The ''VideoGame/{{Myst}}'' series of VideoGames is full of dazzling scenery, and music like this.


[[folder: ''Video Game/Myst'' ]]

* ''The'' [[ Myst theme.]]
* The [[ Forechamber Theme.]]
* The respective themes for [[ Sirrus]] and [[ Achenar]].
* [[ The Tower]]. It's perfect for Halloween.

%% Links from Riven to present have been taken down because of copyright. "Enter Spire" under Myst 4 has replaced the Spire music collection and should now be working.

[[folder: ''Video Game/Riven'' ]]

* [[ Link]], simply for being the sound of progress.
* [[ Atrus' theme.]]
* [[ Caves to the Temple]]. It is not in the official soundtrack sadly, but is a nice variation of [[ Temple]] which plays in the shrine next-door. They're nice songs in the way they convey the sense of Gehn's AGodAmI madness.
* The [[ Moeity Theme.]]
* [[ The Red Cave]]. Dark and ominous, a pity it isn't longer.
* [[ Gehn's Theme]]. It's worth getting a bad ending to listen to it.
* [[ Catherine's Freedom]], by far the best track in ''Riven''.


[[folder: ''Video Game/Myst III Exile'' ]]

* The awesome [[ main theme]].
* [[ Atrus' Study]]. A relaxing, melancholy piece that acts as Sirrus' {{Leitmotif}}. Foreshadows Sirrus' role as the main villain of ''Myst IV''.
* [[ The]] [[ Amateria]] tracks.
* [[ Edanna]] music.
* The tracks for the [[ confrontation]] at the end of the game.


[[folder: ''Video Game/Myst IV Revelation'' ]]

* [[ Tomahna.]]
* [[ Enter Spire.]]
* [[ Serenia]].
* "[[ Prison Level]]" brings to mind a Middle Eastern dungeon.
* This is in sharp contrast with "[[ The Monastery]]."
* "[[ Curtains]]" by Peter Gabriel is just wonderful, even if most of the lyrics are incomprehensible.
* The [[ Main Theme]] could easily work as music for a castle storming sequence.


[[folder: ''Video Game/Myst V End Of Ages'' ]]

* [[ "Todelmer".]]
* [[ "Time Machine".]]


[[folder: ''Video Game/Uru Ages Beyond Myst'' ]]

* [[ "Badlands".]]
* The haunting [[ Gallery Theme]].
* Anything, ANYTHING associated with [[ Kadish Tolesa]], but especially the Kadish Gallery and "[[ Alternate Vault]]" themes.
* Space [[ Ahnonay]].
* [[ Er'Cana]] factory music.
* "Out of the Hive."