil song that evokes the mystery and echoes the power of the Legendary Golems of long ago.
* [[ Sootopolis City]]. It may be calmed and relaxing, but this song does tell you that you're in a legendary town. In the middle of a volcano.
* [[ Route 119]]. Can't take your bike through the tall grass, which people also happen to be hiding in. Not to mention that it's usually raining - and don't bother with an umbrella, lest you get ''struck by lightning.'' You're earning your way through this route.
* [[ Route 111.]] Almost made the endless sandstorm damage in battle worth it.
* [[ Route 104]] is a fantastic piece for the first beach you see in the game.
* [[ The Battle Frontier theme]] from ''Emerald'', particularly the opening few notes. The whole thing just screams "triumphant."
* [[ The Frontier Brain battle theme]] is no slouch either.
* The individual battle facilities in the Battle Frontier all have their own themes, some of which stray from the rest of the soundtrack, and all of which fit in well with their respective motifs.
** [[ Battle Factory's]] is very techno-y.
** [[ Battle Arena's]] has a medieval Japan feel to it.
** [[ The Battle Dome's]] gets you fired up to WIN.
** [[ Battle Pike's]] is more seedy, more antsy. Fitting for trying your luck in a huge Seviper, hoping that darn Kirlia won't jump you and poison somebody on your team.
** [[ Battle Palace.]]
** Between the Egyptian and ancient temple themes, [[ Battle Pyramid's]] definitely says "Pyramid adventure".
** And then there's the [[ Battle Tower theme]], a slower version of [[ the Battle Tower theme from Ruby/Sapphire]].
* All of the ending themes have a triumphant note to them, but [[ Hoenn's Ending]] is a complete TearJerker.
* The [[ Abandoned Ship]] had some great music. Sad, considering the place was never really plot-important.
* [[ Littleroot Town]].
* [[ Oldale Town, shared with Lavaridge Town]].
* One kickass [[ Surf theme]] coming right up. Made the massive amounts of surfing required in the game quite tolerable for some people.
* The [[ Diving theme]].
* [[ Lilycove City/Pacifidlog Town]].
* As with all other route themes, [[ Route 110]].
* The Gym Leader victory theme in every Pokémon game is super-happy, but [[ its Generation III rendition]] is probably the best of all of them; it actually makes you feel like you've accomplished something. Bask in your victory!
* [[ Friendly Shop]], the Poké Mart theme. So awesome, it's appeared in every game since ''Emerald''.
* [[ Mauville Game Corner]].
* The [[ Magma/Aqua Grunt Themes]] were the most awesome pieces in the game.
** [[ Team Magma Appears!]]
** [[ Team Aqua Appears!]]
* The [[ Team Magma/Aqua Hideout theme]] is much more "stealthy" than the Rocket Hideout themes from before.
* The [[ Cycling theme]] is so unbelievably happy and fast paced.
* [[ Crossing the Sea]]? No you aren't. You're going to sit on this boat for the next HOUR and listen to this incredibly awesome track loop over and over and over again.
* [[ Petalburg City]]. This link here is 7 minutes of upbeat pleasantry.
* The [[ Mt.Pyre/Shoal Cave/New Mauville theme]]. A tune which provides just the right mix of ambience and adventure to suit its locations, and is criminally underestimated when people talk about the best music of the series.
* Even the [[ "Room of Glory"]] music is incredible...sadly, as always, [[LongSongShortScene it only plays when Steven Stone/Wallace is recording the player's League-triumphing feat in the Hall of Fame Room.]]
* The [[ Rival Battle Theme]]. For the first time that the player's rival is friendly, this theme is both upbeat and epic at the same time!
* The music that plays while in [[ Meteor Falls]] (and the Cave of Origin) is just awesome to listen to.
* [[ The Oceanic Museum]], a remix of the S.S. Anne theme from the first generation.
* The theme of the [[ Art Museum]] in Lilycove City is one classy tune.
* The [[ Pokémon Center theme]], though it's not quite as good as the original, is still good in its own way.
* The theme in [[ Ever Grande City]] is a good piece to hear, especially after going though Victory Road.
* There's a [[ remix]] of ''Crystal'''s Raikou/Entei/Suicune theme hidden in the data of the games.
* Another hidden theme: [[ Johto's Route 38/39 theme]].
* More hidden themes: [[ Pokémon Communication Center]], [[ Viridian City]], [[ Team Rocket Radio Tower Takeover]], and the beta version of [[ Littleroot Town]].

* [[ The Champion theme]].
* [[ The Trainer battle theme]].
* [[ The Rival's encounter theme]].
* [[ The Gym Leader battle theme]].
* [[ Cinnabar Island]], one of the best non-battle themes in the game.
* [[ Power Plant/Pokémon Mansion]].
* [[ Lavender Town]].
* If anything, Pokémon Tower's [[ even scarier]] in ''FR/LG''.
* [[ Silph Co.]]
* [[ Team Rocket's Hideout.]]
* [[ The Bike theme]].
* [[ The Surf theme]].
* [[ The S.S. Anne music]].
* [[ The FireRed/LeafGreen end credits]] is even better than the original, containing nods to the Team Rocket, Pokémon Center and Pallet Town themes.
* [[ Route 11.]]
* [[ Route 1.]]
* [[ Viridian Forest.]]
* [[ The Pokémon Center theme]].
* [[ Pallet Town.]]
* [[ Cerulean City.]]
* [[ Celadon City.]]
* [[ Indigo Plateau.]]
* [[ Welcome to the World of Pokémon]], which is also the Route 24/25 theme.
* The [[ Deoxys theme]], which is also in ''Emerald''.
* The Sevii Islands bring us some fantastic remixes of music from ''Gold and Silver''. [[ Four and Five Island]] use Azalea Town's theme, [[ Six and Seven Island]] have Violet City's, and the [[ other areas]] feature a stunning rendition of Route 42/Lake of Rage.
* [[ Vermillion City]].

* [[ The Trainer Battle music]] is a real EarWorm, in a good way.
* The [[ Dialga/Palkia battle theme.]]
* The [[ "lake trio" battle theme.]]
* [[ The theme for the other legendary Pokémon battles.]]
* [[ Platinum Giratina]]!
* On the subject of Platinum: [[ Looker's theme]] is pretty awesome.
* [[ Route 205]] is a great and upbeat theme. Sets the mood for adventure.
* The [[ Team Galactic Battle Theme]]. Not only was it epic, so was its [[ Admin variant]].
* The music for [[ battle with Team Galactic leader Cyrus]] might be even better.
* [[ Challenging Cynthia]]. Given how she's got possibly the best temperament out of all the Champions (Steven Stone in ''Ruby/Sapphire'' a close second), the sheer difficulty in fighting her (with mostly exhausted Pokémon, mind you) and the ''what-do-I-do-what-do-I-do-what-do-I-do-what-do-I-do?!'' feel of the music makes for one epic Championship battle.
** [[ "battle gene M"]] is a song performed by MTM, a group consisting of Junichi Masuda on keyboards, Shinji Miyazaki on bass, and Hirokazu Tanaka on drums. This song is based off of Cynthia's battle theme, as noted in a [[ blog posting by Junichi Masuda]]. More information can be found in [[ this article]].
** The music from [[ before the fight]] is also epic.
* The [[ Gym Leader battle theme.]]
* [[ Pokemon League Building.]]
* The [[ Elite 4 battle theme.]]
* [[ Game Corner.]]
* [[ Route 209]] is also a lovely theme.
* [[ Eterna Forest.]]
* [[ Sunyshore City.]]
* [[ Route 216.]]
* [[ Route 210.]]
* [[ Mt.Coronet.]]
* [[ Oreburgh City]].
* [[ Hearthome City.]]
* The [[ Platinum Frontier Brain theme.]]
* [[ The Distortion World's background music]]. The perfect blend of unnerving, surprisingly peaceful, and awesome.
* [[ Arceus's theme]] is unlike any other music in the game. Unfortunately, [[DummiedOut it only plays if you hack an unreleased event item]]. Suitable, considering that you're fighting ''God''.
* [[ Route 201]] just gets stuck in budding Pokémon Trainers' heads.
* [[ Canalave City]]. Nice, relaxing, and it's basically a slowed-up version of the credits music from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal!
* [[ Route 225]] is an epic way to kick off a post-Elite Four adventure. [[ Route 225 at night]] sounds even better than it does during the day!
* [[ Stark Mountain.]]
* The [[ Rival battle theme.]]
* Route 228. A jazzy theme that wouldn't be out of place at the Game Corner to liven up your desert route. [[ Listen to it.]] [[ Love it.]]
* [[ Battle Tower]]
* The Battle Frontier in ''Platinum'' brings an array of awesome tunes: [[ The main theme]] (a lively variant of the Fight Area theme from '''Diamond/Pearl''), [[ Battle Arcade]], [[ Battle Hall]], [[ Battle Factory]], and [[ Battle Castle]].
* [[ Platinum's Global Trade Station theme]]; the electrifying tune somehow gives a sense of the wonder of trading Pokémon all over the world.
* The Wi-Fi Plaza from ''Platinum'' had a trio of happy themes:
** [[ The main theme]] is very celebratory, as if to say "Look--20 people in one room! Let's party!".
** [[ The minigame theme]] is short, but it goes well with balancing a Mime Jr. on a ball, or tossing berries into a rotating Swalot's mouth.
** And then [[ the parade theme]] sends you off. "Thanks for coming!"
* If you get an audio system for your villa in Platinum, it plays [[ this bossa nova version of the Lilycove City theme from ''Ruby/Sapphire'']].
* The [[ Bicycle Theme]].
* Do ''Diamond and Pearl'' have the best ending themes? Ehh, well, [[ judge for yourself]].
* The encounter themes are usually sped through after three seconds or so (barring Cynthia) but if you listen to them they're often extremely good. For example, the [[ Fisherman/Sailor]] theme.
* The Legendary Pokémon theme. [[ Backwards.]]
* [[ Sandgem Town]].
* [[ Jubilife City at night]].
* [[ Cavern In The Lake]]. This plays in the areas you find the Lake Trio. It's a slower version of their battle theme and serves as great buildup.
* [[ Veilstone City]].
* The [[ daytime Pokémon Center theme]]. [[ And at night]].
* The [[ Regis' theme]] gets an upgrade in ''Platinum''.
* [[ The Acuity/Valor/Verity Lakefront theme.]]
* The [[ Spear Pillar theme.]]
* Hidden in the data of the games, there is a remix of the [[ Main Theme of R/S/E]].
* The [[ music that plays outside of the Pokemon League]] as well as its [[ more soft nighttime equivalent]] are both beautiful pieces that perfectly capture the feeling of having traveled so far and grown so much. It really makes you feel proud of you and your Pokemon.

* [[ The Kanto Trainer Battle Theme]]. ''[=HeartGold=]'' and ''[=SoulSilver=]'''s version combines the ''G/S/C'' mix with the ''FR/LG'' one.
* [[ The Kanto Gym Leader Battle Theme]].
* The [[TearJerker very sad]] [[ Cinnabar Island Theme]], and the [[ GB Sounds Version]].
* [[ Route 11]]
* [[ The Main Kanto Route Theme]].
* [[ Victory Road and Mount Silver]].
* [[ The Hall of Fame Music]].
* [[ The music that plays inside the Pokémon Gyms]].
* [[ The S.S. Aqua]]
* [[ Vermilion City]].
* [[ Viridian Forest]].
* [[ Route 26 and 27]].
* ''HG/SS'' has an [[ incredible remix]] of the original wild Pokémon theme in Kanto. Encountering wild Pidgey will never be the same again...
* Despite the original Route 24 and 25 music not appearing in ''Gold'' or ''Silver'', the DS remakes have their own version, [[ and it's something else]].
* The music that plays in Cerulean City. Let's face it; [[ this is awesome]].
* The [[ Pokémon Center Theme]].
* [[ Route 1]]
* [[ Pallet Town]]. Possibly the most peaceful theme in the series so far, it truly makes you feel as if the music itself was telling you "Welcome home".
* [[ Celadon City]]
* [[ Indigo Plateau/Pokemon League]]
* [[ The Battles with Lance and Red]]. An incredible remix that's simply ''outstanding''.
* The legendary dogs ([[ Suicune]], [[ Entei]] and [[ Raikou]]) each have great themes in their own right, but, [[ when you combine them into one...]]
* The [[ Rival Trainer Music]] (and [[ his leitmotif]]).
* The [[ Johto Trainer Battle Theme]]. Holy CRAP!
* The [[ Johto Wild Pokémon Theme]].
* The [[ Johto Gym Leader Theme]].
* [[ Goldenrod City]].
* [[ The Game Corner]]
* [[ The Bell Tower]].
* [[ Azalea Town/Blackthorn City]]
* The [[ Battle Frontier theme]], an awesome remix of the Battle Tower Theme from ''Crystal''. [[ Inside the Battle Tower]].
* [[ Team Rocket's Theme]].
* [[ Team Rocket's Hideout]]
* [[ Dark Cave]].
* The [[ Ho-Oh Battle Theme]].
* The [[ Lugia Battle Theme]].
* The [[ Summoning Theme]] for Ho-Oh and Lugia (Dance of the Sacred Beasts).
* [[ Ho-Oh]] and [[ Lugia's]] arrival themes perfectly capture the awe and wonder of summoning and encountering the two most powerful of Johto's living myths.
* The [[ Ending Credits Remix]] does the original great justice, though [[ this]] version of it a bit better.
* [[ Cianwood City]] and [[ Ecruteak City]] have different but beautiful variations on the Game Boy Color original (originally the same track).
* [[ Professor Elm's Lab]]
* [[ Route 29]]
* The [[ National Park Theme]]. The piano... It helps that you [[ see]] [[ one]] [[ of]] [[ these]] every time you enter.
* [[ The Bug Catching Contest Music]].
* [[ Eusine's Leitmotif]].
* [[ Dragon's Den]]. The remake is even better than the original.
* [[ The Route 42/43/44 & Lake of Rage Music]].
* [[ The Route 38/39 Music]].
* [[ Lighthouse/Mt. Silver]].
* [[ Route 47/48]], and the [[ GB Sounds Version]].
* [[ Global Terminal]], and the [[ GB Sounds Version]].
* [[ Poké Mart]], and the [[ GB Sounds Version]].
* [[ Clair's Leitmotif]].
* [[ Safari Zone Gate]], and the [[ GB Sounds Version]].
* [[ Safari Zone]], and the [[ GB Sounds Version]].
* ''[=HeartGold=]'' and ''[=SoulSilver=]''[='s=] [[ intro]], which also qualifies as a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome. In one minute we have: Gold and Silver's intro music, New Bark Town, Goldenrod City, Burned Tower, and the Rival and Eusine's leitmotifs.
* [[ Team Rocket Battle Theme.]]
* The [[ Surf Theme]].
* [[ Sinjoh Ruins!]] Otherwise known as ''[=HGSS=]''[='s=] remix of the top of Mt. Coronet from ''[=DPPt=]''. Missed out on Arceus's theme in DPP? Good news; [[ it plays during this event!]]
* [[ Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza's Theme.]]
* [[ Lavender Town]], which starts out creepy, then segues into a calm, peaceful remix. As a Youtube comment said, "This is the antidote for Lavender Town Syndrome."

[[folder: ''Black''/''White'']]
* [[ The music played during the intro movie.]] Chilling and epic, especially for the crowning of the king of Team Plasma.
* [[ Undella Town's]] spring/autumn/winter music.
* [[ Nimbasa City]] has the most epic city theme ever.
* [[ Driftveil City]] is pretty awesome as well.
* [[ Castelia City]].
* [[ Lacunosa Town]] is nice and soothing.
* [[ Mistralton City!]]
* The ''Pokémon White'' rendition of [[ Opelucid City]] and its ''Black'' [[ counterpart]] may sound nothing alike (with an exception; see below), but both are awesome in their own way. In particular, the White version becomes even better when you stand by a girl playing an erhu, giving it a very Classical or even Celtic vibe, and standing next to the keytar player in ''Black'' fixes the lack of resemblance to White's by adding electronic versions of notes from ''White'''s music to the music.
** The one in Black is also reminiscent of music from early ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' games.
** When opposites [[ attract]].
* In the old days, low HP would be met by [[MostAnnoyingSound an annoying siren sound]]. Now it's been replaced with [[ this.]]
* The battle themes for [[ Reshiram / Zekrom]] / [[ Kyurem]].
* [[ Final N battle]]
** [[ Earlier N battles]]
** [[ The remix of N's final battle.]] The badass level just shot through the roof.
* [[ Emotion]]. And [[ Bottled Emotions]], an awesome dubstep remix of Emotion.
* [[ Ghetsis Battle Theme]]. '''[[OminousLatinChanting DEN]][[{{Mondegreen}} NIS!]]'''
* [[ Enter Ghetsis]], attacking his son with the most abusive words you are likely to hear in a Pokémon game.
* [[ N's Castle Bridge/Carrying Out a Mission]]. Very reminiscent of ''Pokémon Mystery Dungeon''[='=]s music.
* [[ N's Castle]] itself is somewhat reminiscent of ''Castlevania'' music.
* [[ Legendary Battle Theme]]. The song is such a mess that as soon as a melody is found it throws you a curveball. This really puts into perspective just how powerful the Legendaries really are.
* The [[ Normal Trainer Battle]] is ''epic''. Not only that but it's [[EarWorm surprisingly catchy]].
** And the [[ remix]] that plays in the Battle Subway, for techno fans.
** And here's both of them [[ together.]]
* [[ The Team Plasma Grunt battle theme]].
* [[ To Each Future]], the credits theme, is amazing.
* The [[ wild rare/double battle theme]]. Comes out of nowhere, but still awesome.
* The [[ Surfing Theme]], which reminds many players of ''VideoGame/{{Mother 3}}''.
* Everything about N is awesome, including his personal {{Leitmotif}}, [[ N's Theme]] which is both haunting and childish... perfect for him.
* On the subject of N, the music in [[ his room.]]
* Speaking of ''Mother 3'', [[ N's Farewell]] takes its first five notes from the ''Mother 3'' Love Theme. And then there's the [[ amazing official remix.]] [[TearJerker It brought tears to many a person's eyes.]]
* This [[ hauntingly beautiful remix]] of N's Farewell.
** [[ This remastering]] is great too.
** Even better, [[ Using the Soundfont]] from ''VideoGame/MOTHER3'' for the song. It's as beautiful and as [[TearJerker Heartrending]] as it sounds.
* On the subject of ''Mother 3'', we have [[ Route 10]]. You half expect to bump into Boney.
* The [[ Pokémon League]] theme when you're in the Pokémon Center or waiting to challenge one of the E4 members. Doesn't have that much, but that's what makes it cooler.
* The [[ Elite Four Battle Theme]]. As one Website/{{Youtube}} commenter said: "The bass and drums [in] this song is enough to make your Pokémon faint."
* The [[ Village Bridge.]] Starts out simple when you enter the area, but adds layers to the song when you talk to certain people scattered throughout the area.
* The background theme for the [[ EntraLink]]. Sounds more like an epic background theme from ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' than one would necessarily expect.
* [[ Global Terminal]]
* The Mystery Gift Theme from ''Platinum'' [[ got an awesome remix]].
* The [[ Unity Tower Theme]] is well-suited for a place where people of all nations come together.
* [[ Relic Castle]] has some amazing, soothing music that reminds you of VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon.
* [[ Accumula Town]] sounds extremely great, but it gets even better when you talk to [[ the drummer and the pianist]].
* [[ Gear Station]]
* [[ Anville Town]]
* The [[ Gym Battle music]]. It starts out fast-paced and epic from the very beginning. Many consider the music that plays when you reach the Gym Leader's last Pokémon (listed under "Pokémon title theme" at the top of the page) to be even better.
* [[ The Champion/Subway Boss Battle]] music is upbeat, triumphant, and a ''major'' EarWorm.
* [[ Victory Road]] is pretty much finality and epicness distilled into musical form.
* [[ Route 6]] has some pretty awesome music.
* [[ Route 11]] has music that is very fitting for a postgame adventure.
* [[ The Diving/Abyssal Ruins Theme]]: calm, mysterious, and soothing.
* [[ Alder's Theme]] may sound out of place in a Pokemon game, but is still very catchy and enjoyable.
* [[ Skyarrow Bridge.]] Words can't do it justice.
* [[ The Rival Battle Theme.]] Quirky and catchy.
* [[ Cheren's Encounter Theme]] isn't bad either.
* [[ Black City]], and its counterpart, [[ White Forest]]. The former is a haunting techno melody that seems to emphasize just how much the city is corrupted (heck, a few openly admit to being greedy), while the latter is a happy, upbeat tune with a cheerful innocence to it--perfect for a nature-filled forest. Certainly a harsh contrast, much like the opposing themes for Opelucid City.
* [[ Icirrus City]] has a peaceful and cheerful melody that can't help but make you smile.
* [[ Route 2]] gives a true feeling of childlike wonder like few other pieces in the games.
* [[ Battle! Kanto Champion]], used in the finals of the Pokemon World Championships, is a remix of... guess.
* The [[ Pokémon Center Theme]].
* The [[ "Carnival Pokemon" Musical]] is an awesome remix of the original Pokemon Center Theme.
* [[ Cynthia Battle]], a good contender for "best Pokémon theme to make the player say 'OhCrap'".
* [[ Tubeline Bridge.]] Short yet catchy, this is an incredibly upbeat tune. Sadly, it's [[OvershadowedByAwesome often overlooked in favor of songs such as Skyarrow Bridge or Opelucid City.]]
* [[ Looker's Theme]] gets an upgrade, and almost doubled in length.
* [[ Encounter! Gentleman!]] is an EarWorm.
* [[ Marvelous Bridge]]. Truly marvelous. And also a bridge!
* [[ Carrying Out A Mission]], which only plays while you walk up to Team Plasma's castle.
* [[ Professor Juniper's theme.]]
* [[ Route 10.]] Perfectly captures the feeling of having come so far, yet Team Plasma remain.

[[folder:''Black 2''/''White 2'']]
* The music for the new towns and cities in the game deserve to be mentioned:
** [[ Aspertia City]].
** [[ Floccesy Town]].
** [[ Virbank City]].
** [[ Lentimas Town]].
** [[ Humilau City]].
* The antagonists get great themes this time around.
** [[ Team Plasma's aggressive and relentless battle theme]]. It really shows how much Team Plasma has diverged.
** [[ Colress' upbeat]] [[ techno/electronica themes]].
** [[ Ghetsis's Theme]] gives off the vibe of [[VillainousBreakdown just what he's going through.]] Now with more [[{{Mondegreen}} DENNIS!]]
* [[ Black Kyurem / White Kyurem]]. A dark, menacing theme for a suped-up legendary that ain't going gently. Also, no Master Ball for you.
* N's new [[ Leitmotif]] starts off with the same same creepy tune as his old one. Seventeen seconds in, it goes for a BaitAndSwitch and becomes much more joyful sounding, probably to emphasize his character development.
* The already creepy music in N's Room [[ gets even creepier]] as the castle falls into disrepair.
* [[ Iris' Battle Theme]] is so made of ridiculously awesome, it's not even funny.
* [[ The BGM]] which plays in the first part of the Plasma Frigate is a remix of the classic Plasma theme in the same vein of the Airship Theme from Mario. ''And it's awesome''.
* The [[ Plasma Frigate Bridge]] BGM, on that note. Very reminiscent of Pokémon Ranger's music.
* Not only are the Shadow Triad promoted from being TheUnfought, but they also have a pretty great [[ encounter theme]].
* Black 2 and White 2 have given the Gyms their own variations of the traditional Gym theme (save for Cheren's Gym in Aspertia City, which gets the standard theme carried over from the original Black and White), and that manages to make running through each Gym battling its Trainers and Leader all the more exciting. Here's Virbank Gym's take on the theme. [[ DOGARS!]]
** [[ Castelia Gym's Theme]] is quite ambient for a Gym theme, but it does the original justice.
** [[ Nimbasa Gym's Theme]] is pretty awesome as well, especially when Elesa herself makes her ridiculously awesome entrance - at which point, the traditional Gym tune kicks in, only with part of the same soundfont heard in [[VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou "Dancer In The Street"]][[note]] (Heard when fighting Pig Noise.)[[/note]] thrown in as a ShoutOut for good measure.
** [[ Driftveil Gym's theme]] has a distinct "underground" sound to it and fits the setting quite well.
** [[ The theme of Mistralton Gym]] manages to sound both triumphant and whimsical, befitting the setup of the Gym as well as Gym Leader Skyla herself.
** [[ The theme of Opelucid Gym]]. The fact that you get to ride a mechanical dragon to the top of the other dragon where Drayden awaits, battling Trainers along the way, makes this particular piece of music all the more awesome.
** [[ Humilau Gym's theme]] is about as calm as Castelia Gym's, being akin to elevator music, and is a great contrast to Opelucid Gym's grand variation of the regular Gym theme, but that doesn't mean it's not good music at all.
* Both themes for Reversal Mountain, from [[ Black 2]] and [[ White 2]] are quite enthralling in their own ways.
* [[ Route 19]]
* Routes 21 and 22 ([[ summer]], [[ fall]], [[ winter]] and [[ spring]]). Very happy tracks that are also quite reminiscent of RSE's music.
* [[ Route 23]]. A very fitting pre-Pokemon League theme, and it even features a ShoutOut to the theme in Professor Rowan's laboratory at the very beginning of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.
* [[ Pokemon World Tournament]]
* ''Pokémon World Tournmament'' features lots of older characters, and remixes a bunch of themes for that!
** [[ Vs. Blue.]]
** [[ The Kanto Gym Leader battle theme.]]
** [[ Welcome back, Red (and Lance).]]
** [[ The Johto Gym Leader battle theme.]]
** [[ Hoenn Champion Battle.]]
** [[ Hoenn Gym Leader Battle.]]
** [[ Sinnoh Champion Battle.]]
** [[ Sinnoh Gym Leader Battle.]]
** The [[ Tournament Final Round theme]] sounds like something out of ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros''.
* [[ Revamp of the Unova Gym Battle.]]
* [[ N's battle theme]], a remixed version of his regular battle theme from Black and White.
* Hugh's [[ Encounter]] and [[ Battle]] theme are both exceptional pieces of music, even having a touch of Ken's [[BootstrappedTheme bootstrapped stage theme]] from ''VideoGame/StreetFighterII''.
* [[ Floccesy Ranch]]
* [[ Marine Tube]].
* [[ Brycen-Man / Full Metal Cop theme]] in Pokestar Studios.
* [[ The Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf Battle Theme]] makes a comeback.
* Black 2/White 2's take on the [[ Regi Trio's Battle Theme]]. And it's more badass than ever! Bonus points for using it when catching Regigigas.
* [[ The Gen 4 Legendary Theme]] makes a comeback, but only for Heatran. Still no less awesome though.
* [[ White Treehollow Challenge]] is a beautiful theme, which may make you forget you're in [[BonusDungeon Unova's Challenge.]]
* [[ Team Plasma, Again]] which in the beginning of the game even temporarily replaces the normal overworld music. The beat in the beginning makes it perfectly clear: Team Plasma means business.
* [[ The ending theme]], a wonderful song that concludes a wonderful adventure.

[[folder: ''X''/''Y'']]
* [[ Trainer Battle Theme]]. Starts out a bit friendly, but gets that "fierce" feeling within the middle of the song.
* When you face the new Gym Leaders in their awesome, unorthodox gyms, [[ their theme]] is appropriately awe-inspiring. Heck, even the electronic instruments turn the volume UpToEleven.
** The Gym Leader theme gets a [[ remix]] when you battle Korrina for the last storyline-required time, with her facing you not as a Gym Leader but rather as [[spoiler: Successor to the secret of Mega Evolution. It is the first storyline battle to showcase Mega Evolution (with you being given a Mega-capable Lucario to use as well) and the music is appropriately epic.]] Unfortunately, some players might not hear it the whole way through due to it being a [[LongSongShortScene 1-on-1 battle that will likely be over on the second turn if you're playing it smartly.]] Fortunately, after completing the main scenario, it becomes one of your options for the music playing on your end in a PvP match.
** Mashups, such as [[ this one]] of the Kalos Gym leader's battle theme and the Successor's battle theme, have also proven to be really popular.
* [[ Team Flare Grunt Battle]]. [[ Which gets a remix]] when you face Team Flare's leader [[spoiler: Lysandre]] in battle.
* [[ Professor Sycamore's theme]], which has a very French vibe.
* Both of the Legendary Pokemon themes... there's one for the [[ battle against Xerneas/Yvetal]], and one for encountering [[ Mewtwo and the Gen I Legendary Birds]]. The latter also doubles as a CallBack to Red and Blue.
* [[ The Champion's Theme]] is basically taking a beautiful painting or a stained glass window, and putting it in music form.
* [[ The Elite Four Theme]] can totally get you pumped!
* [[ Route 8's Theme]] consists of an orchestra so grandiose it would make ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy'' proud.
* [[ Emotions]] make a glorious return from Black/White. It's only played in one place, akin to Route 10's music in ''VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2'', but still. Can also cause TearJerker side-effects too if you're 'emotional'. [[ This piano rendition of Jubilife City]] can be heard in a similar way.
* [[ The Sun Shines Down]], [[spoiler: [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments where AZ reunites with his Floette after so long in the ending.]]]]
* [[ Laverre City's theme]], with its fairy tale setting, is a beautiful and romantic song. This song is even reused later in the anime during an emotional moment between Ash and Serena ([=XY007=]).
* Another potential TearJerker in [[ Snowbelle City's theme]].
* And another with [[ the second Ending credits theme]]. [[AwardBaitSong There are even lyrics to it.]] If you're feeling perky, you can turn a TearJerker into a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}} by singing [[ these]] JustForFun/PokemonVietnameseCrystal styled [[IntentionalEngrishForFunny Engrish]] lyrics to the song.
* [[ Victory Road]]. A perfect track for making you want to step forth and charge into battle.
* [[ Anistar City's theme]]. Calm, mystical and melancholic--perfect for a city with the penultimate Psychic Type gym, as if it urges you to reflect on your journey thus far, renewing your determination for the grand finale.
* [[ Coumarine City's theme]]. Smooth, jazzy, and absolutely perfect for the beautiful port city.
* [[ The Kalos Power Plant theme.]] Mysterious, spooky, and apprehensive, perfect for the Power Plant and Poké Ball Factory.
* [[ The theme of Route 18/19/21.]] A beautiful track that fits very appropriately after saving the world from Team Flare and knowing everyone is still living happily - it is almost impossible to ''not'' be cheered up by this one.
* [[ The Pokemon Village theme.]] Very quirky, and very [[VideoGame/{{Earthbound}} Saturn Valley-esque]].
* [[ The Santalune City theme]] really gets you pumped up for your first gym battle.
* [[ The Geosenge Town Theme.]] Very peaceful, making the whole town feel like relaxation.
* [[ Shalour City's Theme]] gives an oriental, ancient vibe to Korrina's hometown.
* [[ Bicycle]]. Who else rode the bike up and down one route, just for that glorious music?
* [[ Route 15's Theme]], which sounds incredibly grand and epic for "just another route theme". Even more epic when considering the point you listen to this theme. One has probably received about 6 badges at this point, and it is the theme that reminds you that your journey is far but not over.
* [[ Super Training]] and [[ ''Secret'' Super Training]].
* [[ An Eternal Prison]]: [[spoiler:[[TearJerker "He was given a tiny box."]]]]
* The [[ music]] that plays during the CharacterCustomization screen is well worth [[spoiler:playing through the entire game]] to hear again. [[ Sycamore's Lab]] uses the same melody, and is almost as good.
* While you're likely to only hear about 7 seconds of it because the path is ''so'' short, the [[ Route 1 music]] is a great way to start your journey.
* The [[ Rival Encounter Theme]], which plays whenever your friends show up. It's just so ridiculously upbeat, you can't help but smile. It definitely helps sell the friendship that forms between the five of you.
* [[ Rival Battle Theme]] is all of the above, except fiercer and more competitive.
* To accompany [[spoiler: Looker]]'s return, his theme was given [[ a massive upgrade]]. There's also [[ a tear jerking version in a minor key]], which is played at certain key moments in his sidequest.
* [[ Emma's theme]], a beautiful piano and violin piece which describes her character arc perfectly in musical form. It's incredibly short, only about 35 seconds before looping to the start, but the amount of emotion packed into those 35 seconds is incredible. It accompanies [[spoiler: the absolutely heartbreaking yet heartwarming ending to the Looker sidequest]] perfectly.
* [[ The Gate music]], which you would probably hear for about five seconds as you're passing by, is spectacularly tranquil and almost seems perfect to accompany a session of Pokemon-Amie.
* [[ Sina and Dexio]], which is very friendly compared to the energetic theme of [[ "A Mysterious Figure".]]
* [[ Encounter! Youngster]] and [[ Encounter! Lass]] all fit the relatively easy mood for the first few Trainers in the beginning of the game.
* [[ Encounter! Poké Fan]] does suit the cheerfulness of the Poké Fans.
* [[ Encounter! Twins]]
* [[ Encounter! Tourist]]
* [[ Encounter! Butler]]. Fits the rich Trainers of the Battle Chateau pretty well.
* [[ Encounter! Maid]]. There's actually the sound of plates and other utensils being moved in the background as a nice touch.
* [[ Team Flare Appears!]]
* [[ Encounter! Female Swimmer]] is such a big EarWorm.
* [[ Riding Skiddo]], a great theme to hear while riding those Pokémon.
* [[ The Pokémon League theme]] does not disappoint in the "grandiose" department, setting the mood perfectly for the very final stretch of this journey you have just gone through.
* The [[ Kanto Champion remix]] [[LongSongShortScene may play only during VGC Championships]] (Generation V games happen to have one, as well), but it's so damn '''[[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome glorious]]'''.

[[folder:''Omega Ruby''/''Alpha Sapphire'']]
* The [[ Wild Pokémon Battle]] theme gets an energetic remix.
* The [[ Trainer Battle]] theme gets updated with some string instruments.
* The [[ Rival Battle]] theme gets an awesome remix.
* The [[ Gym Leader Battle]] theme is MUCH better than the original version.
* [[ Archie and Maxie's Battle]] theme initially sounds like a straight update of the original song with its menacing piano and trumpet, before suddenly shifting into an intense song with multiple trumpets and electric guitar.
* [[ Elite Four Battle]] sounds just as good, if not better, than the original.
* The [[ Emerald Frontier Brain theme]] returns in all its glory, now used as the theme of the four Battle Chatelaines.
* Wally finally gets his own [[ Battle]] theme when you face him at the end of Victory Road, and it sounds like it came straight out of ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'', ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' or ''Franchise/{{Ys}}''. The best part is that the theme actually ''flows right into the battle!'' In addition to that, he also gets a [[ very upbeat version of his theme]] that is played at Mauville City and in Victory Road.
* The [[ remix of Groudon's, Kyogre's, and Rayquaza's battle theme]] certainly doesn't disappoint. Then there's the [[ remix Primal Groudon and Kyogre get]], which actually samples the theme from the original Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.
* The [[ Regi Trio's battle theme]] gets another intense remix that also samples the original theme in the beginning.
* [[ Abandoned Ship]] gets two wonderful remixes, the second playing for [[ the Southern Island]].
* [[ Slateport City]] manages to sound even better than the original.
* The Delta Episode offers a fantastic update of [[ Deoxys's theme]].
* The [[ Heavy Rain]] and [[ Drought]] themes make their triumphant return, sounding just as creepy as ever. To quote Youtube on Drought:
--> In the original Ruby I thought everything just got really bright and that Hoenn was only a bit hotter than normal.
--> Now the fucking sky is on fire.
* To fit with the expanded presence and characterization of the villains, a couple of new encounter themes were added, which set the mood for a confrontation perfectly. The admins have [[ this]], while [[ the leaders]] get a [[InvertedTrope calmer remix of]] [[BossRemix their battle theme]]. [[ Their battle theme]] is a much more intense, orchestral version of their original theme, and it's awesome.
* Those who played Emerald may find that [[ this track]] gives them an odd sense of deja vu. [[spoiler:And then it hits you - it's a remix of the same track that's played [[LongSongShortScene when Rayquaza comes down to quell Groudon and Kyogre's fight]].]]
* The many variations of [[ The Heirs to Eternity]] (Zinnia's Theme), including her [[ Battle theme]] and [[ The Lament of Falling Stars]], which plays [[spoiler:when she tells how she would look up to the sky to stop her tears from falling]].
* It may not be what most would call bombastic or epic, but [[ the Surfing theme]] is beautiful, equal parts "exploring" and "relaxing" with an aquatic-techno sound to it.
* Another truly beautiful and relaxing theme is [[ Soaring Illusions]], which plays while Soaring at night; perfect for flying through a starlit sky on the back of a legendary Pokémon. [[ Soaring Dreams]], the daytime theme, is rather appropriate, too; really gives you the feeling of adventuring in the skies.
* [[ Lisia's theme]] is absolutely upbeat and energetic. Quite a fitting song for Hoenn's biggest Contest star.
* [[ The Dive theme]] is incredibly relaxing and really makes you want to just stay underwater forever.
* [[ Encounter! Diver]] is likewise relaxing and almost ethereal; it's probably one of the series' best encounter themes.
* [[ The music]] that plays in the post-credits scene is a beautiful remix of the rival encounter theme that really captures the bond between the player character and the rival.
* [[ Coexistence]], the song that plays [[spoiler:during the scene after Groudon/Kyogre is defeated/captured, where Team Magma and Team Aqua decide to overcome their differences and coexist peacefully.]] An excellent new addition to the remakes.
* [[ The Lilycove City theme]] is back and as beautiful as ever.
* The [[ Oldale / Lavaridge town]] theme has gotten even more soothing and heartwarming now.
* Behold [[ Mt. Chimney]] and its funky rhythm guitar!
* [[ The desert]] is no slouch either, and is now even groovier.
* Those who played Red and Blue years ago might shed a few tears when visiting the [[ Oceanic Museum]].
* The best [[ villainous trainer victory theme]] so far can be heard here.
* [[ The encounter theme]] for Delinquents and Street Thugs is just plain epic.


[[folder: Spinoffs ]]

[[folder: ''Pokémon Stadium'']]

[[folder: ''Stadium 1'' (North America/Europe) ]]

* Mewtwo is given a [[ suitably epic battle theme]] in ''Stadium 1''.
* [[ The Prime Cup Semifinals.]]
* [[ Poké Cup Semifinals]] (of the Master Ball ranking/category).
* [[ Prime Cup Final Battle]] and [[ Rival]], two awesome remixes of ''Red''/''Blue''/''Yellow'''s Champion theme.
* [[ Poké Cup Final Battle]], [[ Pika Cup Battles 4-6]], and [[ Gym Trainer Battle]], which remixed the Kanto trainer theme.
* They remixed the Kanto Gym Leader theme three times. The first remix was for [[ the actual Gym Leaders]], the second was for the [[ Pika Cup Semifinal]], and the third for the [[ Petit Cup Battles 4-6]].
* [[ The Hall of Fame music]].
* [[ The Stadium selection music]].
* [[ Prime Cup Battles 1-3.]]
* [[ Prime Cup Battles 4-6.]]


[[folder: ''Stadium 2'' (North America/Europe) ]]

* [[ Challenge Cup Battle 1.]]
* [[ Poké Cup Battle 3]], which remixes the Johto Trainer theme.
* [[ Elite 4 Battle.]]
* [[ Elite 4 Battle 2.]]
* [[ Pokémon Selection.]]
* [[ Lance Battle.]]

[[folder:''Pokémon Battle Revolution'']]
* [[ Magma Colosseum.]]
* [[ Waterfall Colosseum.]]
* [[ Neon Colosseum.]]
* The [[ Minor Boss theme.]]
* [[ Stargazer Colosseum.]]
* [[ Sunset Colosseum.]]
* [[ Pokétopia Master Mysterial's battle theme]] as the final battle.
* [[ This part]] of Colosseum Master Sashay's theme sounds ''extremely'' similar to part of the Cipher admin battle theme from ''Pokémon Colosseum''. Justified, as the developer studio Genius Sonority worked on both games.
* Colosseum Master Joe's super awesome [[ Jazz theme]].

[[folder: ''Pokémon Mystery Dungeon'']]

[[folder: ''Red'' and ''Blue Rescue Team'' ]]

(Warning: Major EarWorm material here):

* [[ Mt. Blaze]], and [[ Mt. Blaze Peak]].
* [[ Buried Relic]].
* [[ Great Canyon]].
* [[ Darkness Ridge]].
* [[ Peanut Swamp]].
* [[ Monster House]] version 1.
* [[ Sky Tower]], the final level. [[ And the Final Boss theme]], Rayquaza.
%%feel free to link a better sounding one if you can find it.
* [[ Stormy Sea and Murky Cave.]]
* The ever-lively [[ Pokémon Square.]]
* [[ Mt. Thunder]], and [[ Mt. Thunder's Peak]].
* [[ The song playing while you and your partner become refugees]] is, it's sad and epic at the same time! Same for the [[ snow version]]. [[TearJerker You might want some tissues for it, though.]]
* [[ This]] will play if you dare steal from a Kecleon Shop.
* [[ The Credits]] theme is very nice.
* [[ Mt. Freeze Peak.]]
* [[ Benevolent Spirit.]]
* [[ The Legend of Ninetales.]]


[[folder: ''Explorers of Time''/''Darkness''/''Sky'' ]]

(Warning: Major TearJerker material here):

%% Please use the song titles given in the Sky Jukebox to prevent confusion. There have indeed been duplicates on this list in the past.
* [[ Temporal Tower]], the final level of the main story. And [[ Temporal Spire]], the end part of the level.
* [[ Dialga's Fight to the Finish!]], the final boss of both the main story and the fifth special episode. In the latter, it actually begins to play well before the battle actually begins, serving to make the prior scene even more epic.
** For maximum awesome, there's the [[ remix]].
** And the [[ other remix]].
** [[ ZUN remix]].
* [[ Time Gear (Remix)]], the game's first iteration of the Time Gear theme. The calm beginning slowly rising to the determined ending... awesome.
* [[ Through the Sea of Time]].
* [[ Don't Ever Forget...]] [[TearJerker Grab the tissues.]]
** If you're not done crying, there's [[ "Have to Get Home"]], which follows soon afterwards. Short and simple, but nevertheless beautiful.
** [[ Farther Away...]]
** And then there's [[ Memories Returned]], which plays over your partner's montage of memories of your adventures together, just before the end credits. Someone wrote [[ lyrics]].
** And then the [[ ending theme]] kicks in to remind you that you just did something great. It acknowledges that some difficult sacrifices were made that are still hard to accept, but man, you saved the world! What's not worth it about that?
* [[ Steam Cave]]. Also [[ Upper Steam Cave]].
* [[ Hidden Highland.]]
* The [[ Outlaw/thieves battle music]] from Time and Darkness was truly awesome.
* [[ Blizzard Island Rescue Team Medley]]. Odd how they can conjure nostalgia even when the original was only about two years old.
* [[ The Darkness/Planet Paralysis]], [[ Sealed Ruin]] and the [[TearJerker waah-inducing]] [[ In the Hands of Fate]]. Or, heck, the incredibly moving [[ Time Restored]] and [[ Time Gear]].
* The themes of [[ the Hidden Land]], [[ Treeshroud Forest]], [[ Quicksand Cave]], and [[ Brine Cave]] demand your attention.
* [[ Team Charm's Theme.]]
** [[ Barren Valley]], the first dungeon of Grovyle's extra chapter.
** [[ Vast Ice Mountain Peak]], the final dungeon of Grovyle's extra chapter.
** [[ The music]] from the first part of the Vast Ice Mountain is quite sad.
** [[ In the Morning Sun]], the music before Special Episode 5's credits [[spoiler:as Grovyle, Dusknoir and Celebi begin to fade away. [[TearJerker *bawls*]].]]
** [[ A New World]].
** [[ Special Episode 5 Ending Theme.]]
* The [[ Fortune Ravine theme]]. The whole thing just screams "EPIC ADVENTURE"
* [[ The Star Cave theme]]. It's very pretty. [[ Deep Star Cave]] is not to be ignored, either.
* [[ Mt. Horn.]]
* [[ Northern Desert]].
* [[ One for All, All for One!]], from when [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome the Wigglytuff Guild shows up to back up Bidoof]] in Special Episode 1 and [[ Defy the Legends]] (a remix of the first games' final boss theme), for some bosses, including the Seven Guardians.
* Two games into a subseries, and we're already starting to have recurring themes... not that that's a bad thing when the [[ Boss Theme is so awesome]].
* The lamely named but ''epic'' [[ Random Dungeon Theme 3]].
* The battle theme used for Dusknoir and Darkrai. Take a listen and get pumped and creeped out at the same time. [[ Ooh]]!
* [[ Dusk Forest]]. To some it might be a bit tacky, but to others, it's just awesome. Plus, [[ Deep Dusk Forest]].
* [[ Palkia's Onslaught!]] is a suitably epic theme for a suitably epic boss.
* [[ Dark Hill]].
* The [[ music]] for [[TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon Dark Crater]]. The [[ music]] for Deep Dark Crater is also pretty good, thought it doubles as HellIsThatNoise.
* Say hello to the awesome [[ Sky Peak Forest]] music! And the retro-styled [[ Sky Peak Cave]].
* [[ Barren Valley]]. So peaceful but so powerful.
* [[ Sealed Ruin]]. [[ Deep Sealed Ruin]] is epic, but doubles as HellIsThatNoise to some.
* [[ Crystal Cave.]]
* [[ Chasm Cave]], which is perfect for the environment of the BadFuture.
* [[ Spring Cave Depths.]]
* [[ Dark Wasteland.]]
* [[ Icicle Forest.]]


[[folder: ''Gates to Infinity'' ]]

* The [[ opening theme]] provides a nice sense of the feat of "triumphing against adversaries in mysterious labyrinths".
* [[ Holehills]]: A dungeon theme that's fitting for the situation of going against the odds to rescue a dear friend.
* Despair, the game's obligatory tune used for sad and tragic moments. The [[ light]] and [[ super light]] arrangements convey sorrow in a pure, simple fashion. The aptly named [[ heavy]] arrangement, however, is of a totally different tone from the previous versions, and is used to set the mood for what's easily one of the darkest moments in the entire series, if not the darkest, and is very befitting of its name.
* This game's version of [[ the boss battle music.]]
* The [[spoiler: final visit to the Glacier Palace]] has a total of three tracks to it, since it's such a giant level. [[ The Eastern Spire]] starts it off on a mysterious note, then the [[ Western Spire]] switches it to a suspenseful and ominous note. But then the Great Spire comes along, and the result is unbelievable. Ladies and gentlemen, [[ the pinnacle of final level music]].
* The final boss themes are both amazing, as one might expect from the rest of the soundtrack's quality. While [[ the first theme]] has a dark and desperate tone to it, [[ the second theme]] really gives you the feeling that you can and ''will'' save the world, no matter what.
* [[ Theme of Hope]]. ''Beautiful.''
* The ending themes are incredible as always, [[ A Home To Remember]] being the first in a sequence of tearjerking songs that convey a profound mixture of joy and sorrow.
** [[ Wrapped In a Light]].
** [[ One Last Look at Paradise]].
** [[ Even If I Forget You]].
** [[ The Frism]].
* The whole first half of the game builds towards going to the Great Glacier, and when you finally arrive, [[ the music doesn't disappoint.]]
* One of the most rockin' BonusBoss soundtracks ever, [[ Bounty Board Challenge.]]
* [[ Ragged Mountain]] is just a wonderful first dungeon theme.
* [[ Hazy Pass (Highlands)]] is driving, tense, and an overall amazing piece.
* [[ Kyurem's battle theme.]]
* [[ Kyurem Approaching!]] When you hear this, you know something '''[[WhamEpisode bad]]''' is about to happen.
* [[ Withered Savannah]] is a catchy song with some wonderful vocal effects.

[[folder:''Pokémon Ranger'']]

[[folder: Original ]]

* [[ The music when you battle Raikou and Suicune]] in ''VideoGame/PokemonRanger'' is pretty cool. [[ The music for the final battle against Entei]], however, is pure awesomeness. [[ Gordor's theme]] is also good.
* [[ Go Rock Quad's Last Chance]], [[ Go Rock Squad's Secret Base]] and [[ Sekra Range]].


[[folder: ''Shadows of Almia'' ]]

* [[ Darkrai]]
* [[ Gem Guardian Battle]]
* [[ The Ranger School theme]] is one of the most awesome Pokémon music. [[ This is the outside version]].
* [[ Wild Pokemon Battle]], [[ Mission]]
* [[ Vien Forest]] is an amazing road tune.
* [[ Team Dim Sun]] also has a very catchy blues-style tune. Not to mention their [[ battle theme]], and the [[ Admin Battle]] and [[ Sinis Trio Battle Themes]].
* [[ The Go-Rock Quads' music]] and [[ their concert at the end]].
* [[ Altru Tower]].
* Ladies and gentleman, the [[ Cargo Ship/Oil Field Hideout]]. Note how it's a medley of several Dim Sun themes.
* [[ The Altru Building music.]]
* [[ The Shadows of Almia Ending]] is beautiful, especially from 1:05-1:36.


[[folder: ''Guardian Signs'' ]]

* [[ Mewtwo phase 1]] and [[ Mewtwo phase 2.]]
* [[ Tea Party battle]] and [[ Tea Party encounter.]]
* [[ Arceus battle.]]
* [[ Normal boss battle.]]
* [[ Legendary encounter.]]
* [[ Riding the legendary beasts.]]
* [[ In the Sky.]]
* [[ Sky Event.]]
* [[ Pinchers Boss battle.]]
* [[ Wild Capture.]]
* [[ Underwater Chase.]]
* [[ Pinchers Capture.]]
* [[ Mitonga Road.]]
* [[ Sinking Submarine.]]

[[folder:''Pokémon Colosseum'']]
* [[ Miror B.'s theme]]. Let the music play!
* [[ The friendly battle theme.]] To quote the comments section, "never before has a one-sided battle against two extremely common Pokémon been so epic." To wit, the song (and its associated Trainer, Rider Willie) was so popular that it ([[RunningGag and Rider Willie]]) returned in all its ([[RuleOfThree and his]]) splendor for ''XD''.
* [[ The normal battle theme.]]
* [[ The Cipher Peon battle theme.]]
* [[ The Cipher Admin battle theme.]]
* [[ Tournament Semifinal Battle.]]
* [[ The final boss theme.]]
* The relaxing [[ Realgam Tower.]]
* The peaceful [[ Agate Village.]]
* The beautiful [[ Relic Forest.]]
* [[ "The Under,"]] which is a town theme that sounds nothing short of awesome.
* The [[ Pokémon Center theme]]
* [[ VS Battle 3,]] the ''Colosseum'' remix of the ''RSE'' Champion battle theme is pretty great.
* [[ VS Battle 2,]] ''Colosseum'''s remix of the Hoenn Gym Leader theme.
* [[ VS Battle 1,]] which remixed the Hoenn Trainer theme.
* [[ Pre Gym theme,]] an awesomely catchy and upbeat song that just makes you wanna dance.

[[folder:''Pokémon XD'']]
* This game outfitted Miror B. with a [[ funky-fresh, disco-riffic battle theme,]] perfect for groovin' to.
* ''XD''[='s=] [[ Cipher Admin battle theme!]]
* The [[ final battle theme]] is even better than the previous game's.
* You probably used the Master Ball instantly on Shadow Lugia... but if you did, you missed out on his [[ awesome battle theme.]]
* [[ The Phenac City takeover music,]] officially named "Cipher Command." At first you just think, "Hmm, the music is a little different." It's certainly not worse than [[ the original,]] but something about it just doesn't feel ''right''... and then the theme suddenly gets progressively more sinister until it comes to a positively demonic crescendo... and then it loops back and goes back to the pretty, serene theme that it was at first. [[spoiler:This theme plays when, unknown to the player, Cipher has taken over the city with its members disguised as the various characters who are normally in the city.]]
* ''XD''[='s=] [[ Cipher Peon theme.]]

[[folder:''Pokémon Snap'']]
* The western-sounding [[ Canyon]].
* The war-drums of the [[ Volcano]].
* The dark and scary [[ Tunnel]].
* The chirpy "party time" [[ Main Theme]].
* The surreal, mythical [[ Rainbow Cloud]].

[[folder:''Pokémon Trading Card Game'']]

[[folder: First game ]]

* [[ The Club Master battle theme.]]
* [[ The Grandmaster Battle Theme]] is pretty epic too.
* [[ Ronald's theme]] for two distinct reasons: 1) because it's awesome and 2) because it conjures up memories of ''beating the absolute tar out of that jackass''. To put it another way: Ronald is [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Blue/Gary's]] {{expy}}. But unlike Blue, you will ''want'' to face him, if ''only'' for this awesome theme. That can't be said for most Rival battles.
* The [[ regular battle theme.]] Who says awesome tunes can't be laid back, especially with that bass.
* How about the chiptune beauty that is... [[ the theme to the Water, Rock and Psychic Clubs?]]
** By contrast, [[ the theme for the Fire, Fighting, & Science Clubs]] is ''very'' hardcore. But hey, children's card games are SeriousBusiness. As something of the odd middleman, [[ the Grass & Lightning Clubs]] gets this feel-good beat.
** The [[ theme for Mason's Lab/the World Map]] is oddly soothing. Has a bit of a "getting ready to depart on a grand journey and explore the world" feel to it.


[[folder: Second game ]]

* [[ GR Duel]] from [[NoExportForYou the second TCG game]] is cool stuff.
* The OST for ''Pokémon Card [=GB2=]: Here Comes Team GR!'' really pushed the limits of the Game Boy Color in the sound/music department, and it shows. Another standout track is the [[ Great Rocket Fortress Leader Duel theme.]]

[[folder:Other spin-offs]]
* The [[ Battle Royale theme]] and [[ Mewtwo's theme]] in ''VideoGame/PokemonRumble''.
* [[ Pokémon Fort Team Battle]] from ''Pokémon Rumble Blast''. That guitar...
* ''VideoGame/HeyYouPikachu'':
** The [[ credits]]. This song, in which Pikachu himself sings, may not be "awesome" in the "I just captured Mewtwo with a Great Ball" sense, but it ''is'' the cutest song that was ever sung.
** [[ Another]] from ''VideoGame/HeyYouPikachu''. This game had a surprisingly good soundtrack for how simple it was.
* And while we're on the Pikachu spinoffs, ''VideoGame/PokeParkWii'' has some great tracks near the end. The [[ boss style battle music]], [[ Rayquaza's Balloon Panic]], and especially [[ Mew's Tag Race]] stand out.
* ''VideoGame/PokemonPinball'':
** [[ "Mezase Pokémon Master",]] the first Japanese intro of the anime, in 8-bit form if you go play Blue Field in "Catch 'Em" mode.
** ''Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire'' gives us the calm and relaxing [[ Pokédex theme,]] [[labelnote:*]]based on the theme of Ever Grande City from ''Ruby & Sapphire''[[/labelnote]] as well the ominous [[ Kyogre battle theme.]]
* ''VideoGame/PokemonConquest'' gave us some pretty good battlefield themes. For example, here's the [[ Avia (Flying)]], [[ Pugilis (Fighting)]], [[ Violight (Electric)]], and [[ Viperia (Poison)]] battlefield themes.
** The [[ battle theme for Dragnor, the Dragon Nation]] is probably one of the best penultimate battle themes in the series.
** To say nothing of the [[ final boss theme]].
** The [[ main theme]] of ''VideoGame/PokemonConquest'' exudes awesomeness and seems to be a fitting tune for such a unprecedented [[{{Crossover}} crossover game]].
* ''[[VideoGame/PokemonTrozei Pokémon Battle Trozei]]'' has some pretty epic tracks, particularly [[ the boss music]].
* ''[[VideoGame/PokemonTrozei Pokémon Shuffle]]'' has [[ this standout track]] play whenever you face another trainer and their Mega Pokémon. It probably won't play for long, since there's [[ an entirely different song]] for [[BackgroundMusicOverride when YOUR OWN Pokémon Mega Evolve]] [[MoodWhiplash that is completely different in tone.]]
* As you might expect, ''Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire'' has a batch of remixed songs from ''Ruby/Sapphire''. They're not huge departures from the originals, but most of them have their own bit of awesome: [[ Title Screen]], [[ Bridgette (Fallarbor Town)]], [[ Arrange Boxes (Pokemon Center Theme)]], [[ Party (Come Along)]], [[ Gym]], [[ Hall of Fame]], [[ Slateport City]], [[ Oceanic Museum]], and [[ a music box arrangement of the Pokemon Center theme]].
* The [[ boss battle]] track from a ''typing game'', of all things, is absolutely fantastic.
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%%* ''[[VideoGame/PokemonTrozei Pokémon Battle Trozei]]'' has some pretty epic tracks, particularly the boss music.[[note]]Sadly, it's very difficult to find any tracks for it online[[/note]]

%% Not an official Pokémon song as far as I can determine, but it was composed by Junichi Masuda (who composes a lot of the music for the main series handheld games), was played alongside other Pokémon songs in a live performance at a Pokémon-related event, and seems to have been composed in the style of the music used in the handheld main series Pokémon games.
* [[ This track]] [[note]]according to the video description's [[ link to Junichi Masuda's blog]][[/note]] was composed by Junichi Masuda of Game Freak (who is a part of the music group MTM and helps compose music for a lot of the handheld Franchise/{{Pokemon}} games) at the request of Shokotan (Shoko Nakagawa) of the television show ''Pokémon Sunday''. It was apparently played in a live performance by MTM on September 4th, 2011. As of now, it does ''not'' seem to be a "Generation 6" ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' game music track; it was likely just composed in the style of such game music. Nevertheless, it sounds ''awesome'', perhaps fitting for a wild Pokémon or Trainer battle theme. There's also [[ a terrific "triumphant" remix]] of this theme.
* In commemoration of the release of ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'', Music/ThePresidentsOfTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica (the band) performed [[ "Can't Stop (Catchin' 'Em All)"]], an awesome ListSong about, ''most'' of the Generation 5 Pokémon (essentially the closest thing that exists to an "Unova Pokérap").


[[folder: Anime ]]

[[folder:Image Songs]]
* The [[ 2.B.A.Master]] soundtrack. It's full of beautiful character songs, particularly "[[ Misty's Song]]" and "[[ The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye)]]".
** Special praise goes to [[ Double Trouble]], Team Rocket's theme. Why does Team Rocket keep coming back after failure after failure? [[{{Determinator}} Because we're Team Rocket. 'Do Unto Others'...]]
*** It's almost cliche to mention the foreign versions of music for animation on the Crowner pages, but one must mention just how ''wonderfully'' over the top the [[ German Team Rocket is]]. Yes, James CAN get even campier.
*** Their Japanese theme, [[ Team Rocket Forever (Roketto-Dan Yo Eien Yi)]] is equally awesome and conveys the same sense of unstoppability. [[note]]The English version wasn't quite so good due to an error in the voice/music sync, but it had potential.[[/note]]
** "[[ Viridian City]]", sung by Jason Paige, the same guy who did the original dub theme song.
** [[ "My Best Friends"]]. If you listen closely in the second version of it with a female singer you'll realize that its James and Jessie who are singing!
** [[ The album's title song "2.B.A. Master"]], among others.
** [[IncomingHam YOU GUYS READY FOR THE]] [[ POKÉRAP?!]]
** [[ "Together Forever"]].
* Then there's the ''Totally Pokémon CD'':
** [[ Two Perfect Girls]].
** [[ The Johto Pokerap]]. P-O-K-E-MON!
** [[ You & Me & Pokémon]]

* [[ Advance Adventure's instrumental remix]]. It was one of the pieces that Creator/FourKidsEntertainment consistently kept making the scenes it was used in just as awesome in the dub. The [[ vocal version]] is even better.
* [[ Pokémon Symphonic Medley]]. It's all the earlier opening themes put into an orchestral medley, and it is a thing of beauty.
* David Rolfe did the dub themes for seasons 4-8.
** [[ "Born to Be a Winner"]] (''Johto League Champions'').
** [[ "Believe in Me"]] (''Master Quest'')
** [[ "I Wanna Be a Hero"]] (''Advanced'')
** [[ "This Dream"]] (''Advanced Challenge'')
** [[ "Unbeatable"]] (''Advanced Battle'').
* As its lyrics say, the anime's ninth opening theme, [[ Battle Frontier]], certainly does overflow with rising power. Full version given for maximum awesome.
* [[ "Spurt"]]. There's nothing better than an intro with RicaMatsumoto going HotBlooded.
* The seventh opening [[ "Challenger!"]].
* [[ I wanna be the very best,]] [[EarWorm like no one ever was...]]
** [[ Extended version]]. "Come with me, the time is right..." The [[ Instrumental/Karaoke version]] isn't bad either.
** [[ Movie version]].
** What's that? You don't think there's any way the first opening could be more epic? [[ PowerGlove would like a word with you.]]
** [[ A rendition by Taylor Davis and Lara de Wit on piano and violin.]]
* [[ "Pokémon (Dance Mix)" version]], a single which is hardly ever heard because it was released unofficially by Robbins Entertainment. It was used in some commercials for [[Anime/PokemonTheFirstMovie the]] [[Anime/PokemonTheMovie2000 first]] [[Anime/{{Pokemon3}} 3]] ''Pokémon'' movies though.
* The original Japanese opening theme to the series ("Mezase Pokémon Master"): [[ Pokemon, GETTO DAZE~!]]
** Related, [[ an 8-bit remix]] from the ''Pokémon Pinball'' game.
** [[ Whiteberry's version for the fourth opening]] is pretty great too.
* Holy crap, [[ The Greatest - Everyday]] was so awesome it [[SpoilerOpening leaked out some spoilers]]!
** [[ The full version,]] and [[ the full instrumental version!]]
** [[ Band. Version.]]
* [[ Johto Theme Song]]. A perfect introduction to "a whole new place, with a brand new attitude". And catchy as all hell. The [[ Dutch version]] is too.
* [[ The theme of Orange Islands]], "Pokémon World".
* Then there's [[ OK!]], [[ Ready Go!]] and the 2009 version of [[ High Touch!]]. Oh, and [[ Together]] too. [[ High Touch!'s instrumental version]] has a hint of the first opening just to top it off.
* Best Wishes! probably isn't the best opening theme. [[ But damn, is it ever catchy.]]
* [[ Battle Cry - (Stand Up!)]] Dang... if that isn't ain't EarWorm, what on Earth is?
* [[ Be An Arrow]] was awesome enough, [[ then Episode N came out.]]
* [[ The X/Y dub theme]], a cool slightly-abbreviated remix of the ORIGINAL theme. [[ And here's the Full Version.]]
* [[ V (Volt)]] and its remix [[ Mega V (Volt)]] start out with the singer chanting out all eighteen Pokemon types, which is repeated after the chorus, and then there's the instrumental section in the middle of V (Volt). ''Man''. What could make it even better? How about the fact that V (Volt) is the song that plays whenever one of Ash's Pokemon evolves in the Japanese X/Y series?
** [[ How 'bout a Rica Matsumoto version?]]
** [[ "Mad-Paced Getter"]], the second Japanese opening theme for ''Pokémon the Series: XY'', stirs up quite the craze.

* The 20th ending, May/Haruka's HotBlooded theme [[ Watashi Makenai! (I Won't Lose!)]] [[DoItYourselfThemeTune sung by her voice actress]], KAORI.
* The 21st ending, Dawn/Hikari's theme [[ Kimi no Soba de (By Your Side).]]
** The [[ Winter version]].
** The ImageSong [[ remix]] [[DoItYourselfThemeTune from]] Creator/MegumiToyoguchi.
** This low-key [[ instrumental version]].
* Some of the other ending themes like [[ Boku no Best Friend e]], [[ Smile]], [[ Kaze no Message]], [[ Ashita wa Kitto]] and [[ Kimi no Mune ni LaLaLa]] are surprisingly moving.
* [[ Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara (Because the Sky is There)]] is just... wow. [[ The orchestral version]] is ''at least'' as good.
* Best Wishes' [[ first ending, Fanfare of the Heart]], is adorable.
** Its second ending, [[ Can You Say The Pokemon?]], is the combination of the Pokerap and a rave party.
** The third ending, [[ Nanairo no achi]] is perhaps the most heartwarming ending so far. It's a pleasant reminder that the anime aims to show the main characters' journies together with their Pokémon, and having fun and spending time together with them.
* The only English ending song [[ Pokemon Go!]] Of course [[LongSongShortScene they only used the rap part in the actual show]].
* The fourth Best Wishes ending [[ Look Look Here]]. DancingTheme? Check. EarWorm? Check.
* [[ Type: Wild]] is awesome enough to make appearances as insert songs years later. The [[ English version]] is just as awesome.
* [[ One-Hundred Fifty-One]], the very first Japanese ending, is a very cute and very catchy song.
* [[ Big Meowth Day]], an ending theme from the recap show ''Pokemon Sunday''. If you've ever wanted to hear Meowth singing about surfing, this song has you covered.

[[folder:Pokemon Live!]]
For those who aren't aware, there was a very short lived Pokemon Musical! And they did broadway versions of some of the songs from the anime while adding a few of their own. And it was awesome!
* [[ My Best Friends]] a three part harmony between Ash, Misty, and Brock. For those who love the original anime, this is an awesome version of the song!
* [[ The Time Has Come.]] Remember the sad song about Pikachu leaving forever? Yeah, they remade it.... and it is sung by Ash himself. And his voice is ACTUALLY GOOD!
* [[ Everything Changes.]] Instead of it being about Pokemon like in the original show, this version is a duet between Professor Oak and Delia about how Ash is growing up. So, it really hits home for any parents out there.
* The fact that "Everything Changes" gets an EVIL REPRISE sung by [[ GIOVANNI HIMSELF!]]
* Giovanni has [[ HIS VERY OWN VILLAIN SONG!]] He is voiced by Darren Dunstan, who later voiced Maximillion Pegasus from ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'' You can really hear hints of Pegasus when he sings.
* For those who didn't like the somewhat strange vocals in the original version of Misty's Song, [[ they changed it to a power ballad.]]
* The song [[ I Got A Secret]], a duet between Ash's mother about her [[spoiler: previous relations with Giovanni]] and Misty's [[spoiler: secret feelings for Ash]]. It's especially good when Ash joins in about wanting to be the best man he can be.
* [[ Double Trouble]] may not be as cool as its original counterpart.... until ya find out that James was played by a younger version of Tony Award Nominee Andrew Rennells!
* This version of [[ Two Perfect Girls]] is what the original version should have been!
* Team Rocket gets a song about how they fail at their job.... and then to precede to get on board with the idea that they are the [[ Best At Being the Worst]]. If ya like the idea of Team Rocket doing a Tango, then there ya go.
* Take the final confrontation between Ash and Giovanni.... have them in a FIST FIGHT.... [[ DURING A KICKIN' FINALE SONG!]]
* Let's just say the [[ The Whole Soundtrack]] is awesome. The Stage Director has even uploaded the [[ Instrumentals]] to all the songs. So now even you can sing them!

[[folder: Series BGM]]
* [[ "Pokémon - I Choose You!"]], the Kanto/original series anime variant of the classic title screen theme from the main series games (specifically, ''[[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red and Blue]]''[='s=] title theme). There have been other similar and amazing anime arrangements of the same theme, such as:
** The [[ second]] and [[ third]] title variants of the original series.
** The ''[[ Pokémon: The Johto Journeys]]'' variant, modeled after the arrangement from ''[[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Gold/Silver/Crystal]]''.
** The ''[[ Pokémon: Advanced Generation]]'' (Hoenn) variant, modeled after the arrangement from ''[[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald]]''.
* The first generation had its music reserved for awesome scenes, too. Basically the regular Gym theme with better guitar licks. Always accompanied a BigDamnHeroes moment.
** That would be [[ Kanto Gym (Intense action) variant]]. You hear that, someone is going to have their ass handed to them.
** It has a remix, [[ Pokémon Gym (Version 2)]]. Say what you will about the series, but with music like this you can't deny that it has its awesome moments.
* The original [[ Team Rocket Motto Theme]], maybe not before the VillainDecay set in (that happened very quickly) but certainly from when they were threatening at least. And it shows in the music.
* [[ This anime version]] of Route 1 is short, but to-the-point. [[ This take]] on the first generation's credits theme too.
* Two words: [[ Burning Battlefield!]]. Nice use of [[AutobotsRockOut electric guitar too]]!
* [[ Fighting Spirit]]. The horns are simply ''amazing''.
* [[ "Who is Stronger?: Epic Battle!"]] is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. The subtitle at least.
* [[ "Real Pokémon vs Copy Pokémon"]].
* ''Any'' time the anime used a remixed version of the game music. Listen to the [[ Kanto]], [[ Johto]], [[ Hoenn]] and [[ Sinnoh]] wild Pokémon battle themes.
* [[ Namida, Nochi Hare/Tears After the Cloudy Weather]]. Not to mention it always accompanies a moment that normally manages both Heartwarming and Awesome at once. Notable examples are Pikachu charging through the lightning to defend Ash in the first episode, the Pokemon breaking out to save Ash's life in "Snow Way Out," and Charizard waking up to see Ash massaging him out of an Ice Beam in "Charizard Chills."
* After an extremely long wait, a [[ badly needed BGM set]] has come out with some new anime arrangement tracks that were never released:
** The [[ RBY Champion battle theme]].
** [[ Burning Battlefield second version]]
** The [[ Johto Trainer battle theme]].
** The [[ GSC Champion battle theme]].
** The [[ Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza battle theme]]. One of ''the'' most epic songs to grace the Pokémon anime.
** The [[ Regirock/Registeel/Regice battle theme]].
** The [[ Team Magma/Aqua Grunt battle theme]] .
** The [[ Team Magma]] and [[ Team Aqua]] '''Encounter''' themes.
** The Pokémon Gym remixes mentioned earlier.
** Special mention goes to the ''outstanding'' [[ instrumental version of "OK!"]], which was used as background music during the epic showdown between Ash's Charizard and Gary's Blastoise in the 271st Pokémon episode, "Playing with Fire!", as well as other Johto-era episodes. The fandom was practically in tears when this track ''finally'' got an official release on CD.
* [[ I Got a Victory Badge]]. Especially after the 50-second mark. Three guesses as to what point that's used in.
* Every single Elite Four battle theme:
** [[ Kanto]] - also does double duty as the Gym battle. [[note]]This theme was only used for the Elite Four in the games in FR/LG, but it still counts for this section.[[/note]]
** [[ Hoenn]]
** [[ Sinnoh]]
* [[ A Meeting and Parting]].
* [[ Prayer]]'s a TearJerker song.
* [[ To Be Continued]] has a sort of happy tropical island feel to it.
* [[ Cross the Sea]].
* [[ I Got a Pokemon]]
* [[ I Did It!]]
* [[ Johto Rival Battle]]
* The BGM for ''Best Wishes/Black & White''. For example, the remix of the [[ Gym Leader's Last Pokemon]] theme is particularly epic; especially noteworthy is its use during Ash's fifth gym battle.
* [[ The Heroes of Hoenn]], which was what was played when... Well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin something particularly heroic happened during the Hoenn saga]].
* [[ Hoenn Victory Road]], sadly cut from the dubs.
* [[ Dazzlingly Beautiful Girl]], an eerie piece from the original series.

[[folder: Movies]]
* Shinji Miyazaki's [[ It's a Counterattack!]] from the 8th Pokémon movie.
* [[ The Legend Comes To Life]], a.k.a. Lugia's theme from the second movie.
** It was actually changed from the [[ Japanese version]] which is stunning too.
** The whole thing is amazing, but it's the solo flute at the end...
** The big symphony version at the end of the movie, where Lugia (with Ash on his back) and the legendary birds are flying around amongst all these other Pokémon...
* [[ Tears of Life]] from the first movie. Perhaps the most well-done instrumental piece in Pokémon history. That music was only in the dub version of the movie, and apparently it ''actually made the original Japanese developers of the film [[TearJerker tear up]].'' You know you've made dub music history if that happens!
* [[ "Brother My Brother"]], another great dub-song-change[=/=]TearJerker. Some people think it's unfitting since it plays during a fight to the death, but one has to actually listen to the lyrics. It's not a song about brotherly love, it's a song about how there ''should'' be brotherly love instead of what's actually happening: a war in which brothers kill each other. In that light, it is ''very'' fitting for the moment, particularly when it comes to Pikachu's train of thought.
* [[ "Oracion".]]
* [[ ~~Capture On~~]] from the 9th movie.
** Also: [[ As long as I can hold my breath...]] Urgent yet hopeful and packed to the brim with emotion.
** And the ending song, [[ Mamoru Beki Mono]].
* [[ CELE-B-R-A-T-E]][[note]]performed by the same guy that did 2.B.A Master[[/note]]. Bonus points for sounding like Celebi.
* [[ Chiisaki Mono]]. Made even more awesome when you factor in that Asuca Hayashi was ''14 years old'' at the time the song was released. They even adapted it into English as [[ Make a Wish]], including transitioning in and out of the original seamlessly. Wow. We seriously need more bilingual songs like that.
* [[ Search for the Girl]] from Pokémon: Heroes. You normally have to be Music/WeirdAlYankovic to sound this awesome with an accordion. ([[ Weird Al you say?]])
* [[ Spell of the Unown Medley]] is one of the best pieces in the entire anime. From the same movie, [[ I Want Things Real Again]]. Beautiful.
* [[ Darkrai Inochi wo Kakete]] (Darkrai's Theme) sounds perfectly fitting for the Master of Nightmares. Ominous with deep horns, drums and [[OminousPipeOrgan organs]].
* [[ If We Only Learn]] from Arceus and The Jewel of Life is one of the most beautiful songs to come out of the anime.
* Behold [[ 4 AWESOME tracks]] from movies 3 & 5 (Japanese soundtrack)
* "[[ We Will Meet Again]]" is the ultimate tribute to the friendship of Lucario and Sir Aaron from Movie 8.
* [[ The Rescue For Latios]] from Pokémon Heroes. It's so good it has been used during other epic scenes in the anime, such as [[ the debut of Misty's Flamethrower-using Gyarados (Which she previously had a fear of)]] and [[ the infamous "They're using Thunder as armor!" scene]], which despite being a a "What the heck?" moment, was still undeniably awesome.
* [[ This song]] from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.
* "[[ Three on Three]]" from Mewtwo Strikes Back which includes a horrifyingly awesome CurbStompBattle DarkReprise of the Kanto battle theme.
* [[ Flygon's theme]] from Jirachi Wish Maker.
* The lovely dub ending theme, [[ I'll Always Remember You]].
* [[ Pokemon 2000 version of the Orange Island Opening theme.]]
* [[ Arshia.]] Although a pretty short song, it's still pretty powerful.
* [[ Egao (Smiling Face).]] The Japanese Ending theme to Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened.
* The [[ remix]] of the original title theme from ''Pokémon: The First Movie''. GAH.

[[folder: Miscellany]]
* In honor of ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY'', Music/{{Pogo}} produced the song [[ "Catchatronic"]]. It was also made in commemoration of the 2013 return of the [[GottaCatchEmAll "Gotta catch 'em all!"]] {{slogan}} to U.S. advertising for the ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' franchise. The song uses numerous audio samplings from various episodes of the ''Pokémon'' anime, notably the "Gotta catch 'em all!" voice clip(s) from NOT the first dub theme song, but actually the freaking ORIGINAL POKERAP (compare the 'Gotta Catch 'Em All!' from the remix to the said Pokerap). The mix sounds simply ''phenomenal''. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL- POK-E-MON!
* The [[ "Ash pulling an awesome win" music]] from the first season.


[[folder: Other ]]

[[folder: Official remixes]]
* In 1999, Nintendo released a (fairly obscure) album of some of the music in ''Red and Blue'' called ''Pokémon Hikerukana?'' (Can You Play Pokémon?). The mixes of the [[ S.S. Anne]], the [[ opening]], [[ closing]] and [[ cycling]] themes are definitely worth listening to. [[ A user on YouTube]] has the linked songs and more. Listen to it. Now. Somehow, these guys make [[ Team Rocket's theme]] threatening with what sounds like a harmonica.
* [[ This remix of the Hoenn champion battle theme]] is simply epic. The beeping and Pokémon cries are all taken from the final battle against Steven. A remix in the same vein as Steven's theme was also done on [[ N's final battle theme.]] It's exactly as awesome (or even more than) as you think it is.
* There's the [[ vocalized remix]] of Slateport City by Hiroko Takano, making an already awesome track even better.
* An amazing [[ vocal remix]] of Johto's Violet City theme.
* Reorchestrated versions of 35 themes from Red and Blue. [[ Vs. Trainer]], [[ Pallet Town]], [[ Opening]], [[ S.S. Anne]], [[ Vermilion City]] and more. We weren't prepared for this.[[note]]Fuchsia City is misspelled as Fuschia City, though...[[/note]]
** [[ obligatory Lavender Town remix.]] The fact that nearly every comment on the video is positive (on youtube, no less!) reinforces how good it is.
** These tracks are made by a single YouTube remixer, [[ Braxton "Skotein" Burks,]] whose orchestral remixes are so awesome, they actually resulted in [[ a licensed, official album.]] Which is a well deserved result. [[{{HSQ}} Go on,]] [[YourHeadASplode have a listen.]]
** Even ''[[ApprovalOfGod Junichi Masuda himself]]'' [[ loves it!]]
** [[ Now on Youtube!]]
** His work has seen [[SurprisinglyImprovedSequel major improvements]] for the follow-up, [[ Hoenn Summer.]]
* The Nintendo Special Big Band [[ did an especially awesome Pokemon Medley]] at a 2014 concert.
* Another game by Game Freak called ''VideoGame/HarmoKnight'' has a few bonus levels set to Pokemon music, namely the [[ Gym Theme,]] [[ Route 26]] from Gold and Silver, Gold and Silver's [[ Bicycle theme,]] and [[ the Champion theme]] from Red and Blue. [[ The battle theme]] from Black and White also shows up unedited.
* As for Pokemon Origins, the [[ trainer battle theme]] remixes the original anime version and makes it more badass.

[[folder:Fan remixes]]
* Ever wondered how Unova Route 10 would sound in ''VideoGame/SonicGenerations''? No? Well, [[ here you]] [[ go]]!
* [[ This]] tear-jerkingly ''glorious'' remix of "Lugia's Song", [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a bone-chillingly masterful revamp of the original title]] from the ''Anime/{{Pokemon 2000}}'' soundtrack.
* [[ This insanely awesome remix]] of ''Red''/''Blue''/''Yellow'''s Champion theme.
** Also, the epic [[ metal remix]].
** There's also [[ this excellent remix]] that uses ''[[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver HeartGold/SoulSilver]]'' soundfonts. Could've been a great EasterEgg remix for the battle versus Blue for the Earth Badge in Viridian City Gym.
* [[ This remix]] of the Kanto Gym Leader theme. Bad-ASS.
* [[ Kanto's Route 4 on the ocarina.]]
* [[ This remix]] of Kanto's Route 26 and 27.
* [[ This remix]] of Cerulean City.
* [[ This remix of Red/Lance's theme]] from ''Gold''/''Silver''/''Crystal''.
** And this [[ final version of that remix which loops.]]
** [[ This remix]] too.
** [[ This]] orchestral remix too.
** There's [[ this]] fan mix with the ''Black and White'' soundbanks, which gives the tune OminousPipeOrgan.
** And yet [[ another amazing fan mix]] from the Japanese hack, ''Pokémon Golden Sun'' (a hack of the ''[=FireRed=]'' and ''[=LeafGreen=]'' games).
** There's also [[ this great remix]], done by [=TheGimpsta=] on {{Newgrounds}}.
** Also from Newgrounds, [[ this remix]] by bob3rt puts its own spin on the classic track.
** [[ This remix]] starts out with a bit of an eerie feel, but once the beat kicks in, the whole track changes. Also has a nice piano solo section.
* [[ This orchestration]] of ''Crystal'''s Raikou/Entei/Suicune theme.
* This [[ piano cover]] of ''Gold''/''Silver''/''Crystal'''s credits theme.
* "The Medley of Pokémon" by Hapi. It's absolutely breathtaking. Can be found on [=YouTube=] in three parts: [[ 1]] [[ 2]] [[ 3]]. It absolutely FLOORS you. [[ This video]] has the download link for the full version.
* A [[ fantastic remix]] of the RSE Champion battle theme was made by [=TheGimpsta=].
* [[ This orchestral remix]] of the Sealed Chamber does wonders with the melody.
* [[ This remix]] of the Abandoned Ship is beautiful.
* [[ This remix]] of the Cyrus battle theme.
* The [[ techno remix]] of the DPP Game Corner.
* [[ This awesome remix]] of the ''Platinum'' Frontier Brain theme.
* This [[ EPIC]] remix of the Distortion World.
* [[ This remix]] of DPP's Rival battle theme.
* This [[ remix]] of Opelucid City from ''Pokémon Black''.
* [[ This 8-bit remix]] of ''Black'' and ''White'''s Legendary battle theme.
* [[ This Altru Tower remix]] is amazing.
* Try [[ this awesome chiptune version]] of Miror B.'s theme from ''Pokémon XD''.
* Ladies and gentlemen, [[ Driftveil City Rock!]]
* There's also this [[ beautifully flowing remix]] of Sootopolis City's theme.
* Mewtwo's theme from ''Stadium'' still sounds quite good in [[ new soundfonts.]]
* [[ "Battle!]] [[ VS Ho-Oh"]], modified with the ''Black 2/White 2'' soundfont by ChaoticMarin, offers a very intriguing and unique take on the original track that exudes tension, as if a weary yet defiant Trainer was locked in fierce combat with an embittered [[ThePhoenix phoenix]].
** And this version of Ho-oh from salvation by faith records is [[ EPIC.]]
** [[ Unova League theme]]. It's bit ominous but it makes feel the place more... grande, more ultimate.
* [[ Drought]] and [[ Drizzle]] remixes. Try sleeping well after hearing that.
* [[ B2W2 remix of Hoenn Pokémon theme]]. Everyone aboard S.S. Hoenn!
* [[ A show-stopping cover]] of [[Anime/PokemonJirachiWishmaker Make A Wish/Chisaki Mono]] cover by Cocolu.
* The entirety of Pokemon Reorchestrated (arranged by Braxton "Skotein" Burks), which which is exactly what it sounds like. [[ Listen for yourself here.]] "Viridian Forest" and Through Time and Space" are some of the better ones.
* Blazaking's [[ Celestial Towers of Heaven]], a remix of the Celestial Tower theme from the Unova games.
* [[ GlitchxCity]] has a lot of remixed music, much of which belongs on this page. For instance: Giratina's theme + [[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsDreamDropDistance L'Impeto Oscuro]]=[[ this.]]

[[folder:Fan Games/ROM Hacks]]
* ''VideoGame/PokemonPrism''[='s=] [[ wild Pokémon battle theme]] is surprisingly good for a romhack. Also, the two versions with the [[ HG/SS]] [[ soundfont]] are terrific.
** The [[ Gym Leader battle theme]] for ''Prism'' is simply ''amazing''! The ''astounding'' [[ HG/SS soundfont remix by [=SuperiorLarxene=]]] also deserves a mention, as well as the [[ grand orchestrated arrangement by GRonnoc]] (the original composer of said theme) and [[ Cat333Pokemon's remix]].
** The [[ Cave Theme]] composed for ''Prism'' is a nice leisurely tune to stroll along to. There's also a different take on the [[ Cave Theme]] for the game.
** ''Prism''[='s=] [[ Trainer/Rival Battle theme]] is another fantastic track. Bonus points regarding the marvelous [[ HG/SS soundfont version]] of the theme.
** The neat [[ Pallet Patrol Encounter theme]] for ''Prism'' should be very familiar to some players; it's just so [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers morphinomenal]].
** There's also the [[ main introduction theme]] for the game, which is actually a rearrangement of [[ "Everyday" by Carly Commando]].
* The fan game ''Pokemon Garnet'' from [[]] has its own fair share of nice music as well composed by [[ Tobinus]], most of which are currently tentative:
** The game's wonderful [[ title theme (Version 1)]] sounds like a somber take on the classic ''Pokémon'' main theme, while still providing unique elements of its own that preserve a sense of optimism, perseverance, and mystery.
** The amazing [[ music of Shadefern Forest]] is quite relaxing and could practically lull someone to sleep with the tranquility it conveys. It also seems to have elements inspired by ''VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon'' to ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheMinishCap'', and some people even think it sounds a bit like something from ''VideoGame/GoldenSun''.
* While still in beta, fan-made remakes of FRLG (made from scratch) feature [[ this]]. You're probably going to hear this a lot in full game.
* With Rule ⑨ being a thing, hacks of ''Pokémon'' games which replaced the ''Pokémon'' songs and 'mons with ''{{VideoGame/Touhou}}'' versions of them (or, in the case of the 'mons, just replacing them with ''Touhou'' characters) soon arrived in droves of varying quality. However, when the replacements are done well, they prove how much a single song can affect your mood:
** [[ "Cosmic Mind", playing in the Gyms of some versions,]] prepares you for the (possibly grueling) fights against the Gym Leaders.
** [[ "Fate of Sixty Years", replacing the Gym Leader battle theme,]] emphasizes how the leaders are supposed to appraise your fighting with only two available results (Worthy of the Gym Badge or Not), akin to [[BlackAndWhiteMorality Shikieki's Guilty or Not Guilty]].
** [[ "Ultimate Truth in Lavender Town"]] turns a climactic song into something utterly melancholic, fitting for a town (in)famous for its graveyard.
* ''VideoGame/PokemonZetaOmicron'' had some custom made tracks which really fit the atmosphere and sound generally awesome.
** [[ The Legendary Theme]] sounds great, despite it not being heard for long, due to it being a wild encounter Pokemon.
** [[ The Evil Team Leader's Theme]] has a very climactic vibe that makes you want to pummel the evil team leader.

[[folder:Original Fanmade Songs]]
* [[ The Church of the Helix Choir]], the inception of which is awesome in and of itself, spawning from the massive lore of LetsPlay/TwitchPlaysPokemon. Its tracks commemorate the awesomest moments of the Twitch Plays lore, such as ATV's surprise victory over Lance ([[ "All-Terrain Victory"]]) and the battle between the protagonists of Red and Crystal ([[ "Godslayers"]]).
* Speaking of LetsPlay/TwitchPlaysPokemon, Tai Reflections made [[ a good contender for an anime OP.]] [[ Not to mention KANIPAN's Japanese cover...]]
* [[ Battle! VS Guardians of the 31st Rose]] is an original composition, but was made using the ''Gale of Darkness'' soundfont and does a good job of capturing the feel of that game's boss battles.
* [[ Update Pokerap]] by Website/CollegeHumor. All 718 Pokemon. Nine minutes of hilarious rapping. [[ The Pokédex Song]] is similar, but sung to the tune of Creator/GilbertAndSullivan's "The Major-General's Song" in the style of Tom Lehrer's "The Elements".
* Under his Kitsune^2 alias, furry musician Ren Queenston made [[ PKMN]], a song whose instrumentation is made up mostly of... Pokémon battle cries?!
* Oak's Parcel was a sadly short-lived Nintendocore project that aimed to create songs inspired by each of the original Kanto Pokémon. [[ Gyarados]] and [[ Dragonair]] were among the few of these songs that were made publically available.