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The ''Videogame/DarkSouls'' series is home to several bosses designed with the intent to intimidate you and give you all your money's worth. While some are [[ThatOneBoss/DarkSouls excruciatingly hard to beat]], they still provide some of the most heated fights in a video game of this genre. '''Unmarked spoilers ahead.'''
!!!''Dark Souls''
* [[OurGargoylesRock The Bell Gargoyles]]. After the trek through the Undead Burg has tempered you into expecting what ''Dark Souls'' has to offer, you find yourself in the Undead Parish, where the first of two Bells of Awakening await you. The final obstacle is a towering gargoyle swinging both its tail axe and its halberd to smash you into the roof you fight upon. And then, when you've whittled down its health to half, [[DualBoss another one joins the fray]], blasting fire at you as you now deal with two opponents. Bonus points for this being the first point you can summon Solaire in the game. This boss was so popular that it was brought back for ''VideoGame/DarkSouls2'' [[spoiler: and they brought their whole family this time!]]
* [[ClimaxBoss The Iron Golem]]. You've been through hell and back after finishing the gauntlet of traps that is Sen's Fortress, and this colossus is the only enemy left that guards the way to Anor Londo. Your train of thought? BringIt! Bonus points for being allowed to summon the [[MemeticBadass almighty]] [[BlackKnight Black]] [[MightyGlacier Iron]] [[WorldsStrongestMan Tarkus]].
* [[DualBoss Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough]]. Once you bring in an allied phantom (players or even Solaire), the fights become much more enjoyable, letting you enjoy the monumental battle as the powerful knights destroy the surrounding pillars in order to kill you, complete with a [[OrchestralBombing totally]] [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic awesome]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX51T-EipOo soundtrack]] that will make you beg for more, [[ThatOneBoss no matter how many times you die to them]]. Also, once you kill either of them, the surviving one gains full health and becomes even stronger, making for a much-needed encore.
* [[CanisMajor Great Grey Wolf Sif]]. His UndyingLoyalty towards his master after the latter died long ago, as well as the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJuO6RYCcpw hauntingly beautiful boss theme]], has illicited many a desire to not fight him, and even so provides one of the most emotional fights in the game, Gwyn notwithstanding.
* [[FinalBoss Gwyn, Lord of Cinder]]. While the buildup prior to encountering him was dreary and foreboding, you enter the arena and are treated to a melancholic music piece. After learning of the circumstances behind this sudden change in music, you realize that Gwyn still clings on desperately to a long-forgotten desire to preserve the Age of Fire, and happily gives you one of the toughest duels in the game. The fight gets even better if you managed to save [[TheLancer Solaire]], allowing you to summon him and beat Gwyn together in [[Memes/DarkSouls jolly cooperation]].
* [[DownloadableContent The "Artorias of the Abyss" content]] adds a gauntlet of [[BonusBoss powerful bosses]] for the most hardened ''Dark Souls'' veterans:
** [[HybridMonster The Sanctuary Guardian]]. A winged manticore that shoots lightning and punishes you for even the smallest of mistakes. You also fight it in an open area, leaving you with only your raw skills to overcome this fearsome beast, which becomes immensely satisfying once you do so. Want to get full access to the additional content? [[BeefGate Defeat it first]]!
** [[FallenHero Knight Artorias]]. A clear-cut {{expy}} of [[Manga/{{Berserk}} Guts]], this guy not only gives you one hell of a [[BaitAndSwitchBoss boss introduction]], but is also a bonafide LightningBruiser on par with Gwyn, if not better. Between the crazy spin attacks and sword-plunging somersaults, Artorias lives up to his reputation as one of the most praised characters in the ''Dark Souls'' lore.
** [[BigBad Manus, Father of the Abyss]]. See Artorias above? This bad guy proceeds to up the ante and attack you relentlessly from the start, overwhelming you with heavy flurries and shadow sorceries. Not all hope is lost, however, for you are able to summon Great Grey Wolf Sif for the fight, giving you the courage to put a stop to this omnicidal abomination for good.
** [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Black Dragon Kalameet]]. The BonusBoss to end all [[UpToEleven bonus bosses]], this feared dragon is more than eager to crush you with all his might when you descend down the valley for his proper boss fight. Between his [[EvilIsCool awesome design]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UXX-TL1bxc brillant soundtrack]], there's little getting in the way for you to enjoy this hidden battle. There is a very good reason why this fight is widely regarded as the best dragon fight ever put into any video game.

!!!''Dark Souls II''
[[caption-width-right:330:[[ShockAndAwe Better cover your ears]].]]
* [[RecurringBoss The Pursuer]], a massive levitating armoured knight who appears halfway through the first level...outside his boss arena. That's right, he doesn't wait for you to come to him, he comes to you instead!
* The Last Giant, a foe so huge you can only target his feet and ankles. His opening cinematic has him tear himself free of the rubble confining him in a particularly badass way, and once you reduce his health enough he'll rip off his own arm and use it as a freaking club.
* [[LegacyBossBattle The Old Dragonslayer]], a shadow of the previous game's Ornstein. As soon as you enter the Cathedral of Blue, you're immediately confronted by this familiar face, forcing you to fight once again amidst breakable pillars, avoiding his powerful spear thrusts. This is topped by his unique {{Leitmotif}}, "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFrcmJQencc The Old Dragonslayer]]". Many players report seeing Ornstein again and ''panicking'', spinning around wildly looking for Smough.
* The Lost Sinner, a nameless undead warrior entombed in Sinner's Rise. Having her hands shackled together does nothing to stop her from cleaving you in half with her ultra-greatsword. Unlike some of ''Dark Souls II''[='=]s enemies The Lost Sinner has no gimmicks at all, simply being an ultra-agressive swordswoman yet still managing to be one of the most memorable bosses in the game.
* [[GiantSpider The Duke's Dear Freja]], apparently borne out of the Duke's fascination with arachnids and the like. While the boss itself is fairly straightforward, the ''really'' impressive part comes after beating it... no Great Soul drops. It's sitting in the open at the back of the arena, directly below a cocooned ''dragon'' - meaning the player had to kill something tougher to get it.
* The Looking Glass Knight, where the game drops all pretences of subtlety and INDULGES in a gorgeous display of graphic prowess with an unforgettable BattleInTheRain. From the boss' intimidating presence to the bolts of lightning he unleashes, there's nothing quite as fun as taking him down in the middle of a storm. Oh, and his mirror shield can summon [=NPC=]s or even other players, akin to the [[Videogame/DemonsSouls Old Monk]].
* The first Guardian Dragon. Ever wondered how a straight-up boss fight against ''Dark Souls'''s Hellkite Dragon would turn out? This is it. After the bone-chilling trip in Aldia's Keep, you finally get to fight one of the most prominent creatures featured in the pre-launch trailers (right up there with the Looking Glass Knight). Despite fighting it in a massive cage, this wyvern ''still'' gets to fly around a bit, and makes full use of the boss room, all while hailing you with a trail of fire breath. Bonus points for the glorious SceneryPorn that comes after the boss fight.
* The [[BonusBoss Darklurker]]. Just reaching it is a challenge (requires finding and joining and obscure covenant and fighting through several gauntlets of black phantoms). The actual boss fight pits you against an eerie angelic figure who is bar none the most powerful spell-caster in the game. The entire battle is a desperate race to whittle down its (thankfully relatively low) health any way you can while it hurls pyromancies, hexes, and sorceries at you. Then, just when you think you've got it on the ropes, it ''duplicates itself''.
* The ''Crown of the Sunken King'' DLC adds three bosses, two of which stand out.
** Elana, the Squalid Queen. Combining hexes, pyromancies, and the ability to summon minions, she's exactly what would happen if [[FinalBoss Queen Nashandra]] would be if the developers had put more thought into it than the AntiClimaxBoss we're presented with in the endgame. Boasting incredibly high health and a myriad of attacks (including the ability to summon a lesser version of Velstadt), Elana ranks high in terms of boss difficulty, which makes it all the more satisfying to take her down. Perhaps it is time for you to rely on [[TheLancer Benhart of Jugo]]...
** Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon. A magnificent reprisal of Kalameet's legendary boss battle, Sinh flies around while raining down fire on you, before landing in a dramatic fashion and engaging you in a ground fight, complete with toxic-infused fireballs and environmental damage.
* ''Crown of the Old Iron King'' also has its share of {{bonus boss}}es, all of which put even veteran players to the test.
** The Smelter Demon comes back with a vengeance! Now it has more fancy moves and a different design (devilish horns and ''blue flames''), and your only source of light in the boss room is this beastly golem once it gloriously sets itself aflame.
** The Fume Knight, or Sir Raime the Rebel. Boasting hard-hitting DUAL-WIELDING swordplay with his straight sword and ultra greatsword, and resistances that would put even ''Manus'' to shame, this FallenHero is a likely candidate for the hardest boss in the game. Rising from his slumber to protect the Bride of Ash, he gives you a very thorough swordfight, and just when you think you've weakened him, he ditches his smaller sword and goes full-on LightningBruiser with his {{BFS}}!
** Meet Sir Alonne, a proud {{samurai}} who became the catalyst for the rise of a kingdom, he meditates within the memories of the Old Iron King, awaiting for the day a worthy foe would challenge him. Once you enter the boss arena, witness what is unequivocally the most breathtaking castle room in the game, from the floor's reflection to the dust collected each time you fight, as well as the sunset backdrop seen outside of the windows; [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome the definite proof that the game's engine is being pushed to its limits]]. Sir Alonne himself is [[LightningBruiser one of the fastest striking bosses]] in the ''Souls'' series, ensuring that you will never forget his [[KatanasAreJustBetter signature blade]]'s strikes; the very second you stop dodging in this fight, you have lost. To top it off, there's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztPGThfD_GY the imperious leitmotif]], which makes replaying this boss an absolute must.
* ''Crown of the Ivory King'' boasts a few unusual bosses:
** Aava, The King's Pet: After making your way through the level a bit, you encounter a fog door with a side path. Ignore the mysterious voice's warning and you're faced with... nothing. Nothing you can see, even as your health bar gets blasted down to zero. Take the side path first and make your way through half the level, and you'll find an item that reveals Aava as an icy tiger almost as big as Sif.
** The Burnt Ivory King: After dropping down a massive pit into a small arena surrounded by an ocean of lava, you're attacked not by a boss, but by wave after wave of Charred Loyce Knights who pop out of 3 portals. Kill a certain number of them, and then a huge portal rises up from which the Burnt Ivory King emerges in epic slow-mo fashion. However, unless you took the time to find the three other Loyce Knights scattered throughout the DLC, the Charred Loyce Knights will just keep on coming. What the Loyce Knights will do is sacrifice themselves to freeze the portals so that the Charred Loyce Knights would stop coming out, making your fight with the Ivory King easier. The Ivory King also has his fair share of awesome animations, such as backflips and a jumping attack that make him go slow-mo in mid-air and then suddenly dashes towards the ground.