One reason the party's always so crazy in ''DMC'' is its selection of music:

* "[[ Ultraviolet]]" from the original game.
** "[[ Swipe of Sword]]" is its successor from ''DMC 4''.
* "[[ Taste the Blood]]" from ''DMC 3''.
* "[[ The Time Has Come]]" from ''DMC 4''.
* "[[ Devils Never Cry]]" the leitmotif of ''Devil May Cry 3'' and its special edition rerelease.
* [[ All]] [[ Three]] [[ Vergil]] Battle themes.
* "[[ Ragnarok]]", the final boss theme of the otherwise uneven ''Devil May Cry 2'', packs emotion, awesomeness, and just overall sounds incredible.
* "[[ Darkness Instinct,]]" the theme of the [[NightmareFuel suitably terrifying]] Argosax the Chaos manages to be both [[ScareChord scary]] and AWESOME.