Awesome moments from the WebSerialNovel series ''{{Tasakeru}}''.


[[folder: Book I: Without A Name ]]

* The end of the showdown in N'Ktane's cavern, when Hanami fist unleashes her powers. Four words: "Don't hurt my friends."


[[folder: Book II: Eternity Awakes ]]


[[folder: Book III: Soulsnatcher ]]

* [[BadassGrandpa Drake]] delivering a savage and much-deserved NoHoldsBarredBeatdown to Ares in order to protect Hanami. The fight ends with Ares thrown against a tree ''hard enough to break his spine''.
* Zero, post-CurbStompBattle, [[EyeScream taking out Stalker's eye with a kunai]].
* When Stalker ''severely'' underestimates Hanami, and gets forcibly ejected from Woodhaven, through her wall.
* Faun, one scene later: "You should start running now."
* Zero's HannibalLecture, [[spoiler:just before he [[BewareTheNiceOnes plunges his sword through Stalker's neck.]]]]


[[folder: Book IV: Twilight Dreams ]]

* [[spoiler:The transformation.]]


[[folder: Book V: Nightfall ]]

* [[spoiler:When Naole stops Faun from attacking Aria, using her DeflectorShield for the first time and revealing herself as a mage, to everyone's shock.]]
* [[spoiler:The girls banding together to save Zero and Ashpaw.]]


[[folder: Book VI: The Voice of the Dawn ]]