Even if you don't include all the the brain-fryingly-awesome deductions, ''Manga/TheKindaichiCaseFiles'' has a bunch of moments where you just need to stop and stare.
* Any time that Kindaichi's pickpocketing skills and intelligence come into play count as a CMOA. Especially when he manages to place a tracking device into the Gentlemen Thief's pocket in one case.
* How Kindaichi manages to save Wakaba from being expelled from school due to her relationship with Odagiri-sensei. And in a very unexpected use of ChekhovsGun, [[spoiler:Kindaichi's exposť of the principal's own scandal becomes the very clue Kindaichi needed to learn the identity of the perpetrator of the murders later in the same arc, Odagiri-sensei himself.]]
* The Death TV Case. Seriously the murderer takes a couple of days to build [[spoiler: an ice bridge]] for the murder. Kindaichi on the other hand...completes it in less than a day before morning rises.
* 'Smoke and Mirrors' Case (also known as the Seven School Mysteries). Wow. Kindaichi himself has a goose-bump-inducing conversation with the killer at the end of his [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge Investigation of Revenge]]:
--> '''[[spoiler: Matoba:]]''' "No! I didn't do anything! I'm innocent!!"
--> '''Kindaichi:''' ''(DeathGlare)'' "Look me in the eye! If you still dare say that you're innocent, then look at this!! ''(reveals the hidden skeleton of previous victim)'' Well, [[spoiler: Matoba]]? Say that you're innocent in front of one of your victims!! ''SAY IT!''"
* Before entering the House of Wax, Kindaichi has to sit in for the exam and he HAD TO PASS with a score of 90 or above. Surprisingly, he did. But this is not the reason why. The reason why is [[spoiler: sitting behind him is the smartest (and cockiest) student in the class and he even keeps his eye on Kindaichi if he makes any moves to cheat. Sadly he fails to see that Kindaichi slides in a black paper when they pass the paper inside the answer sheet, sticking together like one paper. After returning the papers, all he has to do is take back the paper from him, copy it and since the computer can't tell the difference on the hand-writing, he aced it without getting caught.]]
* Although it's pretty dark but, in the Magical Express case, Yoichi Takato manages to hide the dead body's head, ''inside the bag that he's carrying'' and even brave enough to open the bag to everyone, as no one seems to suspect a thing. Kindaichi even mentions that he did the one of the riskiest misdirection moves ever.