* Lindsey's mini-sub battle with [[spoiler:Coffey]]. He's trying to kill her husband before he can get back to the diving rig, so she proves that RammingAlwaysWorks and slams into the other sub until it shorts out the engine, then knocks it over the edge of the trench, where the increasing pressure literally implodes the front window.
** Her bloodthirsty expression just makes it more awesome. You could get the impression she was just waiting for an excuse to get that guy.
* Bud's return from his apparent suicide mission.
* Catfish's use of [[MegatonPunch the Hammer.]]
* Some of the more practical stunts and effects, such as the breathing liquid scene; it's easy to imagine Creator/EdHarris' panic as he has to willingly let his helmet fill with the fluid while the crew tries to keep him calm.
* From the Special Edition version of the film, many have considered the extended version of the scene where One Knight is in Flatbed moving the rig, singing "Willin'" by Linda Ronstadt with Bud and Hippie joining her just shortly before Lindsey arrives as a pretty awesome.
* The military medic revealing he had removed the cartridge from Coffey's gun is understatedly awesome, especially the way he rejects the bullets from them.