* "The Stolen Smile":
** Carmen encounters a AngryGuardDog. She simply tells the dog to "Sit" in a firm tone, and the dog obeys instantly. Carmen Sandiego pulled a BavarianFireDrill on a canine.
** Ivy's [[KickChick leg strength]] is quite impressive. She manages to kick open a door held shut by a thick piece of lumber.
%%* "A Higher Calling":
%%* "Dinosaur Delirium":
* "Moondreams":
** Ivy wrestles an alligator in the Florida sewers.
* "By a Whisker":
** Carmen's [[SuicidalGotcha cool-as-a-cucumber plunge off of Victoria Falls]] at the end, waiting for her henchmen, who went over after her to catch her in the speedboat/airfoil.
%%* "The Good Old Bad Old Days":
%%* "Rules of the Game":
%%* "Chapter & Verse":
%%* "Music to My Ears":
%%* "The Play's the Thing":
%%* "Split Up":
%%* "A Date with Carmen" two-parter:
%%* "Skull and Double-Crossbones":
%%* "Hot Ice":
%%* "All for One":
%%* "Scavenger Hunt":
%%* "When It Rains":
%%* "Déjà Vu":
* "Boyhood's End" two-parter:
** Carmen giving [[spoiler:Lee Jordan]] an earful after he flings Zack and Ivy into the ocean at the start of Part 2. You ''do not threaten children, especially not these two in particular, in front of Carmen Sandiego''. Also heartwarming, since it demonstrates the odd bond between Carmen and the two detectives.
* "The Tigress":
** Zach and Ivy's plan. [[spoiler: Ivy, posing as the Tigress, has Carmen growing increasingly angry as objects she intends to steal are taken right out from under her.]]
** No less so, [[spoiler: Carmen's escape. She has been handcuffed, and is aboard a transport, surrounded by armed guards and Zach and Ivy. But she manages to use Ivy's rocket boots to make a hasty exit. And then she vanishes from sight, indicating that she was wise to the trap the whole time and had arranged an escape ahead of time.]]
* "The Remnants":
** Like "The Stolen Smile", [[KickChick Ivy]] manages to bust down a door held shut by a thick piece of lumber.
%%* "Labyrinth" trilogy:
%%* "Birds of a Feather":
%%* "Shaman Spirits":
%%* "Follow My Footprints":
%%* "Curses, Foiled Again":
* "[[ChristmasEpisode Just Like Old Times]]":
** Zack and Ivy try their hands at being {{Magnificent Bastard}}s by using a bit of subliminal manipulation to lure Carmen into a trap. Knowing that Carmen had already had two narrow escapes, they'd left a clue suggesting, ostensibly, the White House Christmas tree. However, the message used the phrase, "Skating on thin ice". Knowing that after a couple of close calls, White House security would be a bit too daunting for even Carmen Sandiego, and the tree at Rockefeller Plaza in New York would be an ideal famous tree for Carmen to nab, Zack and Ivy laid in wait for her there.
** Carmen then gets a moment of her own for still being able to make off with the famous tree.
* "Retribution" trilogy:
** Dr. Maelstrom in general is a meta example for being depicted using both [[StuffBlowingUp C4]] regularly, and even briefly breaking out an honest-to-goodness [[FireBreathingWeapon flamethrower]]. How often do you see either of those in a SaturdayMorningCartoon?
** In Part 2, Carmen constructs a Viking longboat solely off a postcard image reference.
** Also in Part 2, [[KickChick Ivy]] demonstrates her leg strength yet again as she frees herself from a pillory just by flexing her legs.
* "The Trial of Carmen Sandiego":
** Judge R.B. Traitor presses one of Ivy's {{Berserk Button}}s when he threatens to jail Carmen without a trial. Ivy, [[ShackleSeatTrap strapped by steel restraints to a heavy steel chair]], manages to stand up while protesting the lack of jurisprudence, straining at her restraints the whole time, and looking like she very well could burst them.
** Later on, Zack and Ivy engage in a bit of {{MacGyvering}}, making an atlatl from a busted chair leg, flinging a spear, which damages Carmen's escape vehicle while, at the same time, providing a zip line for Zach and Ivy to quickly get from a tower to the ground and take out the villains.
** Of particular note, Ivy uses [[KickChick her flying kicks]] to take down R.B. Traitor, a man who is quite muscular and at least twice her size, if not more.
%%* "[[HalloweenEpisode Trick or Treat]]":
%%* "Timing Is Everything":
%%* "[[ValentinesDayEpisode Cupid Sandiego]]":
%%* "Can You Ever Go Home Again?" two-parter: