[[folder: 1969 Version ]]

* This exchange, and the shootout that ensues, is JustForFun/MadeOfWin.
-->'''Rooster''': I aim to kill you in one minute, or see you hanged at Fort Smith at Judge Parker's convience. Which will it be?
-->'''Ned Pepper''': I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man!
** Yeah, you expect Rooster is going to execute a clever plan or unexpected gambit or some Hollywood kind of magic bullet that saves the day for him, but when they start shooting it begins to sink in that he does not; he just rides head on against four guys, knowing that they will probably kill him before he can kill them. The 300 Spartans didn't have to be that fearless, they knew they had to die to keep their people safe, they had no choice. Rooster takes a ''chance'' - it works out as well as it can, but ''he doesn't know if it will work at all'', and does it anyway. His part is "rash", indeed.


[[folder: 2010 version ]]

* Mattie [[spoiler:shooting Chaney. Creator/ClintEastwood himself couldn't have done a better job]].
** Rooster [[spoiler: taking on Ned Pepper's foursome Guns Akimbo and nearly winning singlehandedly.]]
** [=LaBeouf=] [[spoiler: coming back to save Mattie from Chaney and shoot down Ned Pepper.]]