* At the climax, when Cliff puts the helmet back on and is about to launch into the sky someone shines a spotlight on him. Of course it doesn't hurt that the American flag is right behind him.
** "Look! It's the Rocketeer!"
* Cliff has brought the jetpack to trade for Jenny's life, and he has a question.
--> '''Cliff''': What's it like [[spoiler:working for a Nazi, Eddie? Does he pay you in dollars or deutschmarks?]]\\
'''Neville:''' C'mon, Eddie. I'm paying you well. Does it really matter where the money comes from?\\
'''Eddie:''' It matters to ''me''. [[EvenEvilHasStandards I may not make an honest buck, but I'm 100% American.]] [[spoiler:I don't work for no two-bit Nazi.]] Let the girl go!
** The mobsters proceed to cooperate with federal agents [[spoiler:to defeat the Germans that show up.]]
-->'''Eddie''': Lousy [[spoiler: Krauts!]] Let 'em have it!
* Cliff's debut as the Rocketeer, saving his friend Malcolm at the airshow. And afterwards, he soars through the sky near an airplane, amazing all the people on board.
* Jenny, an actress, gets kidnapped and actively seduced by [[BrokenPedestal her idol]]. She handles the situation pretty well.
-->'''Jenny''' (after luring him in close so she could [[spoiler: [[TapOnTheHead brain him with a vase]]]]): I finally played a scene with Neville Sinclair.
* Neville gets a minor one when Cliff snarks that Neville is in trouble because it isn't a film where he has a stuntman. Neville decks him and brags proudly he doesn't use a stuntman for his films.
* How does Cliff finally defeat Neville? He ''gives him the jetpack'', [[spoiler:after removing [[ChekhovsGun the good luck gum that's plugging the leak in the fuel tank]]]].
* While the movie flamed out at the box office, its CultClassic status has held up well-enough that Joe Johnston earned directorial duties on another [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger retro adventure blockbuster]] virtually on the merits of this film alone, especially since they share similar traits (even down to StupidJetpackHitler tropes).
** Not only that, but it was revealed on July 28, 2016, that it was ''finally'' getting a sequel.
* Cliff gets away from Howard Hughes and the FBI by riding a scale model of the (not yet built) Spruce Goose, to which Hughes says with a smile "The son of a bitch ''will'' fly!"