[[WMG: The Japanese anime]]
* In the fourth episode four [[{{Mooks}} soldiers]] are smart enough to avert MookChivalry and gang up on Zorro, only for him to ''block all their swords and physically push them back all at the same time''. Then he disarmed them all ''at the same time''.
** The blocking part was epic enough it got reused again and again.
* In the sixth episode the VillainOfTheWeek is Drago, a hypnotist who uses a jewel on his sword to act, and in the final fight Zorro has to fight with his eyes closed... And as they're on the yard of a ship he can't go back much. Then Zorro is pushed back a bit too much, falls down... And then uses the whip to grab the yard, jump back up and ''flying kicking Drago in the sea''.
* In episode 7 Diego making a complete fool of the entire garrison ''without leaving his prison cell''.
* In episode 8 Raymund attempted to quell the malcontent over his tyranny by having the local journalist assassinated and then [[KickTheDog forbidding him a funeral]] and setting the same sniper on Zorro. Not only Zorro has [[BulletProofVest bulletproof padding]] and exposes the assassin (who Raymund has shot to prevent him from confessing at the trial) before forcing Raymund to allow the funeral, but one of the locals decide to continue with the journal, [[MeaninglessVillainVictory destroying any advantage the commander had from the successful assassination]].
* In the final episode [[BewareTheNiceOnes we have a furious Garcia on the dishing end of a]] CurbStompBattle. The receiving end? ''Lieutenant Gabriel''. Yes, Garcia ''crushed the guy who usually gives Zorro a run for his money''.
** There's also ''how'' he did that. Upon seeing Garcia coming to arrest him for high treason or kill him in the attempt, Gabriel smirked and advanced confiding in his superior swordsmanship, only to [[OhCrap jump back in astonished fear]] when [[UnskilledButStrong Garcia slashed faster and harder than Gabriel could block]]. Garcia continued slashing with no skill but overwhelming speed and strength, forcing Gabriel to walk back in the attempt to gain enough space to regroup and bring his superior skills to bear, until he fell in the village's fountain and lost his sword, at which point Garcia repeated the order of surrender while holding him at swordpoint.
* Episode 9 has William Kidd's treasure: ''[[CoolShip his ship]]'', hidden ''underground''.
* Episode 11:
** Zorro being surrounded by six members of a gang of money counterfeiters and ''[[InvokedTrope invoking]]'' MookChivalry by charging them, quickly dispatching them.
** Zorro had found the counterfeiters by following Bernardo and his friends Manuel and Sergio, but the three children got found, and one of the counterfeiters was about to kill Manuel. Cue Sergio (who had been depicted as a coward until now) grab a pole and charge the bandit, knocking him out. Then they notice that Zorro is about to be overwhelmed... And so they ''topple the gigantic pouring vessel filled of molten metal on the bandits''. Zorro doesn't have any issue with the bandits anymore.

[[WMG: Isabel Allende's novel]]
* Well before Diego's birth, Alejandro de la Vega, then still a military officer, has to defend a Francescan mission from about 150 rebelling Indios, and only has five soldiers, the Francescan brother (a former soldier) and a few Indios. Not only [[CurbStompBattle he easily wins the battle and suppresses the revolt]] [[GuileHero with superior smarts]], but he does it losing only ''one'' of his Indios (a girl who was there to reload muskets).
* As children, Diego and Bernardo ([[AndZoidberg and Garcia]]) capturing a live ''[[BearsAreBadNews bear]]'' to make it dance in the town square and get the local bullies to leave Garcia alone. Considering what Diego and the others had done, the bullies didn't dare tormenting Garcia anymore.