!!For the film:

!!For the TV series:
* Hector's raid on Sweetwater. Sure, the entire battle was scripted to go his way, but you can't deny the massive free for all shootout was damn entertaining.
* He might be AmbiguouslyEvil, but Robert Ford is still a CoolOldGuy, and this is cemented by his interaction with Lee Sizemore at the end of "Chestnut". Robert manages to completely deflate the loathsome, back-biting egomaniac by completely denying his [[ClicheStorm cliched]], pulpy cheap thrill of a new storyline in a rather understated but eloquent way. It's like listening to a conversation between Creator/StanleyKubrick and Creator/MichaelBay.
-->'''Robert:''' The only thing your story tells me, Mr. Sizemore, is who ''you'' are.
* Sure, the Hosts may not be able to actually hurt him, but the Man in Black proves he's a {{Badass}} and a very good shot in his own right by ruthlessly taking down an armed posse and an entire town of bandits by himself, pulling off feats of marksmanship that would be impressive even with modern firearms. Two moments in particular is when he snipes a rifleman out of a church tower with his pistol and shoots a hiding mook straight through a wall.
** When William gets shot in episode 3, he gets knocked on his ass showing there's actual force behind their [[BuffySpeak not-bullets]]. The fact that the Man in Black was able to NoSell Teddy's shots in the first episode shows how {{Badass}} he is.
* Dolores has to go home by herself after Teddy is put on another storyline, to the usual end of her day discovering bandits have killed her family. Except this time, the leader dragging her off to the barn causes her to remember the Man in Black doing the same thing, giving her the willpower to overcome her neural block against using a gun. The robot rebellion has truly started now.
** An unintentional one for Bernard, who decided to not restart Dolores' original programming, which ultimately played a role in her not getting raped as the storyline intended.
* Marti, a guest introduced in "The Stray", upon [[spoiler: encountering Ford's new narrative, gets scared out of her wits. Then, very quickly, pulled herself together and fired back at the cultists attacking her and Teddy.]]
* The Man in Black singlehandedly breaking Hector out of jail, and then teaming up with him to rescue Lawrence from a posse (again).
* Dr. Robert Ford demonstrating to Theresa how he is essentially a god in Westworld by freezing every host in the vicinity merely by lifting his finger.