!!Season 1

* From "The Mystery", Gumball's attempts to escape with the entire school pursuing him. He ends up getting off the hook, but the chase scene is still pretty awesome.
* Darwin fin-smacking a skyscraper sized forest creature during "The Picnic".
* The song "You Gotta Think Big" in "The Genius".
* "The Mustache": Gumball getting so fed up with Tina's taunting that he actually catches a dodge ball going at him with 100 mph ''with one hand''.
** Then he throws it right back and slams her through the wall.
* The ''Film/FinalDestination'' homage in "The Curse" in which Gumball ends up on the highway riding a mop bucket.

!!Season 2
* Anais's tricking her entire family into letting her watch "Daisy the Donkey" on "The Remote."
-->'''Nicole''': I feel so proud of her, yet, really scared at the same time.
* The fight with Ocho in "The Phone".
* Needlemeyer in "The Job".
-->Laurence:[[BadassBaritone I FIRE THEE!]]
* "The Words" has a whole ''VideoGame/StreetFighterII'' scene! Feelings-style.
-->'''Announcer''': ULTRA COMBO!!!!
* Nicole ''beats up a Tyrannosaurus Rex!''
* Gumball defeating the evil virus in "The Virus". After it has them cornered after possessing cars and trying to run them down, Gumball challenges it to come and get him by appealing to its ego. After the virus emerges, Gumball simply steps on him. It's even more impressive because Gumball actually won by being ''smart'' for once. The anticlimax of it also makes is a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
* Richard gets one in "The Hero" for rescuing Gumball and Darwin from the car crusher in the junkyard.
* In "The Limit" after Richard was tricked into being a man and demands Nicole do as he says, Nicole responds by giving him a DeathGlare so deadly, ''it blows away all the stock on the store shelves''.
* At the end of "The Castle", Nicole forces the people who trashed her house by using a ''[[ComicBook/GhostRider Penance Stare]]''.

!!!Season 3
* The song "Make The Most Of It" from "The Kids" counts as two, as it not only shows how awesome your childhood can be, but is also a great send-off to Gumball and Darwin's original voice actors.
** Richard shaving with an ''[[TooDumbToLive axe]]''--'''[[CrazyEnoughToWork successfully]]'''.
* Darwin returning to save Gumball from the turtle in "The Puppy".
-->'''Darwin''': (in a gravelly older man's voice): You thought you could drag me to the bottom of the lake so you could eat me later. Well guess what, punk: I'm a fish--''with legs!'' (kicks turtle).
* In "The Name", Gumball finally finds something he can beat Zach at:
-->'''Zach:''' Forget it! I'm the boss of this game, I know all the combos!\\
'''Gumball:''' [[BrickJoke But the combos are useless]] against ''[[ButtonMashing BUT-TON MASH-ING]]!''
** Then he goes up to the arcade game that only lets you enter three letters for a top score ''[[BeyondTheImpossible and types his full name in anyway]]''.
* In '''The Void''': Gumball, Darwin, Molly and Mr Small escaped from the void via Janice.
* Nicole saving Darwin and Gumball in "The Mothers" from falling off a building by using a hose to swing after them.