* In the pre-credits sequence, Bond righting his tie under water.
** Creator/PierceBrosnan came up with the gag himself.
* This film was the last appereance of Q, and he went out with a high note.
-->'''Q:''' I've always tried to teach you two things: first, never let them see you bleed.
-->'''Bond:''' And the second?
-->'''Q:''' Always have an escape plan. (''is lowered into the floor'')
* Just when you think Bond's been rumbled...
-->'''Christmas Jones:''' ''(in Russian)'' You speak English very well for a Russian.\\
'''Bond''' ''(in Russian)'' I studied at Oxford.
* One has to give credit to Dr. Christmas Jones for being able to disarm a nuclear bomb while travelling at high speed in a pipeline inspection rig. Even though the bomb was never nuclear, [[HowDidYouKnowIDidnt she didn't know that when she volunteered.]]
* M, who'd earlier expressed guilt for advising Elektra's father to not pay for her ransom when she'd been kidnapped, slapping Elektra across the face upon the reveal of her true colors.
* M manipulating Elektra so give her access to a clock with batteries, which is promptly used to {{MacGyver|ing}} a GPS signal once the guards are out of sight, making it possible for MI6 to dispatch [[OneManArmy James Bond]].
* The scene where this goes down:
-->'''[[spoiler:Elektra]]:''' ... I could have given you the world!\\
'''Bond''': [[TitleDrop The world is not enough.]]\\
'''[[spoiler:Elektra]]:''' ''(sneering)'' Foolish sentiment.\\
'''Bond:''' ''(nonchalant)'' [[Film/OnHerMajestysSecretService Family motto.]]
* Valentin Zukovsky freeing Bond from a torture device. With one bullet. While mortally wounded. Even better, his entrance to that scene:
-->'''Zukovsky:''' I'm looking for a submarine. It's big and black and the driver is a good friend of mine.
* Renard's first scene. He's clearly a master of the BlofeldPloy.
* Renard's escape from the test site - Bond shoots at him, but is foiled by the bulletproof glass. Renard's nonchalance sells it.
--> "No hard feelings, Mister Bond, but we're even. Soon, you'll feel nothing at all".
--> The elevator goes up as Renard points down to a bomb that's just started ticking.
* Probably the best use of the catchprase ever:
--> Christmas: "So you're a British spy. Do you have a name?"
--> Bond: "The name's Bond. (Elevator shoots upwards). James Bond".
* Bond allowing the bomb in the pipeline to detonate and let [[spoiler:Elektra think she's won]].
* Bond taking down a helicopter with some flammable gas and a flaregun.