->''London VTS, this is Red Cougar, requesting permission to pass through the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thames_Flood_Barrier barrier]] [[{{Understatement}} at speed.]]''
-->-- '''Jeremy Clarkson''', in a CoolBoat

The "[[Series/TopGear poky little motoring show]] on Creator/{{BBC}}-2" may be quite a laugh, but it is often more...
* Each presenter has one or two according to the opening title montage:
** From Series 11 to Series 18, Hammond had the Bugatti Veyron/Eurofighter Typhoon race and his attempt at driving a UsefulNotes/FormulaOne car; May had the Reliant Robin shuttle launch; and Clarkson had the Peel P50, his "giant Panda" limo conversion, and the race across London during morning rush hour.
** As of Series 19, they've changed: Hammond has the Porche 911 vs. Dropped VW Beetle Race and the Marauder road test; James has the epic jump from his stunt drive with Ken Block; and Clarkson has the Royal Marine beach landing with the Ford Fiesta, and the Reliant Robin "test drive."


[[folder: Cheap Car Challenges ]]

* The trio driving a 1,000-mile trek across Botswana, Africa in cars bought for £1,500, said feat including the first crossing of the Makgadikgadi Pan by car.
** Within this Crowning ''Episode'' of Awesome, this trope crosses with [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments its heartwarming twin]] on a number of occasions, but most especially when Hammond arrives after a hard night's work trying to save Oliver, his Opel Kadett...having succeeded.
-->'''Clarkson''': Is that technically possible?
-->'''Hammond''': Probably not.
** No less notable was during the final stretch, when Hammond and May were waiting to see if Jeremy would be forced to take the Beetle at the last minute.
* During the Vietnam special, when during the oral exam ''in Vietnamese'' Clarkson becomes the only one of the three to get his question right.
-->'''Hammond''' [''as Clarkson sits, relieved'']: How the hell did -- what did you just do?\\
'''Clarkson:''' Eighteen. It's eighteen years old.\\
'''Hammond:''' How did you know?\\
'''Clarkson:''' It's the age you're allowed to ride your motorbike. It's what she asked me; the answer's eighteen.\\
'''Hammond:''' But -- how did you know what she asked?\\
'''Clarkson''' [''incredulously'']: Did you not bother learning Vietnamese before you came here?
* The trek across South America. The fact that they ''made it'' with two out of the three cars still in one piece (and the third only due to a freak accident) speaks volumes.
** What's even more amazing is that they made it at all after almost dying of hypoxia at the high altitudes.
* The first USA special, both when all three presenters had to drive through Alabama with variously offensive slogans painted on their cars (and all three avoided getting shot by a truck full of rednecks) and when Clarkson set off looking for roadkill for dinner and returned with ''a full cow'' strapped to the roof of his car (set to music from ''Film/LawrenceOfArabia'', no less).
** And in a meta-example, having reached the challenge destination of New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina they scrubbed the "resell your cars and get points for any profit or at least minimal loss" portion and donated the vehicles. Clarkson later wrote that someone nearly sued him while he was in New Orleans. Why? He'd gotten the year wrong on his car. [[UngratefulBastard Never mind that he was DONATING a fucking car in the first place]].
* In the police car challenge, Clarkson dueling the Stig in a Fiat Coupe with added wheel spikes.
* In the second Africa cheap car challenge, Hammond once again manages to makeshift repair his car over night.
** Also building a raft and getting their cars safely across a river.
** Finally any of the three cars actually making the trip, despite all the damage and age.
* In the "Hot Hatchbacks of our Youth" challenge in the first episode of Series 21, Jeremy proves that he's sprier than he seems by starting his car up to speed down a runway, climbing out the window of the moving vehicle, crawling across the roof, and climbing back in from the other side before it stops. Followed by a "Don't Try This At Home Nostalgia Trip" with the trio performing various stupid stunts from their youth, including musical chairs while driving and Richard and Jeremy standing on the roof of a moving vehicle while James drives.
* In the Burma special, not only did they manage to construct a ''sixty-metre-long'' bridge in just two weeks, all three of their lorries (including Hammond's, which weighed 7 1/2 tonnes ''before'' modifications) successfully managed to cross with only minimal damage to the bridge. And that was after a punishing 1200-mile drive that included them being among the first Westerners ''ever'' to set foot in the war-torn (and yet stunningly picturesque) Shan region. Granted, they [[CriticalResearchFailure built the bridge over the]] ''wrong'' river (the River [[AccidentalInnuendo Kok]] instead of the [[Film/TheBridgeOnTheRiverKwai River Kwai]]), but it's still a monumental achievement.
* In the final Top Gear challenge with the original trio, Jeremy is so determined [[ItMakesSenseInContext to not be an after dinner speaker]], he saws his 4 by 4 in half and rides the front half the rest of the way to the finish line after it got stuck.
* Generally speaking - as mentioned above, Richard's skill at car repair: he's managed to render he's co-workers speechless numerous times with his ability to keep cars working when they should otherwise be utterly shot:
** The above mentioned repair of Oliver during the first Africa special; the entirety of the engine bay was essentially flooded and ruined - fixed and replaced overnight.
** The constant maintenance of his Toyota Land Cruiser in the Bolivia Special; keeping it running until it was basically dragging itself along (with a shattered diff, no clutch, and a myriad of other issues) all to the very last challenge when it was ''finally'' beyond even ''his'' ability.
** Arguably the least troublesome vehicle he'd had in these - managing to take care of the water damage done to his motorbike (of his own doing) during the Vietnam Special.
** His miraculous repair of his Subaru in the second Africa special; somehow managing to fix the wheels which were turned in completely opposite directions from his steering wheel.
** Finally, much like the Land Cruiser, his constant maintenance on his chosen Mustang during the Patagonia special; a car which was riddled with constant problems all the way through the run from the start, unlike the Land Cruiser which got problems gradually.


[[folder: Races ]]

* Clarkson taking the Nissan GT-R to race the bullet train across Japan. What sealed the deal was Jeremy's genuine disbelief that he ''did it:''
-->'''Clarkson:''' ''(catching his breath)'' ...car just beat the bullet train...
* The car vs. boat vs. bike vs. train across rush-hour London. Especially the finale of the race being set to Globus's [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic ''Preliator'']].
* Jeremy Clarkson's lap of the Nürburgring in the Jaguar S-Type Diesel. The challenge was to run the lap from bridge to gantry in under 10 minutes. As the second day of his trial was closing, as he finally began to learn the track, he managed to crack it ... with ''literally'' [[JustInTime one second to spare]]!
** (This being ''Top Gear'', of course, Clarkson soon got his comeuppance: [[BadassDriver Sabine Schmitz]], who had been instructing him, told him, "I do that time in a ''van''". And her first lap in the Jag? Nine minutes, ''twelve'' seconds.)
** Oh, and Top Gear didn't forget her retort, either. 10:08.49 in a ''Ford Transit van'' -- all of ''ten seconds'' shy of Clarkson's time. Even with her not quite making good on the boast, [[SmugSnake Clarkson]] couldn't mock that.
* Top Gear's entry to the Britcar 24 Hour Endurance Race -- for all three Presenters, the Stig, and particularly for ''Steve'', director of the "Top Gear Technology Centre". When the engine blew out during May's nighttime practice laps, Steve led his team in a complete engine rebuild in twelve hours to get the car out of the garage ''just'' in time to stay in the race. And the team didn't let Steve down, either: despite being the ''only'' car in the field with a "Novice" sticker, having built their car on a low budget, and using ''biodiesel'' to power it, they took third in their class of five. Also counts as a very heartwarming moment, especially Jeremy's celebrations inside the vehicle after the race.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top_Gear_Race_to_the_North The Race to the North]] -- in which the train Clarkson helped stoke actually ''set records'' for preserved steam locomotive operation in Britain.
* As if the G Whiz wasn't enough of a ButtMonkey on the show, on one episode Hammond and the Stig race to see what's faster. The G Whiz...or a remote-controlled RC car. With both driving their cars with remote controls, the Stig at first plays dirty by running over Hammond's car. Hammond, in response, gets out another car, has it catch up to the G Whiz and drive under the car...then detonate the explosives he had strapped to the RC car.
* Series 16, Episode 6: The sunset to sunrise race. In Jeremy's own words, "[[CoolCar A big Jag]] vs. {{God}}". [[spoiler:''And the Jag wins'']].
* Series 20, Episode 2: A pair of free runners vs. a trials bike in a race through the BBC television studios. With plenty of gratuitous slow motion.
* James and Richard ''finally'' winning a race against Jeremy after losing every other time in the race to Milan.
* Series 21, Episode 2: Hammond in an Alfa Romeo 4C vs. Jeremy on a powerful quadbike, racing from one end of Lake Como in Italy to the other. The race is unremarkable (and totally one-sided in Hammond's favour) right up until Jeremy "accidentally" drives into Lake Como. At this point, in true James Bond fashion, the quadbike is shown ''converting into a jetski'', before Clarkson drives off [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic to the strains of the James Bond theme]]. The whole sequence is just sheer unadulterated awesome, and Hammond's reaction as Clarkson passes him is ''priceless''.
* Clarkson and May being the first humans in history to travel to the North Pole by ''car''. Particularly May, due to being;
--> '''Clarkson''': The first person to go to the North Pole, who ''didn't'' want to be there!
* The single-tank economy race from Basel, Switzerland to Blackpool, United Kingdom. They were all to choose the car they would take on the race.
** Hammond - Believed that the car most likely to make it was the fastest car with the appropriate fuel-economy required to make the 1,321(km)/821(mile) trip and chose the [[MightyGlacier Volkswagen Polo]].
** Clarkson - Thought no unmodified car had a the slightest chance of making it so opted to get the most enjoyable car he could, and one that would run out of gas the closest to his front door and choose the [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption Jaguar XJ]].
** May - Considered using the Polo but felt it was to predictable, boring, and slow (that or the producers didn't want the hosts to use two of the same car). May still wanted to win though so he went for the middle road and choose the [[GoldenMeanFallacy Subaru Legacy]].
** From the start, Hammond and May were doing everything they could to make the fuel last, from managing tire pressure, to meticulously planning their routes, shedding as much weight as possible, to holding their bladder till they reached the Chunnel. Clarkson gunned it from the start and wasted as much fuel and power as possible. When he realized that he had passed his home and still had plenty of fuel he reaffirmed his position, if he really had the chance to win he was going to really try. The race had the slowest and most frustrating (for Clarkson) lead change in Top Gear (and most likely race) history. In the end Hammond made it first and Clarkson was right behind him. May having chosen a longer route to avoid possible traffic was 45 minutes late. The amazing thing is they all made it, though The Stig stole Hammond's moment. They all acknowledge that it's incredible that Jeremy's Jag made it despite his uneconomical driving, and it was even found that after the race, there was enough left in it to do ''another 120 miles''. Just... wow.


[[folder: Other Challenges ]]

* In the British Leyland challenge, each presenter got 1200 quid, [=OF THEIR OWN MONEY=], they'll remind you, to buy examples of what they think are good Leyland products, and they could "win" money back by accomplishing various challenges. At the end, James May is...[[spoiler: [[DidntSeeThatComing He's twenty pounds in the black!]]]]
* Crossing the English Channel in a Nissank; especially as things had gone so badly beforehand, and they almost rolled it getting ashore.
* Successfully turning a car into A SPACE SHUTTLE. (Okay, yes, it crashed, but consider what it took to even get it to the point it took off in the first place.)
* When the boys were invited to face off against German motoring show ''D Motor'', [[spoiler:they arrive aboard ''Spitfires'', and then switch into ''Aston Martins''[[labelnote:*]]Jeremy in a DBS, Richard in a DB9, and James in the classic DB5[[/labelnote]]. To the tune of the main theme from ''Film/BattleOfBritain'', no less.]] Also very much a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}}. Things just got progressively more awesome and ridiculous from there on in.
* Clarkson and May reaching the North Pole in a Toyota pick-up, and drinking gin and tonic while doing it.
** And during the Polar Special, after he and Clarkson have been scared all day that they would fall through the ice, Clarkson is quietly agonizing over their possible routes to the pole (one just as bad as the one they'd covered; the other possibly worse). May calmly produces one gourmet food item after another (quail eggs, foie gras, aged cheese, salmon eggs, and ultimately a bottle of Chablis), until he finally breaks Clarkson's cycle of panic. Much like the man himself, it was pure understated awesome.
* James May's segment in which he takes a Bugatti Veyron to its top speed: the ''[[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey 2001]]''[=/=]''Film/{{Stargate}}'' pastiche as he maxes out (at 253 mph) is pure Win. The musical accompaniment, compiled from the soundtracks of ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'', ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'', and ''Film/BramStokersDracula'', just adds to the awesomeness.
* The sequel, where James May gets to test out the Bugatti Veyron Super-Sport, and managed to [[spoiler:push it past the Bugatti engineers' theorised top speed of 258mph, hitting an average top speed of 261mph]], though, his glory was short-lived, as [[spoiler:Bugatti's test driver took it for another run afterwards and set an average top speed of 267mph]]. To crown it all off, [[spoiler:the Super-Sport then set a new Power Lap record in the Stig's hands of 1:16.8]].
** Like [[spoiler:Cameron Diaz's new record in the Reasonably Priced Car being immediately beaten by Tom Cruise's time]].
* James May, trained pianist, recreates the Top Gear Theme Song with engine noises.
* Turning a farm combine into a snowplough, and ploughing out 5 kilometers of road too insane for the Norwegians to do it themselves.
** Well the Norwegians have always viewed the English as especially mad Norwegians.
** Spontaneously combusting a man.


[[folder: Car Tests ]]

* Jeremy Clarkson sets out to perform a proper, serious road test of a car, like Top Gear used to do in the old days. This test concludes with Clarkson participating in a mock beach assault with the Royal Marines. ''In a Ford Fiesta''.
* The next year, Clarkson heads off to another such road test, this time of a Renault Twingo 133 - with which he does a barrel roll in a Belfast sewer. ''Successfully''.
* In Series 21 while testing the new Golf GTi vs. the BMW M135i, Jeremy suddenly loses control during a drag race at 120 miles per hour. Apart from a small curse, he looks utterly stoic and mostly a little confused as he spins and smashes through the grass until the car bumps to a halt.


[[folder: Guests ]]

* Just how "Gambon corner" got its name.
* [[spoiler: Michael Schumacher]] coming onto ''Top Gear''. Which then turns into a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}} when we see that he has no idea where he's going.
* Jay Leno's guest appearance.
* The Stig's record gets beaten. [[spoiler: By [[UsefulNotes/FormulaOne Rubens Barrichello]]]].
** To put this in perspective: four champions[[note]] Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton, and Jenson Button, twice[[/note]] [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and Mark Webber]] all failed to beat the Stig, yet the LongRunner who's never won a championship did it.
** Mind you, Hamilton set his time on a wet track, didn't take the thing seriously at all (he starts singing at one point!) and was ''still'' only a few tenths slower than the Stig. That in itself is pretty awesome, but then he came back a few years later [[spoiler: and beat the Stig's time ''by 1.5 seconds''.]]
** Mind you, the first time Hamilton did his lap he did cut at least one corner (Hammerhead, helping his line and exit quite a bit), and between the Stig's lap and Lewis' second lap the track had been partly resurfaced and seemed faster overall. Ever since Rubens beat the Stig, [[spoiler: four other drivers have managed it as well, including Sebastien Vettel, Mark Webber, the aforementioned Lewis Hamilton, and Daniel Ricciardo.]]
* In the next episode, the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment saw a new record when [[spoiler: Cameron Diaz ran a 1:45.2 in the Kia Cee'd ... only for Creator/TomCruise to beat her a minute later with a time of 1:44.2 seconds! [[BadassDriver And on two wheels too!]]]]
* Billy Baxter, who is 100% blind, makes a power lap in the Liana -- and beats the times of two of the previous guest stars.
* In the 'Ashes' challenge against the Top Gear Australia team, Hammond is given a Transit van which proves to easily win the race against the Aussies' V8 UTE...thanks to the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar_XJ220 Jaguar XJ220]] engine in the back. Doubles as a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}} thanks to Clarkson's comment when the Australians open the back of the van:
--> '''Clarkson:''' You see? It beat you even though it was carrying this very heavy engine!
* In episode 18x07, where the Star In A Reasonably-Priced Car is Slash from Guns & Roses, the theme tune for the closing credits is played by Slash himself. While standing atop the indestructible Toyota Hilux. With lots of dry ice.
* Mark Webber coming within 0.2 seconds of a tie with Lewis Hamilton for the fastest lap on the F1 board...despite spending most of the lap screwing around, looking at the scenery, and taking his hands off the wheel.


[[folder: Other ]]

* The Top Gear crew ask: "Is a [[DamageProofVehicle Toyota Hilux]][[note]]Closest equivalent is the Tacoma in the U.S. and Japan[[/note]] really indestructible?" in three separate segments over two episodes. The answer? Yes. Yes, it is.
** The fact that [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVqQw1OCMXg Top Gear footage]] was later used in one of the ''official'' commercials.
** For the record, the Toyota Hilux in question survived being driven down a set of concrete stairs, being submerged in the ocean for hours[[note]]accidentally. The line holding the Hilux to the shore broke ater the tide raised too much. They had to use scuba divers to recover it.[[/note]], being dropped from a crane, having a trailer dropped on it ''by'' a crane, being driven through another trailer, being hit with a wrecking ball, being '''set on fire''', and for the piece-de-resistance, being chained to the roof of a 22-story building that was then '''''demolished'''''. After every instance, it was able to be started again and driven after a few minutes' work[[note]]Reconnecting disconnected cables, etc.[[/note]] by a mechanic not allowed to use any replacement parts[[note]]The only part they ''had to'' replace was the windshield, since the first one got lost when the Hilux was submerged in the ocean. It was not only illegal, but very dangerous to drive the Hilux without it.[[/note]] and restricted only to a few simple hand tools. The Indestructible Toyota Hilux currently resides in a place of honor in the Top Gear studio, atop a dais. And how did they get it on that dais? '''''They drove it into the studio.'''''
* The first Motorhome Grand Prix.
* James May showed up on [[Creator/GordonRamsay Gordon Ramsay's]] ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTOfhQ_SZEg F-Word]]'' program and Ramsay put him through a "manliness test," involving: drinking snake whiskey, and eating a bull's penis and fermented (rotten) shark. May made it through the test without so much as a twitch, while Ramsay had to snatch a bucket away from him and puke into it in the end, prompting May to grin and say: "You disappoint me, Ramsay!" He also ([[DrunkenMaster whilst]] ''[[DrunkenMaster drunk]]'') defeated Ramsay in the recipe challenge segment, after Ramsay had made fun of May's fish pie and joked that it would never win, ever, and he'd give up cooking if James won. JB comes back with the results and James won, which utterly stunned Chef Ramsay.
--> '''May''': (''to Ramsay after the judge pronounced James the winner'') Are you any good at driving?
* James May coming to America to take a drive with Rally Car Legend and co-founder of DC shoes, Ken Block in his tricked out Subaru. Then Ricky Carmichael shows up and races them on his dirtbike.
* Kif the one armed sound man, "He once fought a shark. He ''lost'', but anyway..."
* Up until the crash, Richard Hammond's jet-powered dragster piece. Hammond's reaction of "I feel so ''alive''" is a FunnyAneurysmMoment ''averted'' due to sheer awesomeness. Even the crash counts as an awesome moment for Hammond, as he managed to come back from a horrific accident and ''brain damage'' to continue filming Top Gear like nothing had happened. Because it happened in between series, he ''didn't miss a single episode''.
* Anything the Stig does. Ever.
* Clarkson's absurdly over-the-top 50th birthday party for the E-Type Jaguar, which involved spelling out the letter E in cars atop the White Cliffs of Dover, a flypast by Spitfires, skydivers carrying huge Union Jacks, a military band and a pair of Royal Marines abseiling down the cliff to plant another flag.
* Their {{Retraux}} intro for [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLp4FhDAfQk a seventies action show called ''The Interceptors''.]]
* Introducing "Silverstone on Ice" to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErNxh5GTNIo Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Opening]] when they faced off the Ferrari FF against the Bentley Continental on ice. While this track is sadly not present in the iTunes version, it is replaced by the equally stunning [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRLdhFVzqt4 Heart of Courage]] by Two Steps From Hell and is no less awesome for it.
* The start of series 16; Clarkson first announces they have decided not to take part in the global economic crisis and then they show a preview of the series. The preview starts with the sound of helicopter blades...and then the opening chords to AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" plays. Awesomeness ensues.
* Doubling as a SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments: in series 17, Hammond did a segment about a rally car team made up of war amputees who were attempting to qualify for the Dakar Rally, one of the most difficult rally races in the world. Come the first episode of series 19, not only do we find that the team ''qualified'' for the Rally, but they '''finished''' it as well, a feat that not even some of the able-bodied teams in the Rally were able to accomplish.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmcmqTAu6b8 The finale to series 20]]: a celebration of all of the vehicles Britain has made, done through collecting them on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. What appears is a menagerie of what looks like ''hundreds'' of vehicles of every shape, from ice cream vans, lawnmowers, backhoes, and cargo trucks to classic Morgans, record-breaking dragsters, [=McLarens=], and Aston-Martins. There's at least one military vehicle, both Ariel Atoms, and the New Bus For London. It's capped off by the presenters in Union Jack-bearing Jaguars driving down the line to end the episode.
** Made even better by scenes of the British-based F1 teams sending their cars literally screaming down civilian roads and weaving through traffic on the way.
** There's also a blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse of the prototype Bloodhound SSC parked in the lineup.
* From Series 22, there's the trip to Australia. All three cars make it successfully across the Outback without breaking down once.
** The sheer size of the farm they reach at the end. When they get to the drive, it takes them ''two hours'' to get from the gate to the farmhouse, and the whole farm covers ''3.2 MILLION acres'', housing 64,000 cows. Yes, 64,000. To put that into perspective, the farm is the same size as Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, AND Kent, COMBINED.
-->'''Clarkson:''' It's the same size as the South East of England!