There's ''a lot'' of awesome music from the ''DJ Hero'' series.
[[folder: DJ Hero 1]]
* Just for the sake of the ''GuitarHero'' and ''RockBand'' fans, let's start with [[ Sabotage vs. Monkey Wrench]].
* [[ You Can't Touch Ice Ice Baby]] (You Can't Touch This vs. Ice Ice Baby), [[ We Will Robot Rock You]] (We Will Rock You vs. Robot Rock), plus other great combos are in store.
* [[ Fix Up Look Sharp vs Genesis]] is one too, especially in [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome the game's intro video.]]
* [[ "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" vs "Feel Good Inc."]] EARGASM!!!
* ''[[ Groundhog (Beat Juggle)]]'' is one of the more popular tracks in the lineup. This is either because it's an awesome mix of an awesome track made by Music/{{Noisia}}, or because of being [[NintendoHard the hardest song in the entire game]] or because it repeatedly taunts the player in a British accent. ''"This is no time to kotch!"''
---> ''"So, you wanna be a DJ?"''
* ''Boom Boom Pow'' vs. ''Satisfaction''.
* ''My Name Is'' vs. ''Loser''.
* ''Juke Box Hero'' vs. ''DJ Hero'' (the single-player version).
* ''Satisfaction'' vs. ''Elements of Life''.
* ''Strange Enough'' vs. ''Da Funk''.
* ''Disco Inferno'' vs. ''Let's Dance''.
* ''Disturbia'' vs. ''Somebody Told Me''.

[[folder: DJ Hero 2]]
* ''Just Dance'' by LadyGaga vs. ''Ghosts N Stuff'' by Deadmau5. [[ Listen and be amazed.]]
* Activision's ad agency knew what they were doing when they put [[ this one]] in the commercials.
* [[ Welcome to Jamrock vs. A Fifth of Beethoven.]]
* [[ War vs. Waters Of Nazareth.]]
* ''I Will Be Here'' vs. ''Speed Rail''.
* ''I Can't Live Without My Radio'' vs. ''The Message''.
* ''Super Battle Breaks'', the sequel's answer to ''Groundhog''. Except instead of a British guy insulting you, it's a DJ that sounds like Tony Hawk.
* If sexiness ever had a sound, it would be [[ Hot in Here vs Regulate.]]

[[folder: DJ Hero DLC]]
* Even Downloadable Content has their share of awesomeness! Case in point, [[ The]] [[ Domination]] [[ Pack.]]
* [[ The]] [[ Trance]] [[ Anthems]] pack.
* [[ Set Me On Fire]]. The other Music/{{Pendulum}} mixes are also pretty good too.
* [[ We No Speak Americano]]. Catchy as hell.