Yes, even a series as child-oriented as Winnie the Pooh has them.
* The most notable occurs at the end of ''Disney/TheTiggerMovie'', where Tigger and Roo scale an avalanche using the Whoopty-Dooper Loopty-Looper Alley-Ooper Bounce, complete with an epic score and a memorable moment of the two of them flying directly through a hollowed log before it's crushed by a large boulder.
** Also prior to this, Tigger had essentially performed a HeroicSacrifice by bouncing his friends to safety from the avalanche one by one on a tree branch (this has special meaning considering said tree was that which Tigger had connected as his "family tree"), getting caught by the falling snow while throwing Rabbit to safety. At which point a mortified Roo [[CrisisMakesPerfect finally perfects the Whoopty-Dooper Loopty-Looper Alley-Ooper Bounce he'd continuously practiced and failed at throughout the film]] to find and revive Tigger.
* Pooh himself gets ''two'' [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome Moments of Awesome]] in the penultimate chapter of the original novel, when the forest is flooded; first when he makes a boat out of an empty honey pot and uses it to paddle all the way from his own house to Christopher Robin's, the second one when he gets a moment's flash of brilliance and suggests that they can make Christopher Robin's umbrella a boat so that both of them can row over to Piglet's house and rescue him.
* And in the sequel, ''The House At Pooh Corner,'' it's ''Piglet'' who gets two Moments of Awesome. The first, and by far the most dramatic one, is when Owl's house is knocked over in a storm, trapping Pooh, Piglet and Owl inside -- and Piglet is the only one small enough to squeeze out through the letterbox and go get help. The second one, which also happens in ''Many Adventures,'' is also the SugarWiki/{{Heartwarming Moment|s}} when he gives up his own house so that Owl will have a place to live.
* In ''Winnie The Pooh Boo to You Too'', Piglet has spent the entire movie literally afraid of his own shadow. Towards the end, Piglet sees Pooh stuck in a tree and Tigger and Eeyore are both in-costume trying to get him down, but Piglet thinks his friend is being attacked by spookables. So what's a small, timid animal to do? Why, pilot a homemade BambooTechnology mecha into battle and save his friend, of course!
* Pooh navigating his way out of the misty forests simply by listening to his honey pots at home call to him.
* In [[Disney/WinnieThePooh the 2011 film]], though it goes largely unacknowledged: Pooh manages to rub two brain cells together long enough to figure out that he can make a ladder out of the letters that fell into the pit, and does so, allowing everybody else climb out along with him.
** Also, in that movie, Tigger has finally been [[PromotedToOpeningCredits put in the title song.]] For fans of the 1973 movie, this always annoyed us.