!!The Film
* It has '''[[GratuitousNinja ninjas]]. Attacking a giant volcano lair to save the freaking world.''' If that's not awesome, what is?
** Ninjas led by Film/JamesBond?
* Bond takes on [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c7hzHwETyk twenty times his number of thugs]]. Would've been better if he had ''won'', though...
** There was one ninja who successfully kept a whole bunch of mooks at bay with a sword.
* Tanaka gets one by proxy, for calling in the [[GunshipRescue helicopter]] to take out the carful of {{Mooks}} chasing Bond. Electromagnets are involved. That is all.
* [[CoolPlane Little Nellie]]. I'd do just about anything to have one of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJdi-rNcEVc those.]]
** In a meta example, Little Nellie's stunt pilot, Ken Wallis also designed the autogyro, and was still flying Little Nellie and autogyros inspired by it well into his 80's. It was when he was in his 80's where he was involved in a crash, the Little Nellie he was in [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat crashed into the ground and flipped several times, almost catching on fire]]. [[MadeOfIron Ken got out and walked away from it with minor injuries]].
** In fact, Little Nellie is so impressive that it's one of the few vehicles that Bond has checked out from Q Branch that actually survived the movie.
* The movie's best known moment isn't any of its elaborate action scenes, but simply the reveal of Blofeld's face, which had been teased in two previous films.
** Creator/DonaldPleasence receives a meta version for his performance. Less than ten minutes and he doesn't really do much except talk menacingly and stroke his cat, yet he still creates ''the'' defining Bond villain.
* Off-screen: Cameraman Johnny Jordan had a harrowing accident during the Little Nellie aerial stunt filming. Jordan, hanging from a helicopter, lost his foot when another helicopter below flew too close and sliced it off. Fortunately, his pilot had a safe landing. After months of recovery back in England, [[TheDeterminator Jordan went back to shooting aerial stunts just like he used to]]. In fact, he shot the aerial skiing scenes from ''Film/OnHerMajestysSecretService''.
* Bond fought a huge mook played by Wrestling/DwayneJohnson's grandfather.
* Tiger saving Bond's life by throwing a Shuriken to Blofeld's gun arm.
* Who wrote all this awesomeness? Creator/RoaldDahl. That's right, '''Roald.''' '''Dahl.'''

!!The Novel