* After Dunham insults him following a long run, Megget tells Switowski how Dunham and two other guards taunted him in the library. Switowski, enraged, proceeds to [[OneHitKill knock the corn out of Dunham's shit]] on the next play with a well placed clothesline. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny The best part?]]
--> '''Switowski''': I think I made-ed him [[BringMyBrownPants shit himself]]. \\
'''Coach Scarborough''': I think he just shit himself. \\
'''Sportswriters''': [[OverlyLongGag I think he just shit himself]]. \\
'''Stretcher Guy''': Good Lord, this guy shit himself big time! \\
'''Switowski''': ''[jumps up and down, celebrating]'' See? I told you I made-ed him shit himself!\\
'''Megget''': Yo! I'll make sure to send them books to the hospital, pimp.\\
'''Deacon''': And some diapers!

* Another one with StoneColdSteveAustin's character. Dunham is trying to provoke a African member of Charlie's team into attacking him by making racist comments. Other black characters witness this and after Crewe had earned their respect playing UnnecessaryRoughness prison basketball they run out to join his team.

* After going into throw-the-game mode after halftime, and then benching himself with a feigned knee injury, Crewe realizes that the Warden isn't keeping his end of the deal. (having ordered his men to get a three-touchdown lead instead of a two-touchdown lead, and then inflict as much pain as possible on the convicts) After getting a WasItReallyWorthIt affirmative from Skitchy, Crewe reenters the game, but the other convicts refuse to block for him, thinking he's just going to throw the game some more. After taking two massive hits from the Guards, Crewe refuses to let his team punt the ball away, instead calling a quarterback draw. He proceeds to dodge a blitz, losing his helmet in the process, but scrambles for a game-saving first down.