!!''Comicbook Examples''
* The Tick's defeat of Barry is one of the few scenes the comic and the cartoon shared. Short, but very, VERY sweet.
--> '''Barry:''' Where's the jerk who calls himself 'the Tick'?!
--> '''The Tick''' ''(proudly):'' I'm that jerk! Who wants to know?
* The ending of The Tick vs. The Idea Men, where the Tick ''fails'' to disarm a powerful bomb that's barely a meter away from his face. Obviously, he's unharmed, but that had to hurt a little.
* The majority of the city's heroes have intentionally stupid or useless powers (such as The Carpeted Man who gives electric shocks, and whose costume has him constantly on the verge of heatstroke), but the equally silly villains tend to make the most of their dumb gimmicks. For instance, The Breadmaster bakes pastries of mass destruction. Possibly amongst the lamest supervillain gimmicks of all time. And yet, he and Buttery Pat easily hold their own against The Tick and use quick-expanding bread as a legitimately dangerous weapon.
* From The Tick: New Series #2, Chairface makes multiple successful attempts to escape prison, only failing due to dumb luck or his own bewilderment at how easy it was.
* Getting to see how Sewer Urchin is really a very effective superhero and complete badass when he's working on his home turf.
* Issue 100, The Tick/Invincible: The two heroes team up to battle Martin of Mars (Imagine ComicBook/MartianManhunter crossed with [[Franchise/LooneyTunes Marvin The Martian]]). It's a fun romp...until [[spoiler: Martin disintegrates Arthur]]. Understandably upset, they decide to [[spoiler: FLY TO MARS AND SHOVE THE MOON ONTO MARTIN'S BASE, PINNING HIM TO THE GROUND.]] Very possibly the coolest thing the character has ever done.
* A lot of the Tick's speeches, though incredibly funny, are also surprisingly insightful and some are even somewhat inspiring in a certain hammy way.
--> ''The Tick'': "We're super heroes man, we don't have ''time'' to be charming! The boots of evil were made for walking! We're watching the big picture friend, we know the score! We are a public service, not glamor boys! Not captains of industry, not makers of things! [[ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules Keep your vulgar monies! We are a justice sandwich, no toppings necessary]]!"

!!''Animated Examples''
* "The Tick vs. Filth" is one big, sustained moment for Sewer Urchin. After years of taking everyone's crap and being regarded as moronic and useless, he is revealed to be just as much of a hero as everyone else in his native environment, living in a luxurious apartment with all kinds of gadgets to take down sewer dwelling monsters.
--> "Down here, I'm the apotheosis of cool."