!! In General

* The Protomen's entire existence is awesome.
* This awesome quote from an early news mailer.
-->They loaded the battle wagon at dusk.\\
They were ten and five in number.\\
Behind them were the charred ruins of a burning city.\\
Before them lay nothing but endless battles.\\
Their destination?\\
* Becoming major characters in ''WebComic/DeadOfSummer''.
* The circumstances behind the release of the "Breaking Out" demo. A fan poked somewhere he wasn't supposed to go and ripped a low-quality MP3 of the song, posting it on the forums. The Protomen edited out his post, then released a high-quality version in their newsletter, reasoning that if everyone was going to have one they may as well have it in good quality.
* At one show, Heath Who Hath No Name fell on his back while playing a song. He continued playing while on his back.
* KILROY's speeches at major shows, including the Act II release show, the Act I Vinyl release show, and the Queen CD release show.
** KILROY's speeches at ''all'' shows.
* The fans raising 32K for a documentary project whose goal was 8K. The initial goal was met, and surpassed, in ''five hours''.
* When Panther fell in the cookie incident, he later recalled the voice of God speaking to him, telling him it was his time. The Nightwalker said it wasn't and told him to stay with them. ''It worked''.
* At a 2008 Greenville show, the fans built their own Mega Buster, which Panther used to kill Protoman.
* [[AscendedFanboy Ascended Fanboys]] The Ringer and Steve, who were called upon to play keyboard in "The Stand" and sing as Megaman, respectively, when Panther fell.
* In July 2011, their website was hacked. Combined with a false cease and desist letter and that Capcom canceled Megaman Legends 3, morale was low and people were panicked. So the Protomen sent everyone an epic news mailer detailing exactly how the C&D was fake, that the website would be back up soon, and reminded them to not get too angry at Capcom. And they weren't even that angry at the people who hacked them, jokingly suggesting Music/TheMegas were playing a prank. They closed the letter by renaming their tour "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now."
** The hack was also taken care of the day after it began.
* What was the band doing after their fall 2011 tour ended? Besides working on the new [=CDs=], they prepared for a stage show called ''Terminator the Second'', which is ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay'' InTheStyleOf Creator/WilliamShakespeare. And by prepared they meant composing music for it and acting in it.
* According to witnesses at the Queen tribute show, Panther not only successfully pulled off the Freddie Mercury scream in "Under Pressure", but made the microphone and stage ''vibrate'' as he did so.
* The March 5th 2012 news post, appropriately titled "Hold Onto Your Butts...Again!". Not only did the Protomen release a 30 second clip of music from their live Queen cover show, they also announced Makeup and Vanity Set releasing his 8-bit remix on vinyl, ''and'' an April music video shoot for fan favorite Act II track "Light up the Night." Even better? Fans were allowed to participate as extras!
* The April 19 2012 news post. While three shows were canceled, the reason for it was that the Protomen were asked to open a Music/TenaciousD concert. And even better? They were preselling the Queen album and t-shirt.
* Ringo Segundo crowd surfing at the Palladium on May 18th 2012 while still playing his guitar.
* The Music/{{Queen}} CD. All of it. Said CD's insert is both an homage to the ''Queen II'' art and a representation of both Acts, showing the main players and symbolism of gears, wires, and helmets.
* The July 22 2012 Queen CD release concert had [[spoiler: Music/TenaciousD appearing during Bohemian Rhapsody]] and singing along with the band. A video is [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLovpRPLkrI here]].
* [[http://www.protomen.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/2-1.jpg This poster]] for their Summer 2012 tour.
* The AscendedMeme of Panther doing a mostly Wood Man "Due Vendetta" at the 8/23 2012 West Hollywood show, with plans to save the all Wood Man song for another time.
* The Act III [[http://www.twitch.tv/pax/b/330672275 track]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBWGZgbaEEQ preview]] at PAX 2012.
* At [=MAGFest=] 2013, the band reconvened in Jamspace, after their main stage show was cut short, to play "Due Vendetta" on a meowing plastic cat keyboard christened "Freddie Meowcury". It was equal parts funny and awesome.
* The band's President's Day 2013 auctions have 25% of the proceeds going to charity.
* [[http://www.protomen.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/10years-1.jpg This poster]] for their Tenth Anniversary.
* The 10th Anniversary show, featuring "Beard's Going Nowhere," "Separate Ways," a pinata shaped like Doug Fetterman, and [[spoiler: the return of Heath Who Hath No Name]].
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWB_2dEJfME&t=58m51s This]] Sons of Fate clip has Protoman calling the rest of the band back out for an encore to fight... by calling them sissies and insulting the audience.
** Later, Panther gets revenge by ordering him crowdsurfed all the way out the door.
-->'''Panther:''' That's what he gets for trash talkin' the Protomen.
* The [[https://billosopher.tumblr.com/post/59846728478/mp3-of-the-new-new-act-iii-song-from-the-pax original song]] preview at PAX 2013. It was later revealed to be titled "Built to Last," and was part of two official Mega Man tribute albums.
* After a limited-edition T-Shirt sold out ''very'' quickly, the Protomen apologized by making a new print of it.
* In the Summer of 2014, the Protomen went on their biggest adventure yet: '''Van's Warped Tour'''.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPhtakXSzlM Commander rides an electric skateboard to awesome music]].
* ''The Cover Up'' album is the soundtrack to a movie made during the time skip in "How the World Fell Under Darkness." It fills in some of the blanks about the time between Light’s exile and "Breaking Out." Apparently, Light is on the run from Wily and receives help from a reporter [[spoiler:who is one of Wily's moles]].
* The Protomen got "Light up the Night" into ''VideoGame/RockBand 4''.
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7o4CO9reBgs official trailer]] to the Light up the Night music video.
* The music video for Light Up the Night features not only the titular song, but also Emily's death, Keep Quiet, The Fall, and Here Comes the Arm. Keep Quiet is also illustrated like a comic book, leading to further awesomeness.
** The art was later turned into an awesome [[http://protofans.net/post/160785026728/incredible-light-up-the-night-posters set of posters]].
* New Year's Eve, 2016. The Protomen take the stage three minutes to midnight. Reanimator Lovejoy walks out with a single military drum, keeping beat as the rest of the crew files out, pallbearers, lugging a crude coffin. They set it up - and out comes KILROY, who proceeds to lambaste 2016 in general, giving it the eulogy it deserves, before - at midnight - he proceeds to stab 2016 in effigy, stuff it into the coffin, and order the revelers to crowdsurf it out of the building. '''THAT''' is how The Protomen end a terrible year.
* The April 2017 newsletter revealed that the Light up the Night video was chosen to air at the Nashville Film Festival.

!! Act I
* Dr. Light spending ''12 years'' building Protoman. Protoman puts up a good fight before being defeated, too.
* Dr. Light creating Megaman without even realizing it.
* The entirety of "The Will of One." Megaman defies Dr. Light and goes to learn the truth about his brother and the City, and sets off to fight Wily. As he visits Protoman's gravesite, he reads a message carved there: "Hope Rides Alone." With renewed energy, determined to finish what his brother started, he heads to the fortress. A crowd follows. As Wily's loudspeakers begin to chant the mantra, determined to quiet them, they throw the words right back as a battle cry. Bonus points for the ''music'' being awesome.
* The entirety of "Vengeance," with Megaman tearing through the robot army like it's nothing.
** Accentuated by this one line a fourth of the way through the song:
--> [[OneManArmy Megaman]]: [[BadassBoast All you wounded, those of you who can, pick yourselves off the ground! Hurry back! Tell your leader you need more men!]]
* Protoman casually plowing through a chunk of Wily's army as he makes his way to Megaman in "The Stand."

!! Act II
* Emily's speech in "Father of Death" is one big 'screw you' directed at Albert Wily.
* Dr. Wily's VillainSong, "The Hounds." There is no better way to take over the City than with swing and jazz.
* Everything that Joe does.
* Joe goes toe to toe with an armed assassination robot in hand to hand combat and comes out on top, only to have Light deliver the finishing blow.
* The entirety of "Light up The Night." Joe and Light plan their assault on Wily's tower to an awesome 80's-inspired tune.
* Joe destroying the tower, made more awesome by his use of his motorcycle as a weapon.
* Light renewing his resolve to save the City by building Protoman, using Joe's helmet as a template for Protoman's.

!!Act III
* The Act III [[http://www.twitch.tv/pax/b/330672275 track]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBWGZgbaEEQ preview]] at PAX 2012.
* The female lead's determination to save the City.
* "Hold Back The Night" with the female lead giving Dr. Light back his resolve to stand against Wily.
* The ''second'' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLdi6DnpzQI Act III preview song]] presented at [=MAGFest=] 2015, seems to feature Megaman himself, trying to find some shreds of hope in convincing the masses of humanity to fight by his side, rather than look on from the sidelines like in Act I.
* ''Hold Back the Night'' has a short BadassCreed that plays in the background during the final choruses, making the song end on a hopeful note.
-->We can hold out past the endless dark\\
All a fire needs is a single spark