!!Season 1
* There is Nicole's {{badass}}-ness in "The DVD".
-->'''Nicole:''' ''Don't you DARE run away from your mother!''
* From "The Mystery", Gumball's attempts to escape with the entire school pursuing him. He ends up getting off the hook, but the chase scene is still pretty awesome.
* Darwin fin-smacking a skyscraper sized forest creature during "The Picnic".
* The song "You Gotta Think Big" in "The Genius".
* "The Mustache": Gumball gets so fed up with Tina's taunting that he actually catches a dodge ball going at him with 100 mph ''with one hand'', then he throws it right back and slams her through the wall.
* The ''Film/FinalDestination'' homage in "The Curse" in which Gumball ends up on the highway riding a mop bucket.
* "The Fight" just shows us why the Watterson children fear their mother. Nicole confronts Tina over her supposed bullying of Gumball and have the two talk before she has a talk with Mr. Rex. However, his roars indicate he wants to settle matters differently, which she didn't object to. A short while later, an unscathed Nicole thanks Mr. Rex for the talk... cue the large shack collapsing. [[CurbStompBattle No wonder the boys thought facing a T-Rex was less frightening than their angry mother.]]

!!Season 2
* Anais's tricking her entire family into letting her watch "Daisy the Donkey" on "The Remote."
-->'''Nicole''': I feel so proud of her, yet, really scared at the same time.
* Gumball perfectly whistling the music from Hector's music box to calm him down.
* The ''SpaceInvaders''-style fight with Ocho in "The Phone".
* Larry finds out Richard's been eating the pizza he's delivering in "The Job", then saves the universe by firing Richard [[MundaneMadeAwesome and makes it look like a freaking exorcism]].
-->'''Larry:''' [[BadassBaritone I FIRE THEE!]]
* "The Words" has a whole ''VideoGame/StreetFighterII'' scene! Feelings-style.
'''Announcer''': ULTIMATE COMBO!!!!
* Gumball defeating the evil virus in "The Virus". When it has them cornered after possessing cars and trying to run them down, Gumball challenges it to come and get him by appealing to its ego. After the virus emerges, Gumball simply steps on him. It's even more impressive because Gumball actually won by being ''smart'' for once. The anticlimax of it also makes this a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
** Gumball being able to effortlessly control parts of his body.
* Richard gets one in "The Hero" for rescuing Gumball and Darwin from the car crusher in the junkyard.
* In "The Limit", after Richard was tricked into being a man and demands that Nicole do as he says, Nicole responds by giving him a DeathGlare so deadly, ''it blows away all the stock on the store shelves''.
** As well as most of Richard's clothes as well. Truly, it was the Deadliest of Glares!
* At the end of "The Castle", Nicole forces the people who trashed her house into cleaning up and leaving by using a ''[[ComicBook/GhostRider Penance Stare]]''.
* "The Tape" introduces the ''"Anai-hilator"''.
-->''She can break anything with her tiny haaand!\\
Nothing can resist her! Cars! Trees! [[BrickBreak Bricks]]! Houses! Her own face!''

!!Season 3
* The song "Make The Most Of It" from "The Kids" counts as two, as it not only shows how awesome your childhood can be, but is also a great send-off to Gumball and Darwin's original voice actors (Logan Grove and Kwesi Boakye).
** Richard shaving with an ''[[TooDumbToLive ax]]''--'''[[CrazyEnoughToWork successfully]]'''.
* [[TheBully Jamie]] showing off her impressive acrobatic skills in "The Coach".
** Later in "The Girlfriend", it's shown that she can deadlift ''an entire treadmill''.
* Darwin returning to save Gumball from the turtle in "The Puppy".
-->'''Darwin''': (in a gravelly older man's voice): You thought you could drag me to the bottom of the lake so you could eat me later. Well guess what punk: I'm a fish--''with legs!'' (kicks turtle).
* In "The Name", Gumball finally finds something he can beat Zach at:
-->'''Zach:''' Forget it! I'm the boss of this game, I know all the combos!\\
'''Gumball:''' [[BrickJoke But the combos are useless]] against ''[[ButtonMashing BUT-TON MASH-ING]]!''
** Then he goes up to the arcade game that only lets you enter three letters for a top score ''[[BeyondTheImpossible and types his full name in anyway]]!''
* In "The Vacation", [[PintsizedPowerhouse Anais]] manages to curbstomp Richard, who she mistook as the guy chasing them.
* In "The Void": Gumball, Darwin, Molly, and Mr Small escaped from the void via Janice, a van that ramps through the closing portal while shooting out rainbows.
* As [[HonorBeforeReason completely]], [[TooDumbToLive stupidly unnecessary]] as it was for Gumball to take one of Darwin's super-sneezes just to prove he wasn't going to leave him, you have to admit it's pretty impressive that he managed to hang on during the whole thing.
* Nicole saving Darwin and Gumball in "The Mothers" from falling off a building by using a hose to swing after them.
* "The Procrastinators" introduces [[ActionMom Nicole]] as the ''[[Franchise/{{Terminator}} TERMOMINATOR!]]''
** Gumball throwing candy and catching candy in his mouth. Darwin also does this, but the candy takes longer to catch. The awesome part comes from Darwin catches and eats the candy without ''looking''.
** Gumball and Darwin making music out of objects and other household materials.
* Gumball calling out Penny's father for making her feel bad about her new look after she runs to the woods in "The Shell."
** To make it even more awesome, Mr. Fitzgerald immediately admits to being wrong, ''then Gumball tells him not to beat himself up about it.''
*** His heroic finale to that speech: "Now ''[[CatapultToGlory pop the hood.]]''"
** Gumball dropping his usual idiocy, laziness, and cowardice to help Penny, including having himself launched into the air to catch up to her, quickly realizing that he had to be [[CruelToBeKind cruel to her]] to make her small enough to avoid having them get hit by a truck.
** Even Mr. Fitzgerald gets this, when he makes up for what he said to Penny by slamming his car into the Pest Control's truck to protect his daughter from getting shot, and trusting Gumball to get to her.
** Hell, the episode should be called how Gumball became a man! He came a long way from Season 1, where he was a loser protagonist who had no talent and very shy to Penny back then. Now in Season 3, he showed determination that would make his mother proud, by showing how much he loves Penny's true form by going through the burden of coming for her and showed his true love as they kissed. He even gets Penny's father to approve their relationship! The kid's not so much of a loser now, huh?
** Penny coming out of her shell (literally) is without a doubt pretty awesome. As it shows Penny wanting to be/no longer wanting to hide from herself, and as Gumball puts it, she looks ''[[BeautifulAllAlong Extraordinary]]''
* The ''very'' old pet hamster, Chris Morris from "The Burden" proves to quite a {{badass}} when out-tricking Gumball and Darwin.
* Nicole citing "Survival of the fittest" and taking out Mr. Small and the other members of the apocalyptic gang (who were about to eat them) in "The Pizza."
* From "The Question," Sussie (the same one whom Ms. Simian called a freak and was such an outcast that her family once tried to pay Gumball and Darwin $1000 to stay at her birthday party) giving Gumball and Darwin her take on what the meaning of life is: [[spoiler:that the search for the meaning of life is actually a search for how you choose to enjoy it]].
* Gumball, Darwin, and Anais taking out the police officers surrounding their house with ''HomeAlone''-style booby traps in "The Friend."
* Nicole handing Felicity her ass several times in "The Egg"--especially after Felicity's TheReasonYouSuckSpeech, which itself is actually pretty awesome in its own right. She calmly but brutally cuts Nicole down about how she dropped out of college, married young, had three kids she tries to live vicariously through, and is only befriending someone like Felicity so she can feel special and move up in the world.

!!Season 4

* Richard going through hell and high water to get Gumball, Darwin, and Anais to school before Nicole notices (and actually succeeding) in "The Return."
--> ''"I AM A GOOD FATHER!"''
* In "The Others", as Gumball and Darwin were ready to concede Clare's point on how the world have bad things happening, they see Banana Joe and are quickly reminded that people like him shows that the world IS amazing, and go to stop Clare from leaving Elmore. They try to get Clare's attention, by riding on Robert but only to crash, rode on Clayton as a horse but crashed into an open truck, and finally was able to stop Clare's bus by ''riding on Tina Rex and tilting the bus over''! You don't see that everyday in real life!
** Not to mention how they manage to fix all of the problems that prevented Clare from staying in Elmore.
* The entire invisible-car chase scene in "The Check" is both this and [[CrowningMomentofFunny CMOF]].
* You have to admit the way how Anais took Billy out in one hit in the ending of "The Pest" even when he decides to turn a new leaf, was really something. She basically used the running start to concentrate all power in one kick. According to Billy, he was left ''three'' bends on his arm. Lesson: Don't mess with Anais.
** Gumball also gets his for calling out Billy for being mean to Anais just because she rejects him ,while he according to him, had everything else good going for him. Worth noting that Gumball already has a girlfriend and didn't point that out to him, showing how Gumball can be mature.
* Richard is the 2nd Watterson after Nicole to come out of Mr. Rex's wrath unscathed in "The Routine", with the help of his car being in the dump who was thought dead when it sank in the tar. And, unlike Nicole, who beat Papa Rex with brute force, BumblingDad Richard actually outsmarted the beast.
** Heck, the entire episode shows Richard as a total {{badass}} when going on epic quest to get mayo. MundaneMadeAwesome indeed.
* In "The Comic": Nicole punching out the shadow man who mugged Gumball in the park, not because she heard about it, but because she caught him trying to steal the hubcaps off her car.
* In "The Romantic" when Gumball finally got Penny angry enough to fend off the beasts in the forest by telling him how the quest was started in the first place. (It was over a one heart Emoji instead of three.) Penny turned into her dragon form and when the beasts advance on them anyway, we cut back to a fiery explosion and their pathetic whimpering.
** Gumball actually arranging the love treasure hunt. Despite it going wrong, it shows that his heart was in the right place, and he managed to get people who have been established not to like Gumball or his family (like Felicity Parham and Larry the rockheaded clerk) to go along with it.
* Mrs. Robinson's Laser-Guided Karma in The Wicked: she pins the event on the boys again and drives off in her car, but a streetlight she crashed the Wattersons' car into topples, causing her to crash into a billboard, an electrical pole, another car, and a hydrant. The water from the hydrant launches her into the road, where her car gets crushed between a tire truck and a gas tanker, the latter of which gets punctured, creating a pool of gas, and a wire from the electrical pole ignites it. The resulting explosion launches her into the air, where she gets hit by a plane, before hitting the ground. The episode ends as it cuts to Gumball and Darwin recoiling when the ambulance backs up into her (itself a Call Back to "[[Recap/TheAmazingWorldOfGumballS1E13TheMystery The Mystery]]").

!!Meta and non-canon
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ10lwZYtM0 This]] anime-style ShotForShotRemake of some scenes in "The Tape".