->'''Demon Elvis''': I'M GETTING HONGRY, HOMBRE!
-->-- A ''VideoGame/GodHand'' [[http://lparchive.org/God-Hand/Images/2-godhand.jpg fancomic]] (courtesy of LetsPlay/KungFuJesus's LetsPlay)

{{Boss battle}}s are the hallmark of almost all video games. Oftentimes players will discuss bosses that are [[ThatOneBoss the most difficult]], in an attempt to gain advice and possible strategies to use against them. Other bosses are [[ZeroEffortBoss complete jokes]], and fade into obscurity, unless they're made fun of. However, some boss battles are incredibly fun, and it's a joy to face them regardless of difficulty. It can be for a number of reasons, ranging from the uniqueness of the boss itself, to the scenario, or in some cases, just for having an [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic awesome song]] to go with the battle. Beating said boss often comes with a significant ego boost, and may even cause some players to create extra save files ''just so this boss can be fought at any time''. This may overlap with ThatOneBoss for those who love challenges.

This is quite obviously subjective. Also see [[Awesome/VideoGameLevels Awesome: Video Game Levels]].

'''NOTE:''' Personal stories about beating an awesome boss unusually quickly or using an unconventional yet effective method should go in the forums rather than on the pages in this index.

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