!!Scott Coleman gets multiple CMA's during Term Limits.
Firstly, the three way hit where all three targets, who are some of the most powerful men in Washington are killed with hardly any forensic evidence.

Next, Coleman's killing of the Speaker where he bypasses the Secret Service detail by setting off a smoke alarm allowing him to shoot the speaker with a sniper rifle over the heads of his bodyguards.

Then there was the terrifyingly coordinated prank on Marine One where Coleman manipulates the president's helicopters with flares in such a way that the two decoy helicopters are driven away leaving Marine One vulnerable.

Next, the kidnapping of Arthur Higgins, the consultant of the main antagonists from his mansion and giving the CIA Quick Reaction Force the slip.

* Mitch Rapp is a walking CrowningMomentOfAwesome

* When he's introduced, he conducts a perfect extraordinary rendition off Iran's coast and kidnaps Hezbollah's leader.

* In the Third Option, Mitch gets shot by someone trying to burn him. Without many resources he makes his way across Europe, back to the USA and angrily breaks into the DCI'S house.

* He later saves his unsuspecting girlfriend from the hit squad in their house with a judicious use of surprise and the CIA's surveillance technologies.

* Separation Of Power, Mitch steals Iraq's nuclear program from under it's nose.

* Dontenella Rahn killing one of the Mossad Kidon's sent after her.

* The demise of Albert Rudin by Hank Clark. Even though Clark is the main antagonist, you can't help but cheer as he shoves the JerkAss Rudin out his office window.

* The exposure of the conspiracy. Mitch kneecaps the SmugSnake Ben Freidman, while Dontenella Rahn poisons Hank Clark.

* Memorial Day. Mitch and a team of helicopter pilot's get a nuclear bomb away from Washington DC fast enough and then get clear as it detonates.

* Consent To Kill. Mitch's RoaringRampageOfRevenge. All of it. Despite showing that he's gone off the deep end, his use of KillItWithFire on Eric Abel counts.

* Act Of Treason. Irene Kennedy poisons the vice president of the united states in the oval office without anyone being the wiser.

* Protect And Defend. The destruction of Iran's nuclear program by an enterprising Mossad Agent.
Mitch killing most of the team sent to kidnap Irene Kennedy. Despite failing to stop the kidnapping itself, he killed more than 30 people with a strategic use of his surroundings and a RealLife use of GunsAkimbo

* The kidnapping itself. The main antagonist uses his resources in such a way that he kills off the mercenaries guarding Irene while delaying the Quick Reaction Force from getting to the ambush site in time through a well placed mortar

* Mitch, facing down Wade Kline [[spoiler:while in jail, gets out of his handcuffs while the lawyer is sneering and mocking him, then grabs Kline's tie, pins him to the wall, and asks:]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Mitch''': Who's the tough guy now?]]

** David's storyline in ''Executive Power''. His colossal BatmanGambit is able to manipulate the U.S. into considering supporting a Palestinian state.

* American Assassin has several. From a young Mitch beating the legendary Stan Hurley in a fight to the CIA's associate helping them steal Hezbollah, Hamas and the Russian SVR's money.

** Hurley's torture scene during ''American Assasin''. He keeps making ''hilarious'' wisecracks and insults about the people torturing him and eventually tricks his torturer into getting close and promptly bites his ear off.

* KillShot: Mitch gets attacked by multiple hostile armed with Heckler And Koch [=MP5=] submachineguns. He still wipes the floor with them due to their arrogance, the surroundings and his training.

** In ''Transfer of Power'', when President Hayes (not that [[UsefulNotes/RutherfordBHayes one]], but close!) is finally brought back into contact with the world outside his bunker in the White House and delivers a much needed rebuke to miserably incompetent Vice President Sherman Baxter, thoroughly dispatching him from Commander-in-Chief status.