[[folder: Advertising]]

* A Fed-Ex ad features a WitnessProtection man who is given the name Eric Gustafson. Unfortunately he gets it taken away and becomes Paul Matheson


[[folder: Gamebooks]]

* In ''Literature/LoneWolf'', all the Kai have names along the lines of "Adjective Animal", given upon their initiation. Many of them follow this trope. For instance, the main character started out as "Silent Wolf", but after the rest of the order was killed in the prologue to the first book, he took on the book-naming appellation ''Lone'' Wolf.
* In the ''Literature/FightingFantasy'' gamebooks, most of the main villains. Notable examples include: Mortis the Lich-Lord, Balthus Dire, Malbordus the Storm Child, Zanbar Bone, Razaak the Undying, Baron Sukumvit, Zagor, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and Zharradan Marr (he changed it... from the marginally less cool Zharradan Dree). The good guys, meanwhile, have Vermithrax Moonchaser and Gereth Yaztromo.



* Played with in the soundtrack for Great America's Demon roller coasters, in one dialogue-segment of which a U.S. Army captain called "Bucky [=McMacho=]" tries to eliminate the ride-possessing demon by bombing it.