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* Ray [[spoiler: making the decision to kill Ogilvy]] is a pivotal moment for him. It says a lot about how far he'll go to keep Rachel safe.
--> '''Ray:''' Do you understand what I'm going to have to do? ''I can't let my daughter die because of you.''
** Rachel also gets one simply for keeping herself calm and making it all the way through her lullaby. Given how terrified she must have been, that's pretty impressive.
* Rachel gets one earlier, when she spots the signs that the Martians are about to attack the ferry. She may have saved hundreds of lives there.
* Ray [[spoiler: sends a FUCKING HAND GRENADE into the alien's tripod after being captured, by exploiting their method of selecting humans for draining.]]
** Bonus for the people in the cage saving him from being killed. The fact that many more could have been sucked away or possibly lost Ray had they not managed is in itself frightening, the fact that people saw a man about to be sucked away to his doom and got together, determined, and pulled him out alive is both [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Heartwarming]] [[RousseauWasRight in itself]] and even Awesome in that they also prevented HeroicSacrifice to get Ray to the end.
** Also before that, when he grabs a bag of grenades and starts throwing them at the tripod that took his daughter.
* The Marines on the hill deserve a mention here. Although they get their collective asses handed to them ''[[CurbStompBattle hard]]''. They still stand their ground to try and delay the advance of the Tripods until the civilians can get away. It also counts as a bit of Hearwarming because these Marines '''''KNEW''''' that from the moment they made contact, they weren't going to survive this fight.
** They get avenged later on [[spoiler: when an Army unit manages to catch a Tripod in a city, with its shields down, and THEY are packing Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles and Carl Gustov Recoiless Rifles. [[CurbStompBattle The fight goes about as well for the Tripod in question as it had been for the humans up to that point.]]]]
* Perhaps not as badass as the marines in the last example, but the conductors who direct crowds of refugees in various scenes, such as onto the ferry. We don't even know if they're employees or volunteers, but either way, they could have fled long ago and had a better chance of saving themselves; instead they stayed behind, to try to help others, and died.
* What ultimately ends up helping defeat the aliens in the end? Microbes and germs that the aliens don't have build up immunity and resistances compared to humans and the rest of the living beings who were born and raise on Earth. It goes to show in the end Mother Nature would always find a win or at least fight back with vengeance.