The ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars'' series is full of excellent, catchy music. Given how you'll be listening to a character's music everytime it's their turn, it's a good thing, too.

[[folder: Famicom Wars ]]

* The main two battle themes, [[ BGM A]] and [[ BGM B]].


[[folder: Super Famicom Wars ]]

* The redone versions of the themes from ''Famicom Wars'', [[ Yuan Delta's Theme]] and [[ Fon Rosso's Theme]].
* [[ Rojenski's Theme]].
* [[ Caroline's Theme]].
* [[ Mr. Yamamoto's Theme]].
* [[ Billy Gate's Theme]].


[[folder: Advance Wars/Black Hole Rising/Dual Strike ]]

Since the themes are done in a variety of styles, there's a good chance that one of the themes will be somebody's favorites. Especially for the first three ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars'' games. So let's list 'em all!

* Orange Star:
** [[ Andy's Anthem]] Surprisingly, Andy is the only one with an "anthem" instead of a theme.
** [[ Max's Theme.]]
** [[ Sami's Theme.]]
** [[ Nell's Theme.]] It very much fits for tutorial levels (at least in the first game).
** [[ Jake's Theme.]] A very nice rock-style theme.
** [[ Rachel's Theme.]]
** [[ Hachi's Theme.]]
* Blue Moon:
** [[ Olaf's Theme.]] In contrast to Nell's, it's every bit a villain's theme (at least in the tutorial and the first few missions in the first game).
** [[ Grit's Theme.]] A very laid back country tune, fitting the laid-back CO.
** [[ Colin's Theme.]] Who knew that polka music could be so awesome!
** [[ Sasha's Theme.]] A merry jingle that wouldn't sound out of place during Christmas.
* Yellow Comet:
** [[ Kanbei's Theme.]] Styled in a theme stereotypical to his code.
** [[ Sonja's Theme.]]
** [[ Sensei's Theme.]] A hilarious trumpet/harpsichord example, somewhat reminiscent of old-time radio in its start-up. What's also funny is that in many AW parodies (such as ''WebVideo/BobSquad'' and ''Black Hole's Fall''), this theme, and Colin's, tend to indicate something stupid/silly has happened.
** [[ Grimm's Theme.]] It crashes in right from the start, just like the reckless CO himself.
* Green Earth:
** [[ Eagle's Theme.]]
** [[ Drake's Theme.]]
** [[ Jess' Theme.]] An light industrial-sounding beat fitting an armored vehicle specialist.
** [[ Javier's Theme.]]
* Black Hole:
** [[ Flak's Theme.]]
** [[ Lash's Theme.]] A very techie tune.
** [[ Adder's Theme.]]
** [[ Hawke's Theme.]] Just like [[KnightOfCerebus Hawke himself,]] this dread-filled tune lets you know that Hawke means business whenever you have to fight him.
** [[ Sturm's Theme.]] Prefaced with a siren-like sound, as a warning that you're facing off with the real BigBad.
* Bolt Guard:
** [[ Jugger's Theme.]]
** [[ Koal's Theme.]]
** [[ Kindle's Theme.]]
** [[ Von Bolt's Theme.]] Absolutely overblown and pompous, with the use of bagpipes to reinforce his evilness. Very fitting for a BigBad. Better still, it gets darker and more intimidating as it progresses, scaling up the menace the more units he has to move and the longer his turns take.
* But it's not just the themes that get attention in this game...
** [[ Black Hole Coming,]] from the first and second games. Despite being from the lighter incarnations of the series, is incredibly dark and foreboding. A fitting tune to hear when preparing for the last few levels in the game. You know you're playing by Black Hole's rules, and failure is not an option.
** The [[ Black Hole Rising ending music]] makes you think about all the memories you'll have from campaign, and all those virtual lives lost in freeing Macro Land from Black Hole's tyranny.
** The [[ Green Earth Theme]] really carries the sense of a long and drawn out conflict, making everyone weary, yet the battle is far from over.
** [[ Super Power]] and [[ Tag Power]] themes. When you hear them, it's [[ThemeMusicPowerUp time to ROCK!]]
*** Black Hole's [[ Super Power]] and [[ Tag Power]] themes.
** [[ "It's a Trap!"]] from ''Dual Strike''. Black Hole mocks you and your attempts to stop it.


[[folder: Days Of Ruin/Dark Conflict ]]

* ''Days of Ruin'' had a darker and grimmer setting, and its set of [=COs=] tended to add bombastic rock and roll to the more traditional techno beats. [[ "Hope Never Dies"]], Brenner's theme, is merely the beginning. The theme fits its name perfectly though. Getting your ass handed to you on a gold plate, sometimes you don't want to go on. Then your opponent end his turn and Brenner gets on stage, instantly pumping liquid courage into your ears.
* [[ Flight Of The Coward,]] Waylon's theme, is also worthy of mention. Particularly worth mentioning concerning his theme is that the first time you encounter him he is fleeing and you only hear the comical intro of the song and then it cuts to the next player because his turns are so short. He seems like a joke. The first time you face him in battle though you get past the intro and know that he is serious now.
* [[ Mr. Bear/Penny's theme]] reflects her personality perfectly...
** Also, listen closely to that whisper sound effect in the background: [[MadnessMantra What have you done, What have you done, what have you done, what have you done, what have you done, what have you done, what, what, what have you done!]] Her CO info says Caulder [[FridgeHorror subjected her to mental and biological experiments when she was a baby]]
* [[ Isabella's Theme]] Is rather upbeat for such a grim game, and fits in with the ongoing motif of there being hope despite the new world.
* [[ Proud Soldier]], Gage's theme, with killer bagpipes.
* [[ Decadence]], a piece from the game that was used in the trailers.
* [[ Power Up.]] It drives home the "never give up hope" attitude with all the force and fury of a typhoon and appropriately boots up for the first time as you're (hopefully) making a come back against [[spoiler:Admiral Greyfield]]. Also, its dark counterpart [[ Stormy Times]] is no slouch in reminding you that all hope is lost for your cause.
* The BigBad's themes in every ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars'' game so far have been memorable, and [[ Puppet Master,]] Caulder's theme, is no different. With heavy drum beats and a demented circus-like theme, it really fits the mad scientist you're trying to face off with.
* [[ We Will Prevail]], the main character's theme. It's a joy hearing it after [[HesBack Will snaps out of his]] HeroicBSOD.
* [[ Goddess of Revenge]], Tasha's theme. Fits wonderfully for a BloodKnight like her.
* As soon as you hear [[ Greyfield's theme]], even before he hits the MoralEventHorizon, you know that this is not a kind and mentally-balanced man.
* [[ Cruel Rose]], Tabitha's theme. She's a cold calculated killer bitch and this theme enhances her role as DaddysLittleVillain.
* This game allows you to not play as a CO. [[ This theme]] gives us a reason why we should try it!
* Lin's theme, [[ Supreme Logician]], is just as awesome than the other themes, and can really get your brain pumping ideas for your next move to victory!