* Okay, in a movie full of {{Narm}}, Chris-R's one scene was actually pretty awesome at face value. It helps that his actor has the most competent acting in the movie and is totally believable as a pissed-off drug dealer about to kill Denny. Of course since this is ''Film/TheRoom'', the awesomeness is quickly replaced by Narm when Johnny and Mark show up.
** Made even more awesome by the fact that Dan Janjigian is not a professional actor and did it as a favour for his roommate.
** And, of course, there is the beauty that is [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFI_7q50ARw the original take of the Chris-R scene]], which is near-universally considered to be [[BetterThanCanon better than the rooftop version]] due to the [[HeReallyCanAct believable acting from almost everyone involved]]. Of course, the fact that Dan Janjigan's performance didn't suffer in reshoots counts as a doubly awesome moment because of this.
* Any midnight screening of the movie, since the AudienceParticipation levels rival ''Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow''. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODRksXr_tJY Want us to prove it?]]
* When Lisa's mother is interrogating Denny over his dealings with Chris R, Denny finally snaps and screams "You're not my fucking mother!" It's the only time anyone actually stands up to that insufferable woman.
* Peter, in general, for being one of the few characters to [[OnlySaneMan possess anything resembling common sense]]. He gives pretty sound, reasonable advice for the characters to follow, is one of the first to correctly diagnose Lisa as [[TheSociopath a sociopath]], is the only guy '''not''' keen on playing football in tuxedos, and he's quick to leave the film when things start to get a little too weird.
* In the final scene, after [[spoiler:Johnny kills himself]], Mark finally grows a spine and tells off Lisa for her appalling behavior.
-->'''Lisa:''' [[spoiler:I've lost Johnny]] but I still have ''you'', right Mark?\\
'''Mark:''' (''shoves her aside'') You don't "have" me!
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2iqpkTpOMw The main theme]]. That'd be a good theme for any movie. In a movie this bad, it's outstanding.


* A meta example: Tommy Wiseau somehow managed to raise ''six million dollars'' in order to make this film. [[{{Determinator}} That takes some determination, all things considered]].
** It's less awesome in that he didn't ''raise'' it, just ''had'' it. He gave Greg Sestero a car for a gift, so he was independently wealthy.
* How many bad movies get [[Film/TheDisasterArtist praised dramatic movies that chronicle their making]]? Not a lot, for sure.
** What makes it even better? Wiseau himself ''loves'' the film!