!!The film
* The soundtrack, by folk band America, is considered by fans to be exceptionally haunting CrowningMusicOfAwesome. The opening theme in particular is prone to giving people chills.
* The sequence where the unicorns rise out from the ocean as a tidal wave.
* This is production-related: recording his vocal performance, Creator/ChristopherLee would bring [[OneOfUs in his own copy of the book with parts underlined]] that he insisted be kept in the film. He also reprised the role in the German dubbing.
* Creator/ChristopherLee gives us an absolutely perfect MotiveRant as King Haggard too. HeReallyCanAct does not even begin to cover it. Haggard says that he thought he would ''die'' when he saw his first unicorn. I practically died when I heard him describe it. --Speedball
** As noted elsewhere, Lee read the book and loved it so much, he underlined entire sections which he insisted be kept in the film, including the MotiveRant. Without him, it would have been left on the wayside.

!!Both the film and the book
* Molly Grue's reaction to Schmendrick celebrating he was able to turn a Unicorn into a mortal woman.
-->'''Schmendrick:''' ''(capering happily)'' The magic chose the shape, not I. I am a bearer, I am a dwelling, I am a messenger!
-->'''Molly:''' You are an '''''idiot!'''''
* When the Unicorn sees Prince Lir's HeroicSacrifice and decides to charge the Red Bull instead of running from it. She is the first unicorn who had something ''worth fighting back for''. To say nothing of when the Red Bull turns and goes into the sea, defeated -- and then a HORDE of unicorns comes charging up out of the sea, running all around Haggard's castle... which then falls apart and collapses into the sea, with King Haggard [[KarmicDeath falling to his doom]] shrieking in bitter triumph, ''"THE LAST! I KNEW YOU WERE THE LAST!"''
* Lir's line before his HeroicSacrifice definitely qualifies.
-->'''Lir:''' Do something, you have the power! I will kill you if you don't do something!
-->'''Schmendrick:''' I cannot! Not all the magic in the world can help her now!
-->'''Molly Grue:''' Then what is magic ''for''? What is the use of wizardry, if it cannot even save a unicorn?
-->'''Schmendrick:''' That is what ''heroes'' are for.
-->'''Lir:''' Of course, that is exactly what heroes are for!