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* In a disturbing way, the Grand High Witch's plan to wipe out all the children in England.
* The Grand High Witch [[spoiler:ends up a victim of her own potion (and is transformed into an ugly rat) and is promptly killed by one of the hotel employees.]] Nice poetic justice.
** Speaking of that scene, the fact that Helga gives her a minor TheReasonYouSuckSpeech, then [[ShutUpHannibal immediately shuts down her empty threats]].
-->'''Helga:''' The most evil and appalling woman in the world. Loathsome. ''Hideous''. ''Disgrace!''\\
'''Luke:''' Yeah, Grandma!\\
'''The Grand High Witch:''' Iím not finished with you yet, old woman! Next time...\\
'''Helga:''' No. No ďnext timeĒ! ''This'' time... itís ''your'' turn!