This is a series about Marvel's first multi-hero team fighting the Axis in UsefulNotes/WorldWar2. ''That'' alone is also enough, but here's a few highlights:

!!Classic Comics:
* Ladies and gentlemen, we present the most ''epic'' moment in the entirety of the Invaders' [=WW2=] adventures: '''''[[ JIM.]] [[ KILLS.]] [[ HITLER.]]''''' And yes, this ''is'' canon.
-->You people have suffered enough because of ''you'', you Nazi devil!
* The very first issue's cover shows [[ Namor]] ''punching out a plane'' with his bare hands. Even better? Cap's kicking out the other pilot. Keep in mind that Cap has almost no way of being airborne whatsoever, yet he's several hundred feet above the ground, destroying German fighters with nothing but his shield and his super strength.
* The [[ opening page]] of Giant Size Invaders.
* Actually, a ''lot'' of covers are pretty awesome:
** [[ Spitfire's debut.]]
** [[ Invaders. Versus. Thor.]] That is all.
** [[ The return of the Destroyer.]]
* A BrainwashedAndCrazy Thor manages to [[ one-shot]] ''Namor!''

!!All-New Invaders
* Gods and Soldiers:
** Jim Hammond has just walked back from his lunch break to find out that Tanalth [[spoiler: just killed]] his BenevolentBoss. You'd expect grief at the death. But Jim [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge does something different.]]
-->'''Tanalth:''' Alas, robot, your friend [[spoiler: is no more.]] A brave, stubborn, ''stupid'' man-[[spoiler: who refused to tell me where you were.]]
-->'''Jim:''' *bursting into flame* I don't know who you are-maybe one of Namor's people, with the blue skin-all I know is that you'll [[spoiler: ''pay'' FOR KILLING MY FRIEND!]]
-->'''Tanalth:''' [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight Oh? Fire?]]
-->'''Jim:''' ''[[ OH IT'S GOING TO GET WARM]], [[PreAsskickingOneLiner FOR SURE!]]''