* Michael calling out Ron:
--> '''Dorothy''': I have a name.\\
'''Ron''': Oh, Jesus.\\
'''Dorothy''': No, Dorothy.
* Creator/BillMurray insisted his name not be on posters or ads so that he wouldn't take attention away from Hoffman and the rest of the cast.
* Michael's glorious piece of {{Improv}} when he derails the live episode to tell "Emily"'s entire backstory so that he can reveal himself to be "Edward". Even though he probably had time to prepare some of it beforehand, there are moments when he completely loses his way and is clearly winging it ("In fact, she was so terrified that she would, uh, that, uh, that, that, that the baby daughter would bear the stigma of illegitimacy that she, she - she decided to change her name and she contracted a disfiguring disease...after moving to ''Tangiers''..." etc.) Then when he finally gets it back on track and makes it to TheReveal, it's funny and awesome at the same time.