''[=WrestleMania=]'' is called "The Showcase of the Immortals" for a reason.


[[folder:[=WrestleMania=]s 1-10]]
!![=WrestleMania=] (1)
* The fact that the first [=WrestleMania=] was a success, as the event was a massive gamble for Wrestling/VinceMcMahon, definitely counts. In 1985, few homes outside of the East Coast were wired for cable television, and the technology for pay-per-view barely existed; Vince did hedge his bets a little by also airing the event via closed circuit broadcast to venues across the US, but that was also an unproven technology, and one most felt would never work. The fact that Vince was able to go out, bet the farm on a pair of then-niche technologies, and make [=WrestleMania=] such a runaway success that pay-per-view would become the standard for big sporting events (particularly boxing and, later on, MMA) is a [=CMoA=] in and of itself.

!![=WrestleMania=] 2
* Even though this wasn't a great event overall, it did have four great matches:
** The Dream Team vs. the British Bulldogs for the WWF Tag-Team Championship
** Wrestling/RickySteamboat vs. Hercules Hernandez
** The Funk Brothers vs. Wrestling/TitoSantana and the Wrestling/JunkyardDog
** Wrestling/HulkHogan vs. Wrestling/KingKongBundy for the WWF World Championship inside a steel cage

!![=WrestleMania=] III
* Wrestling/HulkHogan, at the zenith of his popularity, bodyslamming the then-550 pound Wrestling/AndreTheGiant in front of a WWE-record 93,173 (reported) fans.
** Also a moment for Andre, who, at the time, was struggling with intense pain due to the disease that caused his gigantism - to the point of having to wear a back brace; in the end, he still chose {{kayfabe}} and his work over his own needs. Vince [=McMahon=] even paid for Andre to have back surgery to alleviate his pain somewhat, just to help him compete in the match.
** While many critics complain that this was not a great match in and of itself, what made this match all the more awesome was how it was promoted and sold, as "irresistable force meeting the immovable object." The storyline that paved the way to the match -- Hogan and Andre were close friends, always having each other's back, until the WWF's powers-that-be unwittingly gave Andre less recognition for an equally impressive accomplishment (being undefeated for 15 years) than Hogan's three years as champion; and then Wrestling/BobbyHeenan somehow managing to convince Andre that he wanted a WWF World Title shot all along, but that Hogan used his friendship to duck the challenge; then on an edition of [[Wrestling/RoddyPiper Piper's Pit]] Andre (flanked by Heenan) demanding a title shot at [=WrestleMania=] III, and Hogan initially refusing because he was so shocked and stunned at Andre's apparent association with their mutual sworn enemy; and then, on a subsequent edition of "Piper's Pit," Hogan -- having had time to absorb the news that Andre was no longer his friend, giving a thunderous "'''''YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!'''''" to let Andre know he will face him, the title on the line.
* [[Wrestling/RickySteamboat Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat]] defeated [[Wrestling/RandySavage Randy "Macho Man" Savage]] for the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/ic.html WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship]] in a show-stealing match paving the way for smaller, more skilled wrestlers to be in the limelight. Even despite several matches mentioned below, many consider this to be not only the best [=WrestleMania=] match ever, but the best ''match'' ever, period. The match itself set a new standard in how matches are planned, Steamboat has written in many accounts years later, and that he and Savage worked meticulously to plan out the match, spot-for-spot ... and everything came together perfectly.

!![=WrestleMania=] IV
* The Macho Man, Wrestling/RandySavage, makes it to the finals of the one-night tournament for the vacated WWE Championship, turning back "The Natural" Butch Reed, [[Wrestling/GregValentine Greg "The Hammer" Valentine]], and Wrestling/TheOneManGang, while his finals opponent, the [[Wrestling/TedDiBiase "Million-Dollar Man" Ted [=DiBiase=]]] has a relatively easier time of it, even getting a bye straight to the finals after Wrestling/HulkHogan and Wrestling/AndreTheGiant got double-disqualified. It seems like [=DiBiase=] is going to prove that nice guys finish last, with Virgil and Andre in his corner against Savage, who only has the non-wrestling Elizabeth by his side, but he sends her to the back, and she emerges with none other than HOGAN to even the odds, and Savage not only gets the win, AND the WWE Championship, but he would go on to hold the belt for just over a year before losing it to Hogan at [=WrestleMania=] 5.
** More awesome? Savage was initially going to win the Intercontinental Title from the Wrestling/HonkyTonkMan, who refused to drop the belt. Instead Savage was given the World Title as a hell of a ConsolationPrize.

!! [=WrestleMania=] V
* The battle between Wrestling/RickRude and the Wrestling/UltimateWarrior for the Intercontinental Championship Belt. This is both an impressive match both in terms of ring performance and the behind-the-scenes storyline. According to WWE, the Ultimate Warrior's ring skills were very limited but Rick Rude was good enough to give a twenty-minute impressive match which sold them both as very skilled wrestlers.
* The ''Battle of the Megapowers'' between Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. While the match was somewhat hampered by an unnecessary Work LoveTriangle between Elizabeth, Hogan, and Savage (which actually bothered Savage in real life), the match itself was an electrifying one and easily the best of the Main Events so far. While less iconic than the battle against Andre the Giant at ''[=WrestleMania=] III'' and the Ultimate Warrior vs. Hogan next year, it would be considered by many to be the best match of Hogan's career.

!![=WrestleMania=] VI
* The Wrestling/UltimateWarrior (then the Intercontinental Champion) won a "Champion vs. Champion" Match against Wrestling/HulkHogan, becoming the first man to beat Hogan cleanly by pinfall for the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwe-h.html WWE World Heavyweight Championship]] since he first won it from Wrestling/TheIronSheik. For a man not known for doing the job cleanly, this is still seen as a monumental moment.
** This is also a surprisingly good match, considering neither man was known for his sterling ring work; this is due to the lengthy planning that went into it.
** Hogan gained the nickname "The Immortal" after he put the Warrior over further by handing him the belt after the match and embracing him in the center of the ring.
** This match inspired two young fans, both of whom were [[CanadaEh Canadian]], to pursue wrestling careers - Adam Copeland (Wrestling/{{Edge}}, who was in attendance) and Chris Irvine (Wrestling/ChrisJericho). Fellow Canadians William Jason Reso (Wrestling/{{Christian}}) and Wrestling/LanceStorm were also in attendance and went on to become pro wrestlers. It doesn't hurt that [=WrestleMania=] VI took place at the then-new [=SkyDome=] (now the Rogers Centre) in Toronto, and this would happen a second time with [=WrestleMania=] X8.
* After Wrestling/{{Demolition}} defeated [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwe-world-t.html WWE World Tag Team Champions]] the Colossal Connection (Wrestling/AndreTheGiant and [[Wrestling/{{Meng}} Haku]]) (w[=/=][[Wrestling/BobbyHeenan Bobby "The Brain" Heenan]]) for the titles, Andre beat the living stuffing out of both Heenan and Haku after Heenan foolishly slaps him.
** Also a [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments Crowning Moment of Heartwarming]], after being one of the top Heels for three years (he was one of the top Faces before his FaceHeelTurn) Andre left the WWF as a good guy one last time.
* One that was mostly downplayed at the time: prior to the Hercules/Earthquake match, Earthquake had sent, according to Gorilla Monsoon, a total of 28 wrestlers to the hospital after hitting them with his finishing move, the Earthquake Splash. While Hercules lost the match, he was ''not'' number 29--he was able to get up and leave the ring on his own, to the applause of the crowd.
!![=WrestleMania=] VII
* Ms. Elizabeth's return, saving Wrestling/RandySavage from being brutalized by [[Wrestling/SherriMartel Sensational Sherri Martel]]. Also works as a [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments Crowning Moment of Heartwarming]] and a bit of a TearJerker, given that Savage has just lost a "Career Ending" Match to The Wrestling/UltimateWarrior (a damn good match in its own right, too).
* Wrestling/TheUndertaker makes his [=WrestleMania=] debut by defeating WWF legend [[Wrestling/JimmySnuka Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka]] in a fairly short match. While no one knew it at the time, it was the start of something big.

!![=WrestleMania=] VIII
* The first three matches are considered to be a passing of the torch from the old guard to the new generation, such as...
** Wrestling/ShawnMichaels defeating [[Wrestling/TitoSantana "El Matador" Tito Santana]] (who had competed at every [=WrestleMania=] to date) in the opening match.
** Wrestling/TheUndertaker beating [[Wrestling/JakeRoberts Jake "The Snake" Roberts]], the latter competing in his last WWF match for nearly four years.
** Wrestling/BretHart defeating Wrestling/RoddyPiper to win the Intercontinental Championship. This match was awesome for a couple of reasons:
*** Hart bladed during the match, something that wasn't allowed at the time, but he was able to make it look like an accident.
*** Piper effectively turned heel during the pre-match interview, turning face near the end of the match after deciding not to hit Bret with the ring bell after the referee had been knocked out, plus him helping Bret up after the match and putting the belt on him.
* Wrestling/RandySavage vs. Wrestling/RicFlair for the WWF Championship. A contender for match of the night (along with the aforementioned Hart/Piper match), this match also had blading (although Flair was much more blatant, resulting in him getting fined), and Savage (whose leg had taken a beating from the Figure-4) taking a page out of Flair's book to win (rolling him up and using the tights for leverage).

!![=WrestleMania=] IX
* Giant Gonzalez, the tallest pro wrestler in history, is the only victim of the streak that Undertaker didn't have a clean win over; Gonzalez lost by DQ. Despite the terrible costume and sub-par wrestling abilities, Gonzalez was mesmerizing to look at.
* Mr. Fuji throwing salt into Bret Hart's eyes, and later accidentally throwing it into Wrestling/{{Yokozuna}}'s.

!![=WrestleMania=] X
* The Wrestling/OwenHart vs. Wrestling/BretHart match is often considered the best opening match at a [=WrestleMania=] ever and also proved Owen pretty much was going to be a great world champion one day had fate gone differently. At the very least, it made Owen a main-eventer for the rest of the year and cemented him as one of the top heels in the company for years after.
** Bret also regained the WWF World Championship that night over Yokozuna, which, if you realize all the backstage shenanigans with the title the year before, was a tremendous, vindicating moment for the Hitman.
* Wrestling/ShawnMichaels and [[Wrestling/ScottHall Razor Ramon]] put the Ladder Match on the map with the one they had for the Intercontinental Championship. This match (and their Ladder Match at ''[=SummerSlam=] 1995'') would set the standard for Ladder Matches for years to come. Shawn gets an extra one, as one reviewer put it, "It wasn't Shawn and Razor Ramon having a match with a ladder in the ring; it was Shawn Michaels having a match with a ladder with Razor Ramon in the ring."

[[folder:[=WrestleMania=]s 11-20]]
!![=WrestleMania=] XI
* [[Wrestling/KevinNash Diesel]] and Wrestling/ShawnMichaels battle it out for the WWF World Title in an entertaining match.
* Wrestling/OwenHart wins his first WWF title (the Tag Team Championship) with Wrestling/{{Yokozuna}} over the Smoking Gunns.

!![=WrestleMania=] XII
* The Iron Man Match between WWE Champion Wrestling/BretHart and Wrestling/ShawnMichaels - a sixty-minute affair that ended in a draw (neither man scored a fall), then went into overtime as officials declared that the match was now in "Sudden Death", and the first man to score a fall would win the title. A few minutes and a well timed superkick later, Wrestling/ShawnMichaels had fulfilled his "boyhood dream".

!![=WrestleMania=] 13
* Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin's first [=WrestleMania=] [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMoments Crowning Moment Of Awesome]] came at the end of his Submission Match with Wrestling/BretHart, when - beaten and bruised, with his face turned into bloody hamburger - he was locked into Bret Hart's signature Sharpshooter. He kicked and crawled and yelled and screamed, but never gave up; instead, he passed out in a pool of his own blood, giving his last bit of energy to try and escape rather than admit defeat. Austin had a lot of really great moments both before and after this, but this was the precise moment that everybody realized that Steve Austin was going to be ''huge''.
** This is made even more awesome by the fact that the iconic image of Austin trying to grab the ropes while a bloody mess ''wasn't supposed to happen''. Both men have said in interviews that WWF bookers told them ''not'' to blade; the company was at a point where they simply didn't want wrestlers bleeding. In Hart's book, he says that he bladed Austin anyway... and then told everyone that it was an accident when he threw Austin into the ringside steps.
*** On top of this is that this match caused a FaceHeelDoubleTurn - Hart [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown tried to brutalize Austin]] after he'd passed out (but was stopped by Wrestling/KenShamrock), gaining a huge amount of heat from the crowd, while Austin earned the audience's adoration by virtue of [[{{Determinator}} refusing to submit]].
* Wrestling/TheUndertaker also gained his second WWF championship against [[Wrestling/SidEudy Sycho Sid]], starting his first proper title reign, since his actual first one was very short lived. It was also nice to see him wrestle in his original attire for one more night, by this time he'd switched to his Lord of Darkness attire.
** Sid reversing the Tombstone was quite impressive as well.

!![=WrestleMania=] XIV
* The Wrestling/AttitudeEra becomes official as Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin defeats Wrestling/ShawnMichaels for the WWF Championship. This is a Crowning Moment for both men: it marked Austin as being the biggest draw in pro wrestling, and it marked the end of Michaels' career for four years - he had worked the entire match with a bad back, one that had been injured for months and only got worse thanks to the match.
** It's also a Crowning Moment for Mike Tyson, who had been appointed the Special Enforcer for this match, due to his role in taking part in history. Tyson famously helped counted the pinfall win for Austin, then later revealing that he was always backing Stone Cold rather than D-Generation X. This would be capped off by Tyson knocking Michaels out when the latter took exception to his support of Austin.
* Wrestling/{{Sable}} and Marc Mero vs. Luna and Wrestling/{{Goldust}} was one of the first good performances of women at [=WrestleMania=], especially when Sable delivers the TKO to Luna.
* Wrestling/TheUndertaker vs. Wrestling/{{Kane}}. It was their first encounter of many, and the culmination of almost a year-long storyline. Kane survived two tombstones before going down for the count with a third, which was unheard of back then. He managed to kick out just after the three count, further proving what a beast he is.

!![=WrestleMania XV=]
* At the height of the Attitude Era, Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin and [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]] fight for the WWF Championship and put on a great match with cameos by Wrestling/VinceMcMahon, Wrestling/ShawnMichaels, and Wrestling/MickFoley.

!![=WrestleMania=] 2000 (16)
* Wrestling/KurtAngle, Wrestling/ChrisBenoit, and Wrestling/ChrisJericho all make their [=WrestleMania=] debut in a great triple threat match with 2 falls (for Kurt's IC and [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwf-eu-h.html European]] belts) where SmugSnake Angle lost both titles without ever getting pinned.
* Wrestling/{{Edge}} and Wrestling/{{Christian}} beat Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys and [[Wrestling/MattHardy the]] [[Wrestling/JeffHardy Hardys]] in a triangle ladder match for the Tag Team Championship in a match that will become the genesis for the TLC match a few months later at ''Wrestling/SummerSlam''.

!![=WrestleMania=] X-Seven (17)
* ''[=WrestleMania=] 17'' is widely considered by many to be the best wrestling pay-per-view ever held; coming off the heels of the death of Wrestling/{{ECW}} and WWF's purchase of rival promotion Wrestling/{{WCW}}, the show is considered to be the official end of the Attitude Era, and features just about every star made during that era, as well as the [[ShockingSwerve shocking ending]] of the show's main event, where Steve Austin [[FaceHeelTurn turned heel]] and teamed up with longtime rival and WWF owner Vince [=McMahon=] to defeat The Rock and win the WWF Championship once again.
** There's also TLC II, the second Tables Ladders and Chairs Match between the Hardys, the Dudleys, and Wrestling/{{Edge}} & Wrestling/{{Christian}}; each team got a little help from a third party (Wrestling/{{Lita}}, Spike Dudley, and Wrestling/{{Rhyno}}, respectively), and there were several memorable moments, including the insane ''mid-air Spear'' that Edge delivered to a dangling-from-the-belts Jeff Hardy.
** Wrestling/TheUndertaker vs. Wrestling/TripleH would have been a memorable main event at any normal pay-per-view, but because of ''WM 17'''s Austin/Rock main event, this is one of ''[=WrestleMania's=]'' overlooked gems.
** ''[=WrestleMania=] 17'' also featured an outstanding opening between Wrestling/ChrisJericho and Wrestling/WilliamRegal, a fun hardcore match between {{Wrestling/Kane}}, Wrestling/TheBigShow, and {{Wrestling/Raven}}, another outstanding technical match between Wrestling/KurtAngle and Wrestling/ChrisBenoit, a solid match between Wrestling/EddieGuerrero and Wrestling/{{Test}}, a solid 6-man tag team match that the crowd was hot involving the APA ([[Wrestling/RonSimmons Faarooq]] and [[Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield Bradshaw]] and Wrestling/{{Tazz}} against Right to Censor (the latter's last PPV match as a stable), and a highly entertaining battle royal with a slew of retired greats, not to mention the street fight between Vince and Shane with Wrestling/MickFoley reffing. Nearly every match delivered, and then some.
* Linda [=McMahon=] standing up from her wheelchair (she was playing as she was catatonic after a nervous breakdown) and [[GroinAttack kicking Vince in his grapefruits]].
* One offhand comment by Wrestling/JimRoss, "The Undertaker has never lost at [=WrestleMania=]''. And with this, The Streak, then at 8 and eventually 9-0 is now officially born[[note]]This had actually been mentioned by Vince [=McMahon=] at [=WrestleMania=] 11 as well, though nobody made a big deal of it then.[[/note]].

!![=WrestleMania=] X8 (18)
* The opening. Previous [=WrestleMania=]s would build up the event itself, the main draw card, ect. However this (and [=WrestleMania=] XIX) opened to the theme from ''Film/PearlHarbor'' that had been worked into other CMOA, as Wrestling/HulkHogan, Wrestling/RicFlair, Wrestling/TripleH, Wrestling/TheUndertaker, Wrestling/DwayneJohnson and other described how momentous an occasion it is, how honored they are to appear in a match there, how much it means to them.
* The Rock's match against [[Wrestling/HulkHogan "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan]]. Not only was this a dream match (and one of the last "dream matches" that can truly live up to that billing), but the crowd was so into the match that they ''cheered'' then-heel Hogan and rooted for him to win, something that not even WWE expected to happen. In fact, because of this reaction, Hogan was quickly moved out of the [=nWo=] and turned face.
** This turned out to be a minor Crowning Moment of Awesome for the Rock, as he decided not to fight it, and basically [[FaceHeelTurn turned heel]] in mid match, and then turned back once the match was over.
** Even JR and Jerry were marking out when Hogan started Hulking up.
--> (after Hogan kicks out of a pin attempt)
--> '''Jerry''': Look at this!
--> '''JR''': And I don't think that The Rock can believe it!
--> '''Jerry''': Wait a minute! Is he gonna Hulk up JR?! He is!
--> '''JR''': Rock can not believe it!
--> (Rock hits Hogan, causing Hogan to do his classic finger point, which causes Jerry to squeal with excitement)
--> '''JR''': '''Oh my God.'''
--> '''Jerry''': Whatcha gonna do, Rock?
--> '''JR''': My God The Rock can't believe it!
--> '''Jerry''': Whatcha gonna do?
--> '''JR''': And Hogan scores with a right hand. Hogan sending The Rock for the ride, and the end could be near for The Rock at [=WrestleMania=] 18!
--> (as Hogan hits the legdrop)
--> '''Jerry''': Look at this! He got him!
--> '''JR''': It's all over! ''He beat Andre the Giant with that move!''

!![=WrestleMania=] XIX
* Wrestling/ReyMysterioJr made his [=WrestleMania=] debut dressed in a Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}-themed outfit.
* Wrestling/ShawnMichaels made his [=WrestleMania=] return (with an awesome entrance) in a fantastic match with Chris Jericho.
* Hulk Hogan went up against [=Vince McMahon=] in a Street Fight which saw one of the commentators getting hit with a chair, Vince leg dropping Hogan ''off a twenty-foot ladder,'' and [[Wrestling/RoddyPiper "Rowdy" Roddy Piper]] returning to clock both men with a lead pipe.
* The Rock and Stone Cold faced each other for the third and last time at [=WrestleMania=], in what turned out to be Austin's last match. The awesomeness of this match is elevated even higher with the knowledge that Austin ''nearly died the night before''.
* How do you make an already awesome entrance by Wrestling/TheUndertaker even ''more'' awesome? Have [[Music/LimpBizkit Fred Durst]] act as his herald, with one of the most awesome versions of Rollin' in that era's history.
** Even more insane? Wrestling/BigShow and [[Wrestling/MattBloom A-Train]] had beat up Undertaker's intended partner for the match (Nathan Jones), and yet he ''still'' won cleanly!
* The final match of the night saw Wrestling/BrockLesnar defeat Wrestling/KurtAngle (with a broken neck) to win the WWE Championship. One of the final spots in the match saw Lesnar climb up to the top rope and attempt a ''Shooting Star Press'' (a move that the Hulk-like Lesnar hadn't done since his days in OVW); he under-rotated and ended up concussing himself (and very nearly breaking ''his'' neck), but he won the match anyway. Afterwards, he shook hands with Angle and hugged him in the ring to cap off Angle's face turn.

!![=WrestleMania=] XX
* The WWE Championship match. A month prior at ''Wrestling/{{No Way Out|Wrestling}}'', Wrestling/EddieGuerrero won the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar and would face Kurt Angle at [=WrestleMania=] with Kurt often lambasting Eddie in the weeks prior for his former drug and alcohol addictions and felt he didn't deserve to be champ. The match itself was spectacular as the two performers really utilized their mat skills for a truly technical match. Towards the end, Eddie untied one of his boots and then faked a limp. Angle, catching the limp, immediately went for his signature ankle lock. When he grabbed Eddie's boot, it came flying off and Eddie took advantage of the surprise by executing a roll-up on Kurt that won the match.
* The Undertaker returning to WWE and bringing back his "Deadman" gimmick, led by Wrestling/PaulBearer and the druids, to wreak his revenge on Kane. Kane couldn't believe it. "I KILLED YOU! I BURIED YOU ALIVE! YOU ARE NOT REAL!" Also marked the end of his "American Badass" era.
* The show's main event. The story going into [=WrestleMania=] was that Wrestling/ChrisBenoit was in a Triple Threat match with Shawn Michaels and Triple H (the reigning World Heavyweight Champion), and the {{Smark}}s believed that Benoit stood only a small chance of winning. After one of the best ''[=WrestleMania=]'' matches '''ever''', Benoit made Triple H tap cleanly to the Crippler Crossface in the middle of the ring to finally win a world title (in Madison Square Garden on the twentieth anniversary of the Showcase of the Immortals, no less), and then-WWE Champion (and close friend) Eddie Guerrero came out to celebrate with him, and the two friends hugged, in the center of Madison Square Garden, while openly weeping, creating one of the most iconic images in [=WrestleMania=] history. [[spoiler:Thanks to the Benoit double-murder suicide and its CanonDiscontinuity, as well as Eddie's death, the image has since become [[FunnyAneurysmMoment rather]] [[TearJerker heartbreaking.]]]]
** To give the above its proper context and explain why the sight of those two men with their title belts is awesome, heartwarming ''and'' tearjerking all at once; for years, Guerrero and Benoit had toiled in WCW only to be regarded as, at best, mid-carders who would never achieve top-level status - this treatment was not from fans, but from WCW brass directly. Yet now, here they were, on the 20th anniversary of [=WrestleMania=], at Madison Square Garden, on top of the mountain. With the fans celebrating every second of it.
* The Wrestling/{{Goldberg}} vs. Brock Lesnar match is rightfully considered terrible. However, two fans had an awesome moment--they showed up dressed as Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage (completely independent of one another, mind you), and spent the entire match cutting promos on each other and mocking the in-ring action in full view of the cameras. They got so much of a positive reaction from the surrounding crowd--even the commentary teams were gawking at them!--that security stepped in to tell them that while they personally thought they were hilarious, Vince [=McMahon=] said to knock it off.
* Wrestling/JimRoss' closing commentary on the event, just before the cameras cut to black, with Chris Benoit holding his newly won title aloft:
--> '''Jim Ross''': ''Ladies and gentlemen, this has been [=WrestleMania=], where it has all begun again! Thank you very much!''

[[folder:[=WrestleMania=]s 21-30]]
!![=WrestleMania=] 21
* Shawn Michaels turned in another "Mr. [=WrestleMania=]" performance by taking Kurt Angle to the limit.
* Two of the biggest stars of the next five years of WWE history, Wrestling/{{Batista}} and Wrestling/JohnCena, both won their first world titles on this night (Batista won the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Triple H putting an end to the much maligned reign of terror, and Cena won the WWE Championship by dethroning John "Bradshaw" Layfield - who had held the title for nine months, the longest reign for that title in years).
* After months in the World Title hunt, and many displays of anger and paranoia, Edge in the middle of his first main event push, wins the first Wrestling/MoneyInTheBank Ladder match and a World Title opportunity anytime he wants.

!![=WrestleMania=] 22
* Shawn Michaels facing his boss, Vince [=McMahon=]. Vince had done just about everything to undermine Shawn's born-again pacifist attitude and had gone out of his way to make Shawn look bad on numerous occasions. But on this night, it was a No Disqualification Match that was their final showdown. Shawn winds up beating up ''five'' different hired guns ''at the same time'', humiliates Vince's son Shane in a fashion that can't be described here without setting off SlashFic ''everywhere'', then ''warps'' a chair on Vince's head. Three minutes of solid beating later, Shawn threatens to find an 8-foot (standard-size) ladder so he can leap off the top step and crush Vince. He changes his mind at the last second... and about two minutes later, he's leaping off of a 12-foot ladder onto a prone, semi-conscious, trashcan-over-the-head-wearing Vince, crushing the table beneath him at the same time. Then when paramedics show up, he threatens to attack ''them'' as well should they try to help Vince. Why? Because ''he hasn't pinned Vince yet, so the match isn't over.'' Oh, and Shane has been handcuffed to the ropes at ringside, so he was unable to do anything to stop it. To say this led to a career resurgence for Shawn Michaels would be putting it very lightly.
* Edge spearing Wrestling/MickFoley ''off the ring apron and through a flaming table'', capping off what some think is the best Hardcore Match in WWE history.
** And before that moment, we had Foley wrapping "Mr. Socko" in barbed wire and using it as a weapon. When Foley brought out Socko, Wrestling/JoeyStyles said, "It may not be hardcore, but it's effective." Decorated in its newfound barbed wire attire, however, Styles noted that, "'''Now''' it's hardcore!"
** Even before that, Edge went for the Spear on Foley the first chance he got, knocking Foley down... and then rolling around on the mat in agony himself! Mick stood up and opened up his flannelette shirt to reveal ''he'd wrapped his own torso in barbed wire'' [[CrazyPrepared in preparation]] for [[HoistByHisOwnPetard Edge doing that]]. Mick Foley you MagnificentBastard you!
* Rey Mysterio dressed in a beautiful Aztec headdress and then pinning Randy Orton to become World Heavyweight Champion in honor of Eddie Guerrero.

!![=WrestleMania=] 23
* Wrestling/ShawnMichaels once again proves he's the man by having a great match with Wrestling/JohnCena.
* Wrestling/{{ECW}} got its very own [=WrestleMania=] Moment at ''[=WrestleMania=] 23'', when ECW "originals" Tommy Dreamer, Wrestling/{{Sabu}}, The Sandman and Wrestling/RobVanDam defeated The New Breed (Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker and Kevin Thorn) in the only match on the card for the ECW brand.
* Batista and Undertaker had a good match, mostly notable for setting off the [[SerialEscalation chain of increasingly awesome 'Taker matches that has continued through the present.]]
* The Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga match was okay, but it principally proved once more that Vince [=McMahon=] would do anything for a storyline, this time [[TraumaticHaircut getting shaved bald]]. He's a billionaire and synonymous with the industry, and he's probably in the top 10 (if not number one) in the amount of ridiculous punishment he's taken for the business.

!![=WrestleMania=] XXIV
* Both Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair deserve a CMOA for their match, in which Ric Flair would be forced to retire if he lost (which he did [[note]][[TenMinuteRetirement if only for a little while]][[/note]]).
** And Shawn deserves an extra one for one simple line from that match that could only be seen, not heard: "I'm sorry. I love you."
* The Batista vs. Umaga match was slow and plodding. The few fans cheering were Umaga fans. He was clearly happy with that.
* Wrestling/CMPunk being the unlikely winner of the Money in the Bank match, in what must have surely pleased his legions of internet fans that had followed his career from the indy circuit all the way to WWE. Considering he won over a returning Wrestling/ChrisJericho and a pair of up-and-coming heels in Wrestling/JohnMorrison and [=MVP=], it's pretty impressive.
* Edge vs Undertaker was pretty damn good too. Too bad the crowd was dead for the first half of it.

!![=WrestleMania=] 25
* Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker. Undertaker, who had never defeated Michaels in one-on-one competition, incremented his [=WrestleMania=] undefeated streak to 17-0 by beating Michaels one-on-one in what was easily the best match of the night; it was hard for anyone - especially the live crowd - to care about the two title matches that followed it.
** The specific Crowning Moment of the match itself was when Undertaker dove over the ropes at Michaels... where Michaels shoved a cameraman in the way instead, resulting in a broken camera, a downed cameraman, and Undertaker practically killing himself with a head-first landing on the mat (and, from the initial camera angles, looking like he'd actually done so!). There were countless other great moments in the match, but that moment was when it became clear that this was shaping up to be an all-time classic.
** Something else to keep in mind: both Michaels and Undertaker are '''over 40.''' [[CoolOldGuy Two men over 40]] [[StillGotIt showed up everyone under 40]] on the Grandest Stage of Them All.
** The buildup was a chain of awesome moments for Shawn, [[LightIsNotGood playing the cocky as hell heel for that feud]]. Constantly outmatching Taker during promos and showing absolutely no fear when he showed up? That seemed to put even more on the line than just The Streak...
* Other events that were most notable:
** Wrestling/RickySteamboat coming out at 56 years old and proving he could still go in the Legends vs. Chris Jericho match, some 14 years after he'd suffered a career-ending back injury in his match against [[Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin "Stunning" Steve Austin]] at ''Wrestling/{{WCW}} Clash of the Champions XXVIII'' on August 24, 1994.
*** This led to another moment the following month when Jericho and Ricky had at it in a singles match. The match at '''Mania'' was a 3-on-1 handicap match but the match at ''Wrestling/{{Backlash}}'' really gave Ricky the chance to shine.
** John Cena lifting up over 700 pounds of humanity (The Big Show and Edge) '''on his shoulders'''.
** Wrestling/KofiKingston's work in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, including ''running up a closed ladder that Wrestling/MarkHenry was holding up''.
** Rey Mysterio's insanely awesome Joker-themed outfit, worn during his squash of JBL to win the Intercontinental Championship.

!![=WrestleMania=] XXVI
* Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker II, the first time Undertaker has wrestled the same man at [=WrestleMania=] in consecutive years. As expected, the match stole the whole damn show; not only did they go for nearly a half-hour, they did so with Undertaker having injured his leg and barely able to put weight on it. The match itself was just brilliant, fall after fall, with every major move given the respect it deserves (with kickouts of both the Tombstone and Sweet Chin Music). Shawn's Asai moonsault into a prone Taker on the announcer's table is guaranteed to be one of those [=WrestleMania=] moments. And the finish might have topped Flair/Michaels for heartbreaking: Taker increases his record to 18-0, and (due to agreed-upon stipulations) Shawn's wrestling career was ended.
** One of the best moments was at the end of the match: Michaels has just kicked out of a near-fall from a Tombstone Piledriver. Taker stands over Michaels, and begins to give his signature throat-cut taunt, signaling for another Tombstone... but then he stops midway, and we are treated to the visual of Shawn literally clawing his way back up to his feet by grabbing onto Taker. Both men look at each other, utterly exhausted, and Taker demands, pleads, ''almost begs'' for Shawn to "stay down". Michaels responds by doing the throat-cut himself and '''SLAPPING UNDERTAKER ACROSS THE FACE''' with his last ounce of strength, remaining defiant to his very end (almost like Flair, who - two years earlier - begged Shawn to pull the trigger and take him out). Taker retaliates by grabbing Michaels and executing a ''jumping'' Tombstone - a rather shocking feat considering that Taker's knees are known to be in rather bad shape - to put Shawn down for good.
** Before the match even started, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgauGnovoSE this amazing video package]] was a [=CMOA=] for WWE's production staff.
* Wrestling/JackSwagger becoming Mr. Money in the Bank, despite no one giving him a chance in the match. He would then proceed to blow up the Internet two days later by cashing in the briefcase at the ''[=SmackDown=]'' tapings, becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion in the process.
** Also from the Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kofi Kingston [[CrazyAwesome using both halves of a broken ladder as stilts to try to reach the belt]]. He didn't quite think it through so well, but it was still an amazing visual.
* John Cena would further prove himself as a pretty awesome guy after regaining the WWE Championship from [=Batista=]. There happened to be a rather loud and vocal group of anti-Cena smarks in the front row near the ring. Most other wrestlers would simply ignore them, some heels possibly start insulting them for heat, that sort of thing; Cena, however, simply walked up to them, beaming with joy, and ''posed on-camera'' with his regained title alongside them. Like him as a wrestler or not, that is both hilarious and fantastically awesome.
** He also did it a year earlier... with ''the very same fan'' right beside him both times.
** Starting with [=WresleMania=] 22, John Cena would come out with styleized entrances, such as acting as a Mafia leader ([=WM22=]), or following an army of John Cenas ala {{Music/Eminem}}'s Real Slim Shady live performance ([=WM25=]). This year, however, saw an honorary drill team of the United States Air Force perform a complex drill lasting 90 seconds, with their team commander walking through the very real guns and bayonets thrice. After John Cena came out to a ''massive'' pop, Wrestling/MichaelCole could only give a shocked ''"WOW!"'', before explaining what was just seen.

!![=WrestleMania=] XXVII
* While most of the event was very lackluster, one match stood head and shoulders above the rest: Triple H vs. The Undertaker. Specifically, the moment where Triple H tombstoned Undertaker and then recoiled in sheer horror when Undertaker kicked out has to be seen to believed.
* Wrestling/CodyRhodes' impressive victory over Rey Mysterio.
** Rey Mysterio coming out wearing a ComicBook/CaptainAmerica [[CostumePorn costume.]]
* Wrestling/RandyOrton giving Wrestling/CMPunk an [[FinishingMove RKO]] in midair.
* [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]] and Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin meeting face-to-face for the first time in eight years.

!![=WrestleMania=] XXVIII
* John Cena vs The Rock was expected to be this before it even happened, it was hoped to be as exciting to the fans as Rock/Hogan was at [=WM18=]. In fact the announcement itself was so big that they've announced the main event an entire YEAR before the show! And it didn't seem to disappoint.
** One moment really stood out in that match and it was near the ending: As John Cena had The Rock laying down on the ground, he decided to become overconfident and cocky (possibly hinting on a heel turn) by trying to finish the match with the People's Elbow. This gave The Brahma Bull all the time he needed to recover in order to land the Rock Bottom, thus winning the match.
* Triple H. The Undertaker. [[GimmickMatches Hell in a Cell]]. Consider the fact that [=WM28=] is in an outdoor venue, therefore marking the first time the Hell in a Cell match has taken place outdoors.
** Right before the cage was lowered, Taker and HHH were having a staredown until they looked up at the cage. Right around that time, the smoke from Taker's entrance covered the ring just as the cage was being lowered. AWESOME.
** Even more awesome, the cell lowered to ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z12LfV6i61k this]]''.
** The match itself delivered on all accounts and ended with 'Taker continuing his legendary streak to 20-and-0. Bonus points for the post-match bit, where Undertaker and Shawn Michaels[[note]]Who was named the special referee for this encounter[[/note]] lift up a battered Triple H and carry him down the ramp, finally ending with the three men sharing an embrace for one hell of a Hell in a Cell match. To top it all off, this match won the 2012 Slammy Award for Match of the Year, decided by fan vote.
* Kudos to Creator/MariaMenounos for not only competing with ''broken ribs'', but doing most of the work in her match, taking a lot of hits and bumps.
* The Big Show ''finally'' gaining a proper ''[=WrestleMania=]'' moment by winning the IC title From Cody Rhodes after years of humiliation and jobbing during the Show of Shows, thus becoming the 12th Grand Slam Champion.
* Even though he didn't win the awesome match against CM Punk, Chris Jericho still managed to get a moment of awesomeness: Countering a Hurricanrana into the Walls Of Jericho!
* Rock[=/=]Cena, Punk[=/=]Jericho, and Triple H[=/=]Undertaker ''all'' living up to the hype.

!![=WrestleMania=] XXIX
* CM Punk vs. The Undertaker. Everything about it, starting with Music/LivingColour performing Cult of Personality live.
** One highlight of the match was Taker doing his signature sit-up while he was in Punk's Anaconda Vice. Punk [[OhCrap freaks out]], and [[{{HSQ}} so does the crowd]].
* [[Wrestling/BryanDanielson Daniel Bryan]] gets the winning pin in his tag team match, and leads the entire football stadium full of fans in a deafening "YES!" chant. The camera zooming out from the ring to show the entire arena doing the taunt with Bryan made up for his poor treatment at the previous two [=WrestleMania=]s.

!![=WrestleMania=] XXX
* Much like the first [=WrestleMania=], WM XXX was an experiment on a grand scale; it was the first major live event to be shown on the WWE Network as opposed to traditional [=PPV=], making it available for free to anyone who paid the $10 monthly subscription fee as opposed to the $50-60 to watch the event on terrestrial TV. WWE's previous attempts at streaming its [=PPVs=] had had mixed results, with the [=PPV=] webstream of [=WrestleMania=] XXIX going down for most users less than five minutes after its start time, and the network's servers had not been stress-tested on a level even approaching that of the 700,000 subscribers the Network had at the time. And yet, aside from a few minutes of glitchy audio during the pre-show (before the event proper even started), the broadcast went off ''without a hitch''.
* Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Rock sharing the ring to open the show and toast each others' legacies. Enough said. The crowd is screaming "This is awesome!" and we're not even having a match yet!
* Triple H made his entrance for the introductory match in a Series/GameOfThrones-ish style, being [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BikzaM61UeA rolled in while sitting on an iron throne accompanied by slave girls, clad in a chainmail coif with crown and skull mask, cape with Iron Cross collar, a skull on a pike, and a warhammer]]. Then he gets his f'n head kicked in by Wrestling/DanielBryan.
** For additional awesome, the girls accompanying Triple H's entrance were the NXT Divas Wrestling/SashaBanks, Wrestling/AlexaBliss, and Wrestling/{{Charlotte}}.
** The match itself was quite a way to start the show, with Bryan dishing out everything he had at Triple H and then some, while Hunter himself pulled out a few technical wrestling moves of his own, including a crossface and Tiger Suplex.
* Wrestling/TheShield beating Wrestling/{{Kane}} and the New Age Outlaws with a double triple powerbomb on the NAO.
* The ending of the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal, in which Big Show, who was favored to win and even competed wearing a one-strap singlet like that which his kayfabe father wore, was eliminated in the end by Cesaro. Not just eliminated, but ''tossed out'' like he weighed less than a diva (he's ''450 lbs'', btw).
** And Kofi Kingston avoiding elimination by having his feet only touch the steps.
* Mark Crozer and the Rels, wearing New Orleans Voodoo-inspired costumes (Crozer himself in skull facepaint a la Baron Samedi, and his bandmates wearing the masks of medieval plague doctors) performing Bray Wyatt's theme song "Broken Out In Love" live as he made his entrance to face John Cena.
* The Cena/Wyatt match itself was largely a reenactment of the final act of ''Return of the Jedi'', beginning with Bray Wyatt falling to his knees and demanding that Cena strike him down, and continuing throughout the match with Bray taunting Cena to fight dirty and become a monster in order to beat him. In the end, Cena seemingly relents and drags a steel chair into the ring... and uses it to rail Luke Harper and Erik Rowan as they attempt a run-in, before discarding it and beating Bray clean, marking ''the first time'' that Bray Wyatt had been pinned in WWE.
* Brock Lesnar '''[[DefeatingTheUndefeatable conquers the Streak]]''', pinning the Undertaker for the first time in Taker's 22 [=WrestleMania=] appearances. Punctuated by Wrestling/PaulHeyman's BigOMG after the bell.
** And it's an Awesome moment for Heyman, as far as bragging rights are concerned. For as much distaste as Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon has had over the years with him, she and her husband ended the night in failure on all counts. Meanwhile, he guided Brock to one of the most shocking victories in [=WrestleMania=] history (after which he spent the next several weeks rubbing his client's victory in everyone's face).
** Undertaker standing proud as the crowd cheers and applauds the phenom, including the announcers.
** It would later be revealed that the only people who knew the ending of the match in advance were Brock, 'Taker, Vince, Triple H, and Steph. Everyone else involved - the lighting and sound techs, the timekeeper, the announcer, the commentators, the referee, even Paul Heyman - had not been informed that 'Taker would be losing. Their reactions immediately after the finish [[EnforcedMethodActing are genuine.]]
* Wrestling/AJLee retaining her Divas title in a better-than-expected 14-Diva-match.
* After being attacked by the Authority, being teamed up on by both Randy Orton and Batista, and nearly being carried out on a stretcher, Daniel Bryan would win the main event, ''by making Batista tap out'', to finally win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
** During that match, Batista and Orton decide to double-team Bryan and take him out of the match by sending him through a table with a combined Batista Bomb and RKO. The EMT's are then sent out to wheel Bryan out of the ring as Orton (whose entrance music was performed live by Rev Theory) and Batista resume facing each other off. That is when Bryan, in a spot that would make Wrestling/MickFoley proud, [[{{Determinator}} removes the braces and wills himself back into the ring]] as the crowd erupts.
*** During that table spot, Orton seemed to legitimately injure himself when he landed on a monitor that hadn't been pulled out of the table while hitting the RKO on Bryan, but still managed to soldier on to finish the match.
** Speaking of Foley, he and his daughter cheered Bryan's win. So did Wrestling/JimRoss, Wrestling/MattHardy, Justin Roberts, Renee Young, Wrestling/KofiKingston, Wrestling/BretHart, Wrestling/JoeyStyles, not to mention millions and millions of wrestling fans.

[[folder:[=WrestleMania=]s 31-40]]
!![=WrestleMania=] 31
* The pre-show opens with a fun 4-way Tag-Team Championship match between Wrestling/TysonKiddAndCesaro, Wrestling/TheUsos, Wrestling/TheNewDay, and Los Matadores, which includes Jimmy Uso and Wrestling/{{Naomi}} doing a double top rope plancha onto all the other teams, and [[Wrestling/NatalyaNeidhart Natalya]] putting El Torito in the Sharpshooter.
* Also on the pre-show is the second Wrestling/AndreTheGiant memorial battle royal. Highlights include Wrestling/{{Cesaro}} tossing Kane over the top (like last year) and almost tossing Big Show out again; [[Wrestling/DamienSandow Damien Mizdow]] [[TheDogBitesBack eliminating]] Wrestling/TheMiz, and Big Show winning.
* The actual card opens with an awesome IC ladder match. Sick spots included Wrestling/LukeHarper [[https://vine.co/v/OLOvhLWUFe9 powerbombing]] Wrestling/DeanAmbrose to the outside through ladders, and Wrestling/DolphZiggler and [[Wrestling/BryanDanielson Daniel Bryan]] headbutting the hell out of each other. Bryan wins, and later celebrates backstage with past champions Pat Patterson (the first IC champ), Wrestling/RoddyPiper, Wrestling/RickySteamboat, Wrestling/RicFlair and Wrestling/BretHart.
* Randy Orton then faced Seth Rollins in a good match with an awesome ending: [[https://vine.co/v/OL1iq2AWAED Curb Stomp into RKO]].
* The Triple H vs. Sting match was a dream match 14 years in the making. After both made awesome entrances, both competitors not only hitting each other with everything, but even their respective factions: Triple H's D-Generation X, as well as Shawn Michaels, and the New World Order backing up Sting. After Triple H won, it looked like it was gonna be one big brawl, but the two end the long rivalry between WWE and WCW on a handshake.
* Less than a year after debuting on the main roster, Wrestling/{{Paige}} (whose mother is in the crowd) wrestles in her first [=WrestleMania=], teaming with Wrestling/AJLee to defeat the Wrestling/BellaTwins. Paige hits a nifty senton to the outside.
* John Cena hands Rusev his first clean defeat. Highlights include Rusev's entrance ''[[TankGoodness on a tank]]'', with the Russian National Anthem playing, and Cena hitting him with a springboard Stunner from the second rope. Props also to Lana for taking a bit of a hit at the final moments of the match.
* Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt. Bray was absolutely amazing, beating the crap out of Taker, and even mocked the Deadman at one point. But never doubt the Deadman; Undertaker got the pinfall victory, and the crowd ''erupted.'' The highlight has to be Bray going for his crab walk [[https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IxxZI0PzY3Q only to see Undertaker sit up seconds after]]. Bray's reaction to it is priceless.
** Props to Bray for doing the whole match with a ''sprained ankle.'' And still being able to do the Spider Crawl.
** Note that this is the very first time that Bray gets a VillainousBreakdown. Whenever he was threatened by another Wrestler before, he always responded with a creepy laugh, and dared them to try it. With Undertaker? [[OhCrap Bray nearly shat himself]]. DoNotTauntCthulhu indeed.
** Another highlight was Bray's entrance involving zombie scarecrows coming to life whenever Bray shined his lantern on them.
* The main event involved Brock Lesnar dishing out one hell of a beating to Roman Reigns who takes everything he has to give out from countless trips to "Suplex City", to '''three F-5s''', and Roman's laughing like a madman as if to say "Is that all you got?" Eventually, Roman's HeroicResolve starts to show up as he busts Brock open the hard way, then laying him out with Superman Punches. Then while both men are down, Seth Rollins cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase, thus turning it into a Triple Threat match! After dishing out Curb Stomps to both men, especially after Roman spears Brock as he's about to F-5 Seth. Your winner and new champion, Seth Rollins!
** Must be mentioned that all three looked good here. Brock wasn't pinned, Roman wasn't ruined (many thought it was too soon for him) and still looked strong, and Rollins is the champ. So not only was Seth the first to cash in at [=WrestleMania=], and the first to cash in ''during'' a match, but it was done while making everyone look good. If anything, Seth looked like a coward, but it fits his slimy mastermind role.
** More emphasis needs to be put on Reigns' performance, despite not winning. In most of his notable fights, Lesnar has left his opponents bleeding. This time, ''Reigns'' made ''Lesnar'' bleed like a stuck pig! ''TWICE!''
* Creator/RondaRousey and The Rock (who had flown in on a red-eye after ''hosting Saturday Night Live the night before'') make fools out of Triple H and Stephanie [=McMahon=] in a CurbStompBattle that must be seen to be believed!
** [[OneOfUs Doing it with a DBZ shirt]] on was a nice touch as well. And not just any shirt, but the one with the infamous '''[[MemeticMutation OVER 9000!!!]]'''

!![=WrestleMania=] 32
* A meta example, ''[=WrestleMania=] 32'' set a new attendance record, and did so legitimately even before WWE's usual habit of inflating the attendance numbers.
* The Ladder Match for the Intercontinental title. Aside from numerous intense spots (including a bump from [[Wrestling/KevinSteen Kevin Owens]] that looked like he was half-dead in the rungs of a fallen ladder), the ending came out of absolutely nowhere. Wrestling/TheMiz is posted to pull down the belt, only to choose to sit atop the ladder to do so. Up from behind comes '''''Wrestling/ZackRyder'''''[[note]]replacing an injured Neville[[/note]], who shoves Miz off the ladder and scoops up the championship for himself. Zack gets to celebrate a major championship victory after nearly ''four years of neglect from WWE brass'' and celebrate in the ring with his father.
** Just as awesome is the truth about how that shocking ending came about: the other six guys in the match (Wrestling/KevinOwens, Wrestling/SamiZayn, Wrestling/DolphZiggler, Wrestling/TheMiz, [[Wrestling/CodyRhodes Stardust]] and Wrestling/SinCara) all united in agreement that Ryder ''deserved'' his own [=WrestleMania=] moment and pressured the bookers into letting Ryder take the belt and the glory, even if only for one night.[[note]]Miz beat him to take the title off him the next night on RAW, which really just supports the idea that Miz was most likely the original intended winner before plans were changed.[[/note]]
* The League of Nations had just dominated Wrestling/TheNewDay and, as they celebrated their victory, they proclaim that [[TemptingFate "There are no three men stronger than the League of Nations!"]]. [[spoiler:Enter (in exact order) Wrestling/ShawnMichaels, Wrestling/MickFoley, and Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin, who lay the utter smackdown on the group!]]
* Wrestling/{{Charlotte}}, Wrestling/SashaBanks (with Raven Felix and Sasha's cousin Music/SnoopDogg performing her theme), and Wrestling/BeckyLynch wrestled an ''excellent'' match for the Women's title (replacing the Divas' title).
** Not to mention Charlotte's robe she wore to the ring was made from pieces of the robe Ric Flair wore to his match against Shawn Michaels.
** And Sasha donning Eddie's Guerrero's ''No Way Out'' [[https://www.instagram.com/p/BDyCb0InOuE/?taken-by=sashabankswwe 2004 WWE Championship colors]] for her gear.
* Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon and Wrestling/TheUndertaker go to war in Hell In A Cell and even with his new MMA training, he can't get Taker to tap out. Shane breaks out Coast to Coast, nothing. Shane pulls out one hell of an AllOrNothing attack [[https://youtu.be/bWI2l4ZbdA4 by climbing to the top of the cage, only to miss Undertaker and crash through the table]]. Even after that, Shane still has the balls to say BringIt, only for Taker to finish him off with the Tombstone. The last moments are of Shane being carried off in a stretcher, his thumbs-up prompting the crowd to applaud him.
** Notably, during Shane's second BringIt moment, The Undertaker [[WorthyOpponent lightly pats his cheek before hitting the Tombstone]].
** Also, immediately after the jump, watch The Undertaker's reaction as he's sitting against the barricade watching the refs tend to Shane - it's a mixture of gratitude for having dodged that elbow, and the same expression he wore when he threw [[Wrestling/MickFoley Mankind]] off the Cell the first time.
** Another one for the set builders, for finding a way to do such an insanely reckless spot without killing Shane. [[note]]The table he jumped onto was actually topped with a piece of hard foam instead of the usual wood, and a crash bag was cleverly hidden underneath[[/note]]
* Wrestling/BaronCorbin makes his [=WrestleMania=] debut by winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
* [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]] gets surrounded by Wrestling/TheWyattFamily in a middle of a promo, but then a [[MostWonderfulSound familiar tune starts playing]], and [[spoiler:just when everyone thought he was to skip this year's grandest show, [[HesBack John Cena]] makes his return and [[BigDamnHeroes helps The Rock]] take on the Wyatts]] to a '''massive''' pop.

!![=WrestleMania=] 33
* The event kicked off in a big way by having Wrestling/AJStyles and Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon open the show, and they absolutely tore up the ring. In particular, their back-to-back attempts at Coast-to-Coasts as well as Shane busting out a ''shooting star press'' have to be mentioned, as was the way Shane locked Styles in a Triangle Choke in midair and reversed the first Phenomenal Forearm attempt ''into a DDT.''
* Nia Jax appears to have dominated Wrestling/{{Charlotte}}, Wrestling/{{Bayley}}, and Wrestling/SashaBanks; but the cherry on top here is the three women Jax just dominated earlier teaming up to perform a [[Wrestling/TheShield triple powerbomb]] on Jax, eliminating her in the process.
** The lead up was awesome enough, with a tossed out of the ring Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha Banks all making it to the rope at the same time. They all look at each other, then across at Nia Jax... who simply tells them to BringIt. Nia even got in some offense on all three on them!
* The Hardy Boyz making their return and winning the Raw Tag Team Championship. The two of them were also welcomed with DELETE chants.
** Doubles as one for Wrestling/TheNewDay for pulling an incredible BaitAndSwitch. Just as the triple threat ladder match between [[Wrestling/DrewHankinson Luke Gallows]] and Wrestling/KarlAnderson, Wrestling/EnzoAndCass, and [[Wrestling/ClaudioCastagnoli Cesaro]] and {{Wrestling/Sheamus}} was about to start, the New Day's music hits, and they walk out onto the stage:
-->'''Big E:''' "Ladies and gentlemen, as your ''[=WrestleMania=]'' hosts, we must inform you that we have just received word...that this ladder match has now become A FATAL FOUR-WAY!"
-->'''Xavier Woods:''' "Which means: There is one more team involved in this match!"
-->'''Kofi Kingston:''' "Now, I wonder who this fourth team...could possibly be?"
-->'''Crowd:''' ''(begins chanting "Who?" as Kofi takes his hat off and the New Day pause and take a step forward onto the ramp)''
-->''(The Hardy Boyz' music hits)''
-->[crowd explodes]
-->'''Michael Cole:''' Things are about to be '''BROKEN!'''
* After seven long months of waiting, calling out, and injury, Wrestling/SethRollins ''finally'' gets his revenge against Wrestling/TripleH. Highlights of the match included a chain of [[FinishingMove pedigree]] attempts, Seth superkicking Triple H into Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon, sending her through a table (credit to her), and Seth ''finally'' nailing that last sweet pedigree and putting Triple H down for the three-count. Special mention should also be given for their entrances, with Triple H and Stephanie coming out on a three-wheel motorcycle to a police escort, and Seth coming out with a torch and ''virtually lighting the ramp on fire.''
* {{Wrestling/Goldberg}} and Wrestling/BrockLesnar have their best match with each other yet. It lasted only five minutes, but those five minutes were ''brutal''. Goldberg hit Brock with some damn impressive spears (including one through the barricade), topped off by Brock ''jumping clear over'' the last one, with Brock ultimately putting Goldberg away with ten German suplexes and an [[FinishingMove F5]]. Oh, and did we mention that ''Brock kicked out of the JACKHAMMER?'' Only one other man (Wrestling/HulkHogan) had ''ever'' done that before.[[note]]And that wasn't even supposed to happen; Kevin Nash was supposed to break up the pin attempt, but he missed his cue, forcing Hogan to lift his shoulder.[[/note]]
* {{Wrestling/Naomi}} reclaiming the Smackdown Women's Championship from Wrestling/AlexaBliss after she was forced to vacate the title due to an injury scare, and doing so in her hometown.
* And while the final match of the night, Wrestling/TheUndertaker vs. Wrestling/RomanReigns, was somewhat controversial, special mention must be given for one fact: It took FOUR SPEARS to put Taker down.

!! [=WrestleMania 34=]
* The Undertaker's return. Before Wrestlemania, John Cena called out the Undertaker, wanting a match with him. When it came for that match, it seemed that the Undertaker was a no-show. Cena took on Elias and frustratingly headed back up to the Titantron... until the lights die out. They cut on to focus on the ring, where the 'Taker's hat and coat were now there. Lights die out, lightning strikes the items... and to the haunting tune of his theme, the Undertaker appears and makes his entrance. Challenge accepted and he begins his return 1-0.
** He didn't just accept the challenge, he ''[[CurbStompBattle completely routed]]'' Cena in John's most one-sided defeat since Lesnar annihilated him at SummerSlam '14.
* The Mixed Tag Match between Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs. Triple H and Stephanie [=McMahon=]. There was a lot of pressure on Rousey for this match, both in- and out-of-kayfabe due to this being her debut; she needed make a good impression to prove her naysayers wrong and get wrestling fans to buy into all the hype. Well, in this match, Rousey blew even the best expectations out of the water, showing impeccable selling, timing, storytelling, and character. Even her ring work, while clearly green, was smooth, quick, and powerful. She had the entire Superdome eating out of her hand.
** Triple H decides to take Ronda on himself, and is quickly and convincingly put on the defensive. She even locks him in an armbreaker, which Stephanie has to save him from.
* [[{{Wrestling/KanakoUrai}} Asuka]] vs Charlotte. The finish may have been divisive but that doesn't change the fact that, in possibly the biggest women's match ever, ''they delivered''.

[[folder:Other Awesome Moments]]
* No recounting of [=WrestleMania=] Crowning Moments would be complete without one of the reasons fans always go and watch it: The Undertaker's winning streak. [[http://www.wwe.com/superstars/smackdown/undertaker/wrestlemanialegacy/ His opponents were generally no slouches, either.]]
** Until [=WrestleMania=] 30, where Brock Lesnar [[DefeatingTheUndefeatable did the unthinkable]] and [[WhamEpisode ended the streak]] at '''21-1'''.
* Shawn Michaels isn't called "Mr. [=WrestleMania=]" for nothing; besides his show-stealing performances already mentioned above, other notable performances include the Ladder Match against Razor Ramon at ''[=WrestleMania=] 10'', his match against Chris Jericho at ''[=WrestleMania=] 19'', and his match against Kurt Angle at ''[=WrestleMania=] 21''.
** Hell, you'd be hard-pressed to find a single ''[=WrestleMania=]'' match of his that wasn't good, going all the way back to his debut at ''[=WrestleMania=] 5'' as part of The Rockers.
** Another factor to add is even though he's retired he's still so much a staple to ''[=WrestleMania=]'' that they decided that even in retirement they still had him be Special Guest Referee to the Undertaker vs Triple H match and the next year be in Triple H's corner when he wrestled Brock Lesnar.