!!The Film
* As Blofeld has one treacherous lackey killed during the SPECTRE meeting, Largo just looks at the results with an amused and nonchalant look on his face. For him, this is just another day at the office.
* [[EvilRedhead Fiona]] Volpe {{Lampshading}} and gleefully mocking the SexFaceTurn:
-->'''Fiona:''' But of course, I forgot your ego, Mr. BondJamesBond, who only has to make love to a woman, and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. [[HighHeelFaceTurn She repents, and turns to the side of right and virtue]]...\\
''[she steps on Bond's foot]''\\
... but not this one!
* The frogmen battle.
* The final battle on the Disco Volante. How awesome is it? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B20JnEhfyk This awesome.]]
** The final explosion was so huge that it destroyed all the windows in a town 30 miles away.
* [[TheDogBitesBack Domino shooting Largo.]]
* Maybe not in the film itself, but Music/TomJones' IncrediblyLongNote at the end of the theme song, which only ends because he ''fainted''.
* Bond's jetpack-powered escape? Not an effect. It was the Bell/Textron Rocket Belt, tested for the Army and Air Force, but ultimately proved AwesomeButImpractical for actual flight.
* Ending (which averts the usual "Bond kissing the girl" shtick), where Bond and Domino get rescued by being lifted up by a balloon, which gets hooked by a plane. Cue the James Bond theme.
** And this was 'before' ''Film/TheDarkKnight'' did almost the exact same thing
* Bond shooting Vargas attempting to sneak up on him with a harpoon gun.
-->'''Bond:''' [[BondOneLiner I think he got the point]].

!!The Novel
* Domino's underwater rescue of Bond, with light framing her (and her hair) almost angelically as she saves Bond. There's no dialogue, of course, but it more than makes up for it by actually portraying the massive trauma and exhaustion she had to overcome in the process.
** Keep in mind that she's been violently tortured by Largo beforehand, tied to a bed naked and burned/freezed for hours. It's revealed later that despite the pain she was in, Domino somehow managed to break out, possibly even fought her way through the ship's guards or stealthily snuck past all of them, then stole diving equipment and a harpoon gun and saved Bond's ass.
-->'''Leiter:''' Maybe you'd care to take that girl along? Hell, she's the one that rates the medals! The guts! They cottoned on to her Geiger counter. God knows what that bastard Largo did to her. But she didn't sing-not a damned word! Then, when the team was under way, she somehow got herself out of the cabin porthole, with the gun and aqualung and went to get him. Got him, and saved your life into the bargain! I swear I'll never call a girl "frail" again-not an Italian girl anyway.
* The moment where Domino swears bloody vengeance on Largo for murdering her brother and [[HeelFaceTurn joins Bond]].
* Bond opening fire at a bunch of friggin' ''sharks'' with his PPK and managing to scare them off from the wreck of the plane.
* How [[BiggerBad Ernst Stavro Blofeld]] [[SelfMadeMan climbed his way up]]. During the 1930s, as a young man working a low-ranking job in the Polish Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs, he built up a huge global spy network by secretly copying ciphers and sending them to mundane agents, often accountants or secretaries. He then predicted World War II and sent secret ciphers to Nazi Germany. When the war began, Blofeld [[UnPerson wiped out all records of him existing]], moved to Turkey, set up another intelligence organization then double-crossed both the Axis and the Allies by selling info to both sides. When Rommel is finally defeated in North Africa, Blofeld pours all his support into the Allies, ending up being decorated by all Allied countries at the end of the war. Now, he's in charge of fiction's most famous NebulousEvilOrganization and ''still'' manages to convince the outside world that he's running a peacekeeping organization for years.
* Leiter's cable to the US Government, although it frustrates him, gets him the support of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and a cutting-edge nuclear submarine to take on Largo with. Yes, it may be kind of ridiculous that they're sending tons of ordnance to a guy working out of a hotel room, but it shows that they take the threat damn seriously.