->'''Megatron''': ''Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?''
->'''Optimus Prime''': ''[[ShutUpHannibal You'll never stop at one.]] '''[[OneManArmy I will take you all on.]]'''''

[[folder:Works With Their Own Pages]]
* ''Awesome/TheTransformers'' (TV series, 1984-1987; and comic book series, 1984-1991)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersTheMovie'' (1986)
* ''Awesome/TransformersGeneration2'' (1993-1994)
* ''Awesome/BeastWars'' (1996-1999)
* ''Awesome/BeastMachines'' (1999-2001)
* ''Awesome/TransformersRobotsInDisguise'' (2001-2002)
* ''Awesome/TransformersArmada'' (2002-2003)
* ''Awesome/TransformersEnergon'' (2004)
* ''Awesome/TransformersCybertron'' (2005)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersMegaseries'' (2005-2007)
* ''Awesome/TransformersAnimated'' (2007-2009)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersAllHailMegatron'' (2008-2009)
* ''Awesome/TransformersShatteredGlass'' (2008-)
* ''Awesome/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen'' (2009)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersIDW'' (2009-2011)
* ''Awesome/TransformersWingsOfHonor / Generation 2 Redux'' (2009-)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersLastStandOfTheWreckers'' (2010)
* ''Awesome/TransformersWarForCybertron'' (2010)
* ''Awesome/TransformersPrime'' (2010-)
* ''Awesome/TransformersDarkOfTheMoon'' (2011)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersRobotsInDisguise'' (2012)
* ''Awesome/TransformersRescueBots'' (2012-)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersMoreThanMeetsTheEye'' (2012-)
* ''Awesome/TransformersFallOfCybertron'' (2012)
* ''Awesome/TransformersGo'' (2012)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersDarkCybertron'' (2013-2014)
* ''Awesome/TransformersAgeOfExtinction'' (2014)
* ''Awesome/TransformersDevastation'' (2015)
* ''Awesome/TransformersRobotsInDisguise2015'' (2015)


[[folder:''Transformers'' live-action film series]]

[[folder: ''Transformers'' (2007) ]]

* Blackout laying waste to the SOCCENT base in the beginning of the film
** The commander of the base gets a mild one for managing to cut the information feed off from him.
* Frenzy hacking and sneaking off Air Force One by doing the following:
-->'''1:''' Casually walking into an elevator, shifting to boombox mode and fooling an unsuspecting hostess.
-->'''2:''' Avoiding being detected when he's ''right next'' to said hostess. In robot mode.
-->'''3:''' Planting a virus into [=AF1=] and the Pentagon, then single-handedly killing the guards that come to investigate.
-->'''4:''' Strutting right past a multitude of cops, then getting into Barricade's car mode and [[FlippingTheBird flipping them]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny all off.]]
* Optimus killing Bonecrusher by stabbing him in the face with a sword, then decapitating him.
** During his fight with Bonecrusher, Bonecrusher punched Optimus, who simply shrugged it off. Then, he returned with one of his own, so hard that you see in slow-motion ''Bonecrusher's eye popping out''.
** And killing Barricade immediately afterwards (made it into [[ComicBookAdaptation the comic and novel adaptations]], but ended up getting cut somehow in the actual movie)
** "[[CatchPhrase Freedom is the right of all sentient beings]]."
* This exchange between Agent Simmons and Captain Lennox:
-->'''Simmons''': "I'm gonna to count to five."\\
'''Lennox''': *shoves gun against Agent's chest* "I'm gonna to count to ''three''."
* Captain Lennox is pretty cool throughout the movie, but his [=CMoA=] is definitely during the final battle, where he charges Blackout on a motorcycle at high speed, jumps off the motorcycle and ''slides under'' Blackout to deliver a point-blank shot with a grenade launcher.
* The fact that Shia [=LaBeouf=] as Sam improvised most of his rant about how the Autobots were messing up the backyard, and Peter Cullen, recording his lines in some studio miles away, goes 'Calm down, calm down' in perfect comedic timing.
* Probably the moment when you realize just how insane the fights were going to be was the first robot confrontation between Bumblebee and Barracade. Bumblebee stands protecting Sam and Mikaela and Barricade leaps forward like a predatory animal and kicks Bumblebee in the face, sending him flying into the distance. Bumblebee looks up, shakes it off and rolls back to his feet and returns the favor in one swift motion.
** Made even better when Sam and Mikaela are driving away in the unhurt Bumblebee-- and Barricade is lying on his back as mostly twisted wreckage. Bumblebee is a FEROCIOUS animal when Sam is in danger.
** In the prelude to their fight, when Bumblebee first rescues Sam and Mikaela before driving off, the follow-up shot of Barricade storming out of the garage, and transforming into his car mode to pursue while charging at the camera ''elicited applause''.
* Ironhide using his cannons to propel himself in the air and somersaulting in mid-air. And that was before dodging missiles from Brawl, while transforming.
* Another one goes to Ratchet who uses a buzzsaw. to cut off one of Brawl's arms.
* How about when the Sector Seven agents are taking the kids away, and suddenly their car is lifted several feet into the air by a 30 foot pissed off robot? While the agents can just stare up at Optimus, Prime delivers a line that would make a sane man shit himself: "Taking the children was a ''bad move''.... Autobots, relieve them of their weapons." Prime scorning these humans who had moments before been total dicks, followed by Jazz using a massive magnet to hijack all of the Agent's weapons and reducing them to being nothing more than fleshy slag, is quite endearing.
-->'''Sam Witwicky''': I'd like to introduce my friend, Optimus Prime.
* The F-22 attack on Megatron stands as one for the US military. He had been in an even fight with Optimus Prime, but a single salvo of human missiles brought him to his knees.
* Starscream taking on several F-22s, seamlessly shifting between his jet and robot form, and destroying about half of them [[spoiler: before hiding among them and seemingly taking part in the attack on Megatron]].
** A few minutes earlier, Starscream plays SteppingStonesInTheSky with F-22s.
* Any scene with Megatron in the first movie. ''Any''. Let's just start with when the big guy is unfrozen. '''"[[OhCrap I. AM. MEGATRON!]]"''', he says before he begins a RoaringRampageOfRevenge.
* Mikaela driving Bumblebee in the big finale.
* The U.S. military gets one early in the movie with their coordinated ground forces, A-10, and AC-130, forcing Scorponok to actually retreat, leaving a piece of itself behind.
** The [[BadassBystander villagers]] get one too. They could have been hostile to the U.S Special Forces team, and they wouldn't have been unjustified in feeling that they brought Scorponok to them. Instead, they start grabbing bolt action rifles and revolvers and fight alongside Lennox and his team despite their own comparatively pitiful firepower.
* The first time we see Optimus transform from his truck mode to robot mode, [[SugarWiki/MostWonderfulSound and Peter Cullen speaks]].


[[folder:Dreamwave Transformers comics]]
* In a ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' vs. ''Franchise/GIJoe'' comic set in WorldWarII, Grimlock and Roadblock are hanging onto a cliff, and Grimlock is starting to slip. He tries to get Roadblock to save himself, that he'd try to hold on long enough for him to get up, but Roadblock refuses:
--> "Did you say ''TRY?'' We don't ''try'' around here, soldier -- do you hear me? We don't try, and we don't ''quit!'' NOW ''REACH!'' ''GRAB'' THAT DIRT! You are a lean, mean, climbing machine, and you are going nowhere but up! Sound off! I want to hear you say it -- 'Me, Grimlock, going up!'"
* In the second Generation 1 mini-series, Ultra Magnus takes down Menasor while still in truck mode. He does this by hurling insults to each of the Stunticons that make the Combiner. This drives Menasor insane and allows Ultra Magnus to catch air and ram Menasor IN THE FACE.

[[folder:IDW Transformers comics]]
* In Spotlight: Metroplex, Sixshot hunts the Throttlebots through (unbeknownst to him) Metroplex's alleyways. Just as he's about to kill off one of the Throttlebots for good, [[spoiler:Metroplex pops his arm out and pounds Sixshot full-force into the ground with his fist]]. And then Sixshot ''stands up again''. So [[spoiler:Metroplex transforms into his ridiculously gigantic robot mode and ''steps'' on Sixshot]]. (In a splash panel spanning two entire pages, no less.) At the end of the issue we see that Sixshot [[spoiler:is still ''alive and moving'' after all that, albeit quite crushed and mangled]]. Really it's a case of both the good and bad guy getting a moment of awesome at the same time.
* In the {{Steampunk}} story ''Hearts of Steel'', Creator/MarkTwain manages to single-handedly defeat Ravage with a lit cigar and a gas-filled house.