* In the third season episode "Lawman Barney", Barney and Andy are trying to get rid of two farmers illegally selling produce on the side of the road. After running scared the entire episode Barney finally talks straight to them and makes them back down, something even Andy had failed to do.
--> '''Barney:''' Do you see this badge? It says that I'm sworn to uphold the law. Now that's what I mean to do and you fellas better respect it. Understand? It's just as simple as that.\\
''(Both men step up into Barney's face and stare him down.)''\\
'''Barney:''' ...you're both a lot bigger than I am, but this badge represents a lot of people who are a lot bigger than either one of you. Now, are you gonna get out of here?\\
''(Both men look at each other, then walk off without a word.)''