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* Tyreese's LastStand in Issue 14: After witnessing [[spoiler:the death of his daughter in a failed suicide pact]], he opts to aid the group in taking out a group of zombies in the gym. When entering the gym, he runs straight into the middle of the zombies, killing as many as he can before the group are forced to leave. [[spoiler:In the next issue, they return to find all of the zombies dead and Tyreese alive in the corner of the room, casually greeting them.]]
* Carl killing three zombies single-handed.
** This is topped later on when he [[spoiler:hops out of the back of one of Negan's trucks and blows away about half a dozen of his men with a freaking assault rifle.]] Negan is so impressed by this he decides to invite Carl into base as a guest just as much as a prisoner.
* Rick is held being beaten by an armed bandit while the latter's comrade is preparing to rape Carl. Rick gets so angry he overpowers the bandit and rips his throat out with his teeth.
* In the ''No Way Out'' arc, Rick is holding off the zombies alone so that [[spoiler:Dr. Cloyd can treat Carl's gunshot wound]]. He's being overwhelmed. Cut to each of the members of the group seeing him fighting alone, and each one of them going out to help fight them. In a series devoid of optimism, this doubles as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.
* Jesus in his introduction takes on Michonne and Abraham barehanded, while they are armed with their classic katana and rifle. Jesus manages to disarm both, then capture Michonne to use as a human shield.
* It's hard not to feel a sense of "hell yeah!" when the [[ImAHumanitarian cannibal gang]] finally gets their comeuppance. [[MoodWhiplash What comes immediately after]]... eh, [[HeWhoFightsMonsters not so much]].
* Jesus on foot armed with a katana against half a dozen Whisperers armed with knives and a flock of walkers. He kills them all, takes a Whisperer as prisoner, and saves his friend.
* After the time skip, Carl is jumped by two bullies armed with a brick, who plan to kill Sophia, and mock Carl when he retreats. Carl then immediately comes back once he finds a shovel, and beats (and nearly kills) the two of them while they beg for their lives.


!!Rise Of The Governor

!!The Road To Woodbury

* Scott Moon killing a zombie trying to eat him and Megan with a pitchfork... all while high as a kite on pot.
* Josh taking out a whole mansion full of zombies by pouring alcohol all over the upstairs bedroom and setting it ablaze as he and Lilly escape using a nearby tree growing just outside the window.

!!Fall Of The Governor