'''Beware spoilers!'''

[[folder:Aincrad Arc]]
* In the first arc's opening, they finish off a boss monster with an X-cut, straight out of ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger''.
* The end of Episode 1 of the anime counts as a CMOA for Kirito, the writer, and the anime team. To be specific, Kirito thinking "I... I... will survive... in this world!" And then shouting at the virtual skies. While one-hit-killing a wolf, with a totally awesome sword skill, fifteen minutes after learning he's been trapped in a Death Game.
* Kirito and Asuna's first instance of cooperating in a Boss Battle in Episode 2. Seeing them coordinating their attacks so perfectly is quite a view. Also, the fact that this is the first action scene in which we listen to the ''[[AwesomeMusic Luminous Sword]]'' theme definitely helps.
* After the defeat of the floor one boss, Kirito realizes he has to do something to prevent all out discrimination towards the other beta testers. He proceeds to put on a badass JerkassFacade, stating how he is an entirely different breed of SAO beta tester, gracefully accepting the title Beater and putting on the reward he'd gotten for defeating the boss, a BadassLongcoat, to punctuate his new leagues above status.
* Kirito stands there and allows a whole group of mid-level bandits to [[NoSell simultaneously slash him]] while his HealingFactor recovers all the combined damage they output. Kirito then calmly reveals his level, explaining that he heals faster than they can damage him, and that they can keep attacking him all day and wouldn't come anywhere close to beating him. He then gives them the choice to take a teleportation crystal and be sent to prison without having to resort to violence.
** A little context: these bandits, seven in total, wail on him for about ten seconds while he just stands there and tanks it without so much as flinching. When they're done, his health bar dropped a fraction of a fraction of a percent before immediately replenishing itself, and he remarks out loud about having totalled up the damage they did to him in that time. He then tells them his level, maximum health, and the speed of his HealingFactor. MassOhCrap ensues and one can only imagine the bandits' horror to learn that he's so many levels higher than them that his passive health regeneration alone outpaces their combined DPS - ''they physically cannot kill him'', or even do any lasting damage.
-->''If your numbers are high enough, you're invincible. [=MMOs=] with leveling systems are unfair that way.'' - '''Kirito'''
** Rosalia, the head bandit, refuses to cooperate so some additional persuasion is required from Kirito by holding her at sword point. Rosalia at first believes he wouldn't dare to attack a green player, but Kirito reminds her that he's a solo player and he didn't care if his cursor stayed orange for a few days.
* Kirito's first and greatest IAmNotLeftHanded moment: revealing his [[DualWielding Dual Blade]] skill to (almost) single-handedly defeat Boss #74, the Gleam Eyes. The transition from the moment of despair to the moment of awesome gets perfectly marked with the music switching from "We Have To Defeat It" to "Swordland".
** Two words: ''Starburst... Stream''. Cue a nearly uninterrupted crazy 16-hit combo and a can of whoop-ass opened.
* Kirito makes ''losing'' awesome. Yes, he lost his duel with Heathcliff in Volume One... but Heathcliff had to go all out, ''and'' use the system over-assist[[note]]something that allows [=GMs=] to counter all Sword Skills, completely disregarding normal system restrictions and limitations[[/note]] to beat him.
* In Volume 1 (Episode 10 in the anime), realizing that Kirito is in danger, she {{Flash Step}}s to him, [[BigDamnHeroes arriving in the nick of time]] to save him. In ''five minutes'', she covered a distance that had taken Kirito ''one hour'' to travel.
** Kirito does some ballpark calcs, and realizes that Asuna somehow broke the system limits, without conscious effort.
** Lessee... Taking the average walking speed of humans, that would be ''5 kilometres''. Asuna ran that distance in ''5 minutes'', making her speed about ''60km/h''. For comparison, the ''fastest human footspeed'' IRL is Usain Bolt's ''44.7km/h''. She isn't called the [[RedBaron Lightning Flash]] for nothing.
** Her reputation is further solidified by her attack on [[spoiler:Kuradeel]]. We see her slash her rapier a grand total of five times, but the number of strikes-per-second ''easily'' put her into the hundreds, ''her opponent being able to see every single one taking down his health''. Quite the badass use of DeathOfAThousandCuts.
* Then when Kuradeel pulls a ISurrenderSuckers on Asuna. Kirito gets in the way and let's the strike cut off his hand, [[PowerFist before impaling Kuradeel with his remaining fist]].
* Heathcliff's in-universe crowning moment of awesome is when he held off the boss of the 50th floor ''alone'' for ten minutes. He was using GameMaster powers at the time, but Kirito later realizes that he doesn't need them. He's just that good.
* In Volume 2 (Episode 11), Asuna curbstomps a group of {{jerkass}} ALF soldiers. Yes, the TruceZone keeps you from taking a fatal wound inside towns... but the ''physics engine'' means that the force from an extremely fast sword repeatedly hitting you in the head ''will'' knock you out.
* Kirito and Asuna attempt to battle the [[HopelessBossFight Fatal Scythe]], a boss that seems to be from the 90th Floor and is [[CurbStompBattle stomping them so hard]] it took out half their HP in one blow. Then Yui steps in to protect her mommy and daddy. As the Fatal Scythe tries to attack the little girl, the blow fails to make contact and gets blocked by a force field with a system message saying "Immortal Object". Yui then [[PowerFloats floats in the air]], with her clothes changing to her iconic white dress, before she summons up an InfinityPlusOneSword and kills the Fatal Scythe [[OneHitKill in one shot]].
* When Yui is being deleted by the Cardinal System, Kirito uses the GM console that Yui uncovered to hack the system and managed to save her from deletion, turning her data into an in-game item that he says is her heart.
* Kirito has just reeled in the granddaddy-of-all-fish and it charges towards them. While Kirito [[Funny/SwordArtOnline cowers behind Asuna]], she takes off her cloak, draws her rapier, and butchers the monster fish in one slash. Asuna is a badass again!
* Kirito's final duel with Kayaba is full of this.
** Kirito manages to figure out Heathcliff is Kayaba due to the fact that Heathcliff's HP never dropped below into the yellow zone, despite the grueling boss fight they just had. The only way that was possible was because Heathcliff was protected by the system.
** We get to see just how much ThePowerOfLove is able to accomplish in the SAO universe: Asuna is able to break free of admin induced paralysis and [[TakingTheBullet take the blow for Kirito]]. Then Kirito is able to defy death itself, managing to use his HeroicWillPower to delay his FadingAway just in time to stab Kayaba and [[TakingYouWithMe take the GM with him]].
** Kayaba's dedication to playing a role is amazing. He set himself up as the FinalBoss of Aincrad after pretending to be [[FallenHero its greatest hero]]. What happens next, narratively speaking? The real hero steps up and kills him. After seeing Kirito using the Dual Blade skill he created for the fastest player, with one of those blades being the rapier of his wife who died to save him in this very duel (defying paralysis to do so) and then Kirito defying death itself, it's like he thinks "I've found my story's hero". He was willing to die because not using that moment would have [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter been a huge waste]]. The smile on his face coupled with deliberately ''not'' blocking the attack, which he saw coming a mile away, convey that in fractions of a second.

[[folder:Fairy Dance Arc]]
* At the beginning of ''Fairy Dance'' arc, Kirito's first fighting appearance with the ALO system, he creates a ''sonic boom'' when he starts running. That is how fast he can react when the system doesn't restrict him.
** Before that, his display of his sword skills in a ''real world'' sparring match, having barely got out of physio and still skinny from the 2-odd years spent trapped in SAO, is arguably more impressive, as he forces his sister/cousin Suguha, a National-level Kendo practicioner, to work hard to beat him. Keep in mind that he was able to read her moves and keep dodging, and she only got her shot in ''after'' his exhaustion forced him to slow down and stumble, and [[DamnYouMuscleMemory when he tried to use a Sword Skill]], to [[RealityEnsues obvious effect]].
* Kirito pulling a BigDamnHeroes and saving Leafa from three nasty Salamander [=PKers=]. After making his presence known by [[FacePlant crash landing]], he goads the Salamanders into attacking him. He [[BarehandedBladeBlock catches the lance]] of one Salamander, holding it in place then flicking the Salamander back which sends him crashing into his teammate. He casually asks permission from Leafa if he can kill these guys which she agrees. He then draws his sword and [[FlashStep moves so fast he disappears]], one Salamander asks where Kirito went, only for Kirito to appear behind them and then afterwards said Salamander dies from Kirito's the speed attack as the system registers the damage Kirito had dealt. As the other Salamander begins to panic, Kirito blitzes over to him in one leap and [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe slices him in half]]. Kirito asks the remaining Salamander if he wants to fight, but [[KnowWhenToFoldEm he declines and decides to flee]].
* Kirito and Leafa are cornered on a bridge. One side is blocked by high-level magic, the other side has the Salamander party approaching, while the waters are full of high-level monsters. They have no choice but to fight. Kirito goes on the offensive as the melee damage dealer, while Leafa acts as support to heal him. Things don't look good, as the Salamanders have more players, being able to damage and heal faster than Kirito and Leafa can. Yui then gives Kirito a Metamorphosis spell which he uses to turn into a Gleam Eyes-like monster. Gleam Eyes Kirito charges the Salamanders who all start to [[MassOhCrap wet their pants]] at the sight of the monster. Gleam-Eyes Kirito utterly slaughters the Salamander shielders, impaling them with his claws or eating them whole. The boss keeps telling his men not to panic and for the mages to fire an illusion spell, but Gleam-Eyes Kirito is so fast that he's right in front of them before they have time to finish the incantation, and they all meet their end when Kirito swipes them aside. Finally the boss decides they're thoroughly screwed and tells his men to retreat, but by then it's too late and Kirito shreds the remaining Salamanders with his claws. The boss then decides to escape by jumping into the lake, forgetting about the high-level water monsters who make short work of him. Gleam-Eyes Kirito is holding the SoleSurvivor and is about to crush his head, before Leafa tells him not to kill him as they needed to interrogate him, to which Kirito finally stops his berserker rampage.
* While Asuna is a DamselInDistress, she [[DamselOutOfDistress manages to escape once and nearly makes it out on her own]]. Even when she's caught she's smart enough to grab the admin key from the terminal. She did that with her ''toes'' and maneuvered it to her hands without her captors noticing. [[spoiler: Given that [=ALO=] is UnwinnableByDesign, Kirito would have failed without her help.]]
* Episode 20. The Salamander army is about to attack the Sylph and Cait-Sith, but then Kirito shows up and declares he wants to speak to the Salamander general, Eugene. Kirito [[BlatantLies claims to be an ambassador for the Spriggan-Undine alliance who came to negotiate with the Sylph and Cait-Sith]]. Eugene will only believe Kirito if he duels him and survives. So the fight commences with Kirito managing to hold his own with lower level gear against Eugene the [[WorldsBestWarrior best player in ALO]] and possession of a LegendaryWeapon capable of phasing through the first sword block... While being equally skilled as Eugene, Kirito gets pushed back due to the hax of Eugene's blade. So Kirito devises a plan, creating an ultra large smokescreen, borrowing Leafa's katana, then flies up into the sky so he's angled with the sun to obstruct Eugene's vision. When Eugene attacks and phases through Kirito's first sword, he blocks with Leafa's katana and then goes dual wielding on Eugene, without Sword Skills!
* When they reach the center of [=ALFheim=] and Yui tearfully informs Kirito that mommy is right above them. It's just such a powerful moment, especially with the music reaching its crescendo, and Kirito being slow and taking side trips for the first half of the story arc because he didn't really believe Asuna could be saved until that moment. And when he realized she could be saved, his hopes fulfilled, Kirito just [[LetsGetDangerous snarls a deadly snarl]], and launches into the sky without any hesitation.
* Episode 23. Kirito's battle inside the World Tree. Kirito goes up against hundreds of World Tree Guardians and in a fit of [[TheBerserker berserker rage]] as he ploughs through all of them! The first try doubles as a HeartwarmingMoment when [[spoiler:Kirito has flashes of memories of Asuna as he fights, which makes him more and more determined and fierce]]. How can anyone NOT cheer him while that happens?! He only gets overwhelmed mere moments from reaching the top, where the Guardians decide to switch from attacking him head on to firing volleys at him, ending in Kirito getting shish-kebabed by arrows and swords, before he finally loses his remaining HP. He may have lost, but DAMN, talk about [[{{Determinator}} not giving up]].
** This is immediately followed up by Leafa, risking her own life to grab Kirito's remain light, sustaining damage herself, before managing to get him out of there and reviving him.
* Upon finding out that Kirito was her brother Kazuto, and getting her heart broken, Leafa and Kirito meet back in ALO where they make up by having a duel. Nearing the end of the duel, both of them drop their swords, intending to let the other beat them as a means of apologizing, doubling as HeartWarming/SwordArtOnline where brother and sister make-up and share a hug.
* Kirito's second assault on the World Tree (Episode 24 in the anime) is just as awesome, if not more awesome than the first. Only this time he's not alone in on the awesomeness.
** Upon learning that the guardians target healers, Recon takes it upon himself to drag the aggro away from Leafa so she can heal Kirito. And when the guardians eventually overwhelm him, he pulls off a HeroicSacrifice by using dark magic to [[TakingYouWithMe blow himself up]], taking out a large number of guardians.
** Unable to keep up with the high spawn rate, the guardians eventually form a MASSIVE wall that seems impenetrable. However, [[TheCavalry the Cait-Sith and Sylph factions show up to even the odds.]]
** All of this is topped off by Leafa tossing her sword to Kirito so he can DualWield and him basically plowing through the defensive wall like it was paper.
** And all of the above is compounded by one simple fact. [[spoiler: The Grand Quest was [[UnwinnableByDesign never meant to be beaten]].]]
* [[TheAce Kirito]], for all his skills and illegal stats was a player fighting and losing against Sugou/Oberon, the administrator of ALO and resident bastard. So, Kirito was near dead and about to get stabbed by an Excalibur-wielding nutjob with his pain limiters turned off. Then Kayaba Akihiko's ghost pulls a BigDamnHeroes moment by giving Kirito admin powers. The moment is handled like [[DivineIntervention the god of a world granting divine power to his champion]]. Kirito proceeds to reset [[BroughtDownToNormal Sugou's level to 1]] before lowering the pain absorber to 0. He then summons Excalibur straight right under the nose of the resident {{Jerkass}}. Guess what he does with it. Yes, he pulled a Jack Rakan move straight from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''. giving Sugou the most powerful weapon in the game knowing full well that it won't make a difference. Kirito then puts Sugou [[KickTheSonOfABitch through a world of hurt]], making sure to let Sugou know that even though he's dead, Kayaba has screwed him over yet again.
-->'''Kirito''': You stole everything in this world. Everything! Including its people! You're nothing but a king of thieves, sitting alone on your stolen throne!
* The way Kirito defeats [[spoiler:Sugou at the end of the ''Fairy Dance'' arc. He provides him with an InfinityPlusOneSword, [[CurbStompBattle knowing full well it won't make a difference]]. Kirito blocks all of his blows with impunity, and then slices his right hand off. After that Kirito cuts his legs out from under him, picks him up by the hair, throws him upwards and lets him ''fall into his blade and [[EyeScream land on his eye]]''. On anyone else [[ColdBloodedTorture it would have been horrifyingly brutal]], on ''Sugou'' it was a [[PayEvilUntoEvil glorious moment of catharsis]] for an audience that was probably sick to death of him being a SmugSnake.]]
** In the novels, [[spoiler: instead of throwing him up and letting him fall onto the sword, he finished with deliberately piercing his eye with the sword. With the pain absorption off.]]
*** [[spoiler: Which means that he feels the full and real pain of having his eye stabbed (on top of the aforementioned injuries) which continues on as phantom pain in the real world, even if his body is physically unharmed. Ouch.]]
*** [[spoiler: Just as satisfying is his pwning of [[SmugSnake Sugou]] in real life. Sugou attacks him with a knife on his way to the hospital and overpowers him, fortunately his [[IKnowMortalKombat time in SAO and ALO]] gives him the skill to disarm the bastard, ''smash his face into a car so hard that it dents'' then holds the knife to his throat , considering to kill him, cue [[DirtyCoward Sugou]] passing out from fright.]] Badass.
*** [[spoiler: Even better? The only reason he survived the first blow? Sugou has no depth perception...BECAUSE HIS RIGHT EYE IS BLIND FROM PURE PAIN!]]
*** [[spoiler: If you look closely you can see [[BringMyBrownPants steam rising up from between Sugou's legs]] after he screams. After spending an entire volume/half season hating him more and more, it's incredibly satisfying to see Sugou so thoroughly humiliated.]]
*** His PreAssKickingOneLiner for the occasion is pretty badass too:
--->[[spoiler:'''Kirito:''' Such a weak weapon (Sugou's knife). Light. No reach. But it's more than enough to kill you.(cue OhCrap from Sugou)]]


[[folder:Extra Edition]]
* While everyone is fighting the Armachthys Boss, Leafa decides to charge in but gets sucked into the Armachthys's vortex and just manages to cling onto the edge. How does Kirito save her? He dives into the vortex himself in order to get closer to the Armachthys and stabs it with a fatal blow, disrupting the vortex and finally giving him a chance to grab his sister's hand and stop her from falling.

[[folder:Phantom Bullet Arc]]
* Sinon's EstablishingCharacterMoment is her defeating Behemoth. She tries going to the top of a tall building to snipe him, but he finds out and aims his minigun at her. So, she jumps off the building, gets her leg shot off, then avoids Behemoth's next salvo, flips ''five times in air'' and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHmEKIzIuCs makes the killing headshot]] ''in freefall''.
* Sinon's backstory doubles as both this and [[TearJerker/SwordArtOnline Tear Jerker]]:
** An armed robber came into the post office and demanded money. Shino proceeds to bite him to loosen his grip on the gun, disarm him, and shoot him three times with his own gun.
** Also from a narrative standpoint: the robber has to be shot three times, in an aversion of InstantDeathBullet. She gets him center of mass on the first shot, and shoulder on the next shot. The final shot is not only a headshot that, again, a tiny child who is almost certainly limp-wristing is making, but the gun also had a failure to eject, meaning if she hadn't killed the robber on that shot, she would have been shit out of luck. Truly the spirits of Tokarev, Kalashnikov, and Browning were smiling upon her that day.
* Kirito is so skilled as a swordsman, he can [[ParryingBullets parry bullets]] using the bullet prediction path as a means to guide his sword. In Episode 9 he deflects ''approximately sixty rounds of assault rifle fire'' during the [=BoB=] tournament, not missing a single one!
** In his first duel with Sinon, at the end she fires a fifty-cal round at him. Kirito ''cuts the bullet in half''. Specifically, she fires a fifty-cal round at him from ''ten meters'', and he cuts the bullet in half ''without the Prediction Lines''. He reveals he predicted the bullet himself by taking note of where she was looking on the other side of her scope!
** There's also the point, when he tries the "Untouchable" arcade game. He's able to dodge bullets using the bullet prediction line. But is able to do so even when getting up close and the NPC has switched to laser fire from less than ten meters away! How he did this? He ''predicted the Bullet Prediction Line''! It's what defines the reason why he is so good in these games - because unlike other players, he does not limit himself to what the system allows him to do.
* The original plan was for Kirito to just distract Death Gun while Sinon sniped him... however, after he shoots out Sinon's scope (and her his), they face off one-on-one.
** Then, Sinon who just got her scope sniped out by Death Gun, aims her Prediction Line on Death Gun's shoulder. Let us observe: the distance between Sinon's sniping position and the Kirito/Death Gun sword fight was such that even when she... [[BuffySpeak did that thing that gives her scanner-vision and zooms in slightly]], she could barely just see the duel, and it was hard to tell who was Kirito and who was Death Gun. She aimed such that it showed up on Death Gun's shoulder. Call of Duty players, eat your hearts out; Sinon just no-scoped a specific one of two targets at ridiculous range ''in a VRMMORPG''.
--> '''Kirito''': That laser... Is all of Sinon's skill, experience and feelings put into one shot... A [[TitleDrop Phantom Bullet]]!
** Kirito then pulls out his gun and shoots out his attempted invisibility. A silhouette of Kirito in his SAO avatar superimposed over his GGO avatar, with his two iconic swords is taking the place of his Photon Sword and gun. Then when Death Gun decloaks and slashes at Kirito while he's in midair. Kirito then lands back on his feet and his eyes turn gold with rage as he charges at Death Gun screaming, and using his Photon Sword burns through Death Gun's midriff, bisecting him clean in half.
** Then just afterward, he gets to Shino's house, [[spoiler: where Kyouji was attempting to [[IfICantHaveYou keep her all to himself.]]]] [[BigDamnHeroes Rushing in, he straight out knees the assailant in the face, drawing blood.]]
* A couple from Volume 6 that involve her getting over her fear of guns while in the real world:
** Shino is confronted by Kyouji, one of the people behind Death Gun, and is about to receive a lethal injection. She manages to turn the situation around, mustering the guts to threaten him with a ''model'' gun. Sadly, this moment was omitted from the anime in favor of her hitting him in the head with a radio.
** The second is when Shino is confronted by a GirlPosse that regularly bullies her. The leader brought a very realistic looking M1911 styled gas powered airsoft gun with her in order to intimidate Shino. When it [[NotWithTheSafetyOnYouWont fails to fire]], Shino calmly takes the gun herself, [[TheGlassesComeOff pulls off her glasses]], and fires a BB from it herself which hits a nearby empty soda can. She then hands it back to the bully who's in shock at all this, and calmly walks away, only collapsing when they're out of sight. This is a far cry from when someone merely making a finger gun and a banging noise was enough to make her break down.


[[folder:Caliber Arc]]
* Sinon has made an ALO account so she can join her new friends in the fantasy game. However for her ALO character build, she essentially ignored every other logical option and went straight for the DifficultButAwesome sniper build. Yet she still turns every battle against spellcasters into a pathetic CurbStompBattle.
* At the start of the Calibur arc, Klein and Sinon both agree to help Kirito get Excalibur if they'll help them get legendary weapons of their own. Klein has apparently asked the aid before, as Kirito is familiar with the "freakin' hot" dungeon where it's held, but when Sinon asks for help finding the legendary bow Shekinah, he's incredulous.
-->'''Kirito:''' You've [[WeakButSkilled hardly had your avatar for two weeks]] and you're already looking for a legendary weapon?
** It gets better: Sinon wants the bow because Lisbeth custom-made her a bow with a practical range of 100 meters. Being from GGO and [[FriendlySniper capable of dismissing a 1500-meter shot as "tossing a balled-up wad of paper in a wastebasket"]], Sinon's not quite satisfied with that, and so she's looking for a legendary weapon. In other words, ''the only thing better than a bow that Liz specifically made for a sniper is a legendary weapon''.
* The team's assault on the Jotenheim quest (Episode 16, SAO II), dealing with two giants, one who is extremely physical-resilient and the other magic (plus they switch if you attempt to exploit this). So, Silica has Pina stun the physical-resistant giant, then they rush him with Sword Skills, taking off half its health... suffering the Skill delay as a result. Kirito however, chains together Sword Skills with very good timing in an exploit known as Skill Connect. He continues the beatdown as everyone else joins in to take the giant down, Klein slices the giant's midriff, Leafa delivers several slices, Silica leaps up and stabs at the giant's face, while Lisbeth descends from above and slams the giant's head with her mace, while Sinon jumps up to the top of the giant's head and [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings pulls a Legolas]] by firing the arrow point-blank. On its last legs, Kirito charges in with another Sword Skill, and reduces the giant to just one sliver of HP, yet it still doesn't go down. The giant gets ready to attack as Kirito is helpless due to the cooldown time... only for Asuna to rush in and deliver the finishing blow.
** And needless to say, [[CurbStompBattle the magical-resistant one didn't even stand a chance after that.]]
-->'''Klein:''' (grinning) Get ready for your beatdown.
** And the awesomeness continues into the next episode where they team up with Freyja[[spoiler: /Thor]] to take down Thrym. They deliver a great beatdown at first, but it's not fast enough and they're growing tired. Then [[spoiler: Thor gets Mjolnir back]] and entire party proceeds to deliver a combination attack upon Thrym, ending with their new ally ''bashing Thrym's head in'' as the finishing blow.
* Sinon uses a special arrow to snag a falling Excalibur. Note that she was firing from an unstable, rapidly descending position, and her bow was only rated for a range of 100 meters, and Excalibur was over 200 meters below and falling rapidly. [[UpToEleven AND]] said [[TrickArrow special arrow]] has a different handling from normal arrows. And she did this by aiming with the naked eye.

[[folder:Mother's Rosario Arc]]
* For only one volume, [[spoiler: and sadly no more,]] Yuuki manages to pull off all sorts of awesome. To start with, Kirito concludes that there's no way she could have been an SAO survivor. Why? Because her sword skills and reflexes are so elite that if she were in SAO, ''she'' would have been awarded the Dual Wielding skill instead of Kirito. This lady isn't called [[RedBaron Zekken]] for nothing!
** And it SHOWS in episode 19. Yuuki manages to show off some amazingly fast SuperReflexes, deflecting blows just as they were about to hit, to the point where she effortlessly blocks Asuna's Original Sword Skill, Quadruple Pain while she's still stunned before busting out her own Original Sword Skill, which ends the duel.
* Asuna's duel with Yuuki. Even though she loses, she puts such an impressive fight she forces Yuuki to use her secret sword skill, something even Kirito (who ''also'' lost to Yuuki) didn't manage to accomplish. Special mention to the moment when [[spoiler: she sucker-punches Yuuki in the gut]]. In the anime, it looks incredible!
** Liz had earlier mentioned that Yuuki had showed off her Original Sword Skill when she had first issued the challenge, to show what the prize was for beating her, and had not used it since. Which means that Asuna was the first one to push her to the limits such that she needed to use it!
** Heck, the duel between Yuuki and Asuna in that episode just might be one of the most spectacular duels in the anime period, complete with explosions, shockwaves, and the remix of the ''Luminous Sword'' theme from the original SAO playing in the background.
* One of the best instances is in Volume 7. The Sleeping Knights and Asuna are trying to get through to the boss room, but a raiding guild of about 20 members is blocking their path.
** So, what does Yuuki do? She decides to charge through despite knowing reinforcements are on the way.
** So the Sleeping Knights are about to be overwhelmed: there's only six of them and Asuna, and just as the guild's 30 reinforcements arrive... Kirito pulls a BigDamnHeroes YouShallNotPass moment. [[spoiler: By the time the guild defeats them, the Sleeping Knights have won.]] This moment is so awesome it deserves a blow by blow:
*** 30 adventurers that specialize in fighting bosses are about to swarm the Sleeping Knights. Then Kirito zooms up from behind like ''Comicbook/TheFlash'', runs up the wall, and jumps down in front of the guild. He plants his sword into the ground and says "[[IronicEcho This area is off limits]]". The leader of the group asks [[JustOneMan Kirito if he really thought he could defeat all of them]], to which Kirito replies he didn't know because [[BadassBoast he had never tried before]]. The leader then tells the mages to attack. Three spells fire at Kirito and he slices them out of the air. Kirito remarks that even the fastest spell was slower than bullets fired by an anti-material rifle. Immediately after this, Kirito [[TheGlovesComeOff gets serious]] by bringing out a second sword from his inventory, and not just any sword; the ''[[InfinityPlusOneSword Excalibur]]'' in his off-hand, revealing to all that THIS is the crazy guy with the [[DualWielding Dual Blades skill]]. The opposing {{mooks}} go straight to MassOhCrap, and their leader isn't any better off... And then it gets worse, as someone else (Klein) starts chopping away at the guild's ranks from behind. It's a '''two'''-person pincer tactic against '''thirty''' and it ''works''! As the gates to the boss chamber shut, the last look Asuna has at Kirito is of him standing amiss flames and the remains of many adventurers. He flashes her a victory sign and the doors close.
** While Kirito and Klein keeps the majority of the guild at bay, Asuna and the Sleeping Knights deal with those still blocking the door. Yuuki tears apart the other players, practically dancing and twirling about as she swings her sword and knocking each of them over, all the while giggling and having the time of her life. However, she gets bummed when all the players she had beaten down get healed by the mages and get right back up. Asuna realizes that she and the Sleeping Knights will never make it to the boss room if they don't [[ShootTheMedicFirst kill the healers]]. She leaves the healing to Siune while [[CombatMedic she charges through the enemy lines]], so fast that she's merely a blur, [[FoeTossingCharge knocking everyone in her path away]]. One of the healers just gets the time to utter her "[[RedBaron Berserk Healer]]" title before she cuts them down.
* In the boss room, Yuuki finishes off the boss with her 11-hit SignatureMove (she actually does land eleven hits; you can count them). It just might be the only thing capable of beating Kirito and Asuna's X-cut back in the first season's first opening in terms of sheer awesomeness.
* The final match in the tournament between Yuuki and Kirito. While we don't get to see too much of it, the two were neck-in-neck and Yuuki eventually wins by timeout just a split second before Kirito is able attack her.


[[folder:Ordinal Scale]]
* Klein alleviates the BadassDecay he had been subjected to by dominating ''Ordinal Scale'' with his guild, don't even better than ''Kirito'' in his first battle. He even takes on Eiji in a fist fight after the asshole [[PlayerKilling beats down his entire guild]], and only loses because Eiji was [[CombatClairvoyance cheating]].
* Kirito's duel with Eiji in the stadium underground carpark. Eiji loathes his days as Nautilus in [=SAO=] due to losing Yuuna, and seeks to rob his fellow players of their memories. Kirito rips out the neck piece of Eiji's exosuit (which allows him to overcome his paralysis), and subdues him.
--->'''Kirito''': I won't lose to a man who denies his past.
* Asuna gets the chance to shine in battle like she hadn't since the Aincrad arc:
** [[spoiler: She delivers the final blow in the first action scene, proving that she's an amazing swordswoman in AR as well.]]
** [[spoiler:In the second action scene, Asuna also proves she is still leadership material, even if she's thrown her [=KoB=] lieutenant days behind, by commanding all raid members and organizing the battle. And of course, by delivering the final blow once again.]]
*** Making this all the more awesome, [[spoiler: these are not her official subordinates. She just started giving orders and, through sheer charisma, everyone obeyed. Kirito was never such a MagneticHero.]]
** [[spoiler:Right before she dives into Aincrad to help Kirito and the others (while suffering from memory loss, no less), she realises how brave Yuuna, who died in ''SAO'', would have been, and praises the latter's courage in the face of the death game.]]
--->[[spoiler:'''Asuna''': Yuuna. If you died in ''SAO'', it means you've adventured beyond the safety zones.]]
** [[spoiler: Diving into SAO at all is an epic display of courage. She'd lost her SAO memories, the memories that made her the badass she is today. She admitted to being a terrified wreck crying her self to sleep in SAO at first. She was missing the experiences that transformed her from that scared little girl to the battle hardened badass, and decided to fight anyway.]]
* The battle against "An Incarnation of Radius", the alleged 100th floor boss of SAO and one the biggest CrowningMomentOfAwesome in not just the movie but the entire series. Going into [=FullDive=] and entering into one of the drones used by the BigBad, the battle begins with Kirito, Silica, Agil, Lisbeth, and Sinon charging the boss and getting easily overwhelmed in what seems like a HopelesBossFight. Until Asuna pulls a BigDamnHeroes, stabbing Incarnate's in the eye, and saving Kirito and Silica from its grip as well as catching the latter mid-air. Then TheCavalry arrives via Klein, Leafa, Yui, and everyone from ''ALO'' and ''GGO'' showing up to help. Yui gives everyone their old SAO avatars along with Sinon's GGO avatar, making everyone at their peak beating the boss up. Even Yuuki appears in spirit as Asuna executes her signature technique, Mother's Rosario!]]
* Kirito, becoming the #1 player of Ordinal Scale, surpassing Yuna. His SAO avatar appears in the stadium, wielding Durendal (a {{BFS}} rewarded to him for ''finally'' clearing ''SAO''). He then proceeds to go GodMode, [[OneHitKill one shotting]] all the boss monsters like they're confetti balloons.


[[folder:Alicization Arc]]
* In ''Alicization Beginning'', when facing the goblins, Kirito, after reflecting on what's at stake and how he's killed larger foes back in SAO, gives a nice BadassBoast.
-->'''Ugachi''': Grurah! Filthy Ium brats...You think to challenge the great Ugachi the Lizard Killer?!\\
'''Kirito''': I'm not going to challenge youóI'm going to ''beat you!''
* [[spoiler:Kayaba hijacks a robot body, and then thwarts the remaining GDS operators' final attempt to blow up Ocean Turtle by defusing the bomb ''while the said body is shot by a US soldier and slowly starting to break into pieces!'']]
* ''Alicization Lasting'' shows how inspiring, terrifying, and downright brutal Kirito can be:
** [[spoiler: After spending the previous three whole books [[GameBreakingInjury being out of commission]], [[BackFromTheDead the awakened Kirito]] [[HesBack is back]] [[BigDamnHeroes to finish]] [[KickTheSonOfABitch the heroes' job]], [[IconicOutfit complete with his iconic]] [[BadassLongcoat Aincrad black longcoat]]. His badassery has finally reached its peak with this line:]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Kirito''': I definitely won't let everyone's will, blood, and tears go to waste. Let's go save them. Can you help me, Asuna?]]
* [[spoiler: Leafa would like to remind the readers why she IS the "Speed Holic" by '''''[[OneManArmy tanking 3,000 foreign players]]''''' despite being WeakButSkilled and taking too much damage before passing out! In the aftermath of the UW war, she is now renowned as the "Green Swordswoman" in UW because of this, and even the Orcs are looking forward to her return someday, even after more than 200 years.]]
** [[spoiler:Kirito's [[HesBack epic comeback]] from the same book is made of pure awesome: he [[OneManArmy freezes 30,000 foreign players in ice]], [[FateWorseThanDeath imprisons [=PoH=] in a tree before leaving him to die in UW]], and [[KarmicDeath gives Gabriel just desserts]].]]
*** [[spoiler:His PreMortemOneLiner on [=PoH=] is absolutely '''''fabulous''''':]]
--->[[spoiler:'''[=PoH=]''': As expected, thatís what Iím talking about. But... this isnít the end. Even if you log out from this world, I show up in front of you all, over and over again. It doesnít matter how many times I do it before I slit the throats and tear out the hearts of both you and the "Flash"...]]
--->[[spoiler:'''Kirito''': [[YouAreAlreadyDead No, this is it. You'll never log out from Underworld.]]]]
** [[spoiler:Speaking of Gabriel, there is a reason why Kirito's title as the "Black Swordsman" isn't just for show: Gabriel, better known as "Darkness God Vector", possesses the "Darkness of the Void", cuts Kirito in half, and attempts to eat his heart. Kirito's response? Injure Gabriel's mouth by summoning countless steel blades from his heart, and then retaliate the Darkness God's "Darkness of the Void" with his "Darkness of the Boundless Night Sky" to gain the upper hand for the rest of the fight.]]
*** [[spoiler:And Kirito's finishing attack on Gabriel? A 17-hit version of ''Starburst Stream'', the very same sword skill he used on 74th floor boss back in Aincrad!]]
*** [[spoiler:Made better when Eugeo's "spirit" shows up to help Kirito finish the job.]]
* Kirito is well-known and feared by everyone as the "Black Swordsman", the "Twin Blade Swordsman", and the "Hero of SAO". [[spoiler:Near the end of ''Alicization Lasting'', he is called the "[[PhysicalGod Star King]]" by the UW people, and his accomplishments during his 200-year rule in UW proves that he's worthy to earn such title.]]


* ''Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment'':
** Kirito's duel with Heathcliff on the 75th Floor features beautifully animated CGI cutscenes. It's just as spectacular as the anime, but with one key difference: Kirito wins! Rather than breaking his sword on Heathcliff's shield, the glitches start buzzing through, allowing Kirito to stab Heathcliff. Though it's later revealed Heathcliff got teleported away rather than dying.
** Philia's EstablishingCharacterMoment and meeting Kirito for the first time, once again in beautifully animated CGI. After Kirito gets teleported into the Hollow Area and has a CrashIntoHello, Philia mistakes him for a Hollow Data enemy, drawing her dagger and attacks him. Kirito draws his own sword and the two cross blades, before promptly having their hostile introductions interrupted by a Skull Reaper like boss!
** The FinalBoss of the Hollow Area is [[MirrorBoss Kirito himself]], specifically his Hollow counterpart. Kirito meets his match as he battles against himself in a fight to the death!
** When Alberich finally reveals himself to be Sugou and attempts to pull his TheGMIsACheatingBastard on the entire Assault Team, paralyzing them and sending in the Level 100 Boss to finish them off. Strea [[BigDamnHeroes steps in]] and [[DePower takes away his admin privileges]], [[HeroicSacrifice at the cost of getting stabbed by Sugou's InfinityPlusOneSword that is guaranteed to slowly kill her.]]
** Remember how Kirito said that even with Dual Wielding he may not win against Yuuki? Well, in the game ''Hollow Fragment'', you can prove him wrong by challenging Yuuki to a duel after [[spoiler: defeating the final boss]]. Now you can truly fight the best with the best!
* ''Lost Song'':
** Yuuki's fate in the games is [[SparedByTheAdaptation pleasantly different]] than it is in canon:
*** In ''Lost Song'', Yuuki becomes a playable character. The catch? You have to beat her in a duel with Asuna, which means that, yes, you get to reenact the duel between Asuna and Yuuki.
*** And ''even better''? You can unlock the use of Mother's Rosario for Asuna AND Yuuki. This seems like a posthumous upgrade until the game throws the final curve ball at the end of Yuuki's arc... '''she lives!'''
*** And, of course, in the sequels... Yuuki is potentially '''''cured''''', and you get to see the REAL Yuuki Konno, getting to take on a new version of Aincrad.
** Speaking of ''Mother's Rosario'', remember that awesome moment in the anime where the Sleeping Knights go up against a raid party and Kirito pulls a BigDamnHeroes to HoldTheLine? In ''Lost Song'' Kirito ''joins'' the Sleeping Knights in their raid, while ''all'' of their friends (Klein, Lisbeth, Leafa, Silica, Strea, Philia, Sinon, Agil) [[TheCavalry arrive to keep the raiding party at bay]].
** Kirito's final battle with Sumeragi. The CG cutscene has Kirito and Sumeragi evenly matched, clashing in the sky. Kirito then activates a sword skill with his right-blade, which Sumeragi manages to dodge. Sumeragi is confident he has won the duel due to the cooldown time between each Sword Skill. However as he prepares to make the finishing blow, he has a massive OhCrap moment when he sees Kirito has already turned around and had already activated a second Sword Skill with his left-blade and this one Sumeragi has no way of dodging. Once this Sword Skill hits, Kirito keeps chaining Sword Skills together using his DualWielding in an exploit called Skill Connect, before thrusting his blade into Sumeragi and sending them both plummeting to the ground as he finally defeats him.
* ''Hollow Realizations''
** Kirito's climactic duel with Genesis, the pretender Black Swordsman, animated in CG. In an epic battle, Kirito parries Genesis' {{BFS}} and sliding his own sword along the blade as he runs towards Genesis, Kirito deals land several Sword Skills across Genesis' chest before telling him "[[TheReasonYouSuckspeech You are not worthy of the title, Black Swordsman]]."
* In ''Accel World vs Sword Art Online''
** ''Accel World'' characters join forces with the Sword Art Online crew. Black Lotus and Silver Crow can now fight as part of your party!
** And the UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny: Kirito vs Silver Crow!
** Yui is finally PromotedToPlayable in ''Accel World vs Sword Art Online''! [[spoiler:...As a DarkMagicalGirl version of herself from a thousand years in the future...]]!
** [[spoiler: Persona Vabel is a version of Yui from a BadFuture, [[DeathSeeker wishing to die]] after reaching the DespairEventHorizon. As [[ICannotSelfTerminate she her programming forbids her from killing herself]], she opts to kidnap her younger self from the past and pull her from the timeline to prevent herself from existing to being with. Kirito, Asuna, and friends fight her to stop her from destroying herself. In the end, Vabel and the present Yui are [[FusionDance merged together]] and both brought back to the past, so that Vabel won't have to live on along in grief.]]
* Speaking of Yui, she's also playable in the ''Memory Defrag'' mobile game.
* ''Fatal Bullet'':
** The fact that in this game, you're not playing as Kirito[[note]]though Kirito is still available to be played through "[[AnotherSideAnotherStory Kirito Mode]]"[[/note]], you're playing as [[CharacterCustomization you]]!
** The Player meeting Kirito for the first time, has Kirito attacking them with his Photon Sword and the player shielding the [=ArFA-sys=] from danger. [[EstablishingCharacterMoment Establishing]] the Player's ChronicHeroSyndrome which Kirito immediately respects them for.
** The Death Gun sidestory which serves as an adaptation of the ''Phantom Bullet'' arc. There's a beautifully animated CG recreation of Kirito's FinalBattle with Death Gun, which is just as epic (if not more) than it is in the anime.
** The final scene has all of the ''Fatal Bullet'' characters staging an ambush raid in a ruined city map. In the final moments everyone is surrounded by enemy players, before they all teleport away, with Kureha sticking her tongue out, and taking their place is Kirito and the Player, who go BackToBackBadasses before charging the enemy players.

* In Volume 7, when she leads the Sleeping Knights in defeating the level boss. She wasn't [=KoB=]'s subleader just because she was a pretty face.
* In Episode 18 (SAO II), when the tides are turning against the Floor 21 Boss, Asuna charges directly in to finish the job herself. In her final blow, she's clearly channeling Kirito's drive to win, proving how strong their bond is.

!![[BattleCouple Kirito]] ''[[BreadEggsBreadedEggs and]]'' [[BattleCouple Asuna]]
Basically, every time Kirito and Asuna [[BattleCouple fight together]], awesomeness ensues! Here the stand out examples:
* Even in Episode 12, when ''both'' get curbstomped against the unknown enemy! There's something endearing about the way the two of them form that joint defensive stance. [[RuleOfCool Even if said stance doesn't make any practical sense!]]
* And finally, the battle against the Skull Reaper in chapter 13, when Kirito and Asuna show how much they understand each other in battle, fighting practically as one single warrior.
* And it continues in ''Ordinal Scale'', especially in [[spoiler:the FinalBattle when they finish off SAO's final boss An Incarnate of Radius together, in a similar fashion to how they both defeated Aincrad's first boss. Bonus points for seeing them wearing their outfits from that game, as well as both using their respective signature moves: Kirito's Starbust Stream and Asuna's Mother's Rosario (the latter doubling as a heartwarming moment with Yuuki's image appearing next to Asuna).]]
--->[[spoiler:'''Kirito''': Let's go, Asuna!]]
--->[[spoiler:'''Asuna''': Right!]]

* In the climax of the ''Phantom Bullet'' arc, Sinon and Death Gun engage in a SniperDuel, and at one point, both fire their rifles simultaneously. Death Gun's shot takes out the Hecate's scope (and potentially Sinon's head, had she not moved moments prior), while Sinon's shot hits the receiver on the [=L115A3=] and completely destroys the weapon.
** But before then, Death Gun was pursuing Sinon and Kirito on a mechanical horse. Sinon overcomes her PTSD to fire on Death Gun, hits the fuel tank of a car passing next to him, and takes him out in an explosion.

* [[spoiler:Yuuki's ''spirit'' even comes back in ''Ordinal Scale'' to help Asuna use Mother's Rosario on the final boss!]]
** [[spoiler:Carries over to ''Memory Defrag'' where the OS version of Asuna has a twelve hit version of Mother's Rosario, with Yuuki's spirit landing the twelfth hit.]]

* Perhaps the most amazing thing that he ever did comes from a simple realization that Kirito has while fighting him - this is the man who ''designed'' the fighting styles of SAO. Every single player's fighting style is based around techniques that Kayaba created. Kayaba puts that knowledge to good use when he reads Kirito's Sword Arts, fends off each blow, and finishes Kirito off when the art is finished and he's vulnerable.

* The [[HorsemenOfTheApocalypse "Pale Rider"]] player in the [=BoB=] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul9QSVBvaHU tournament]]. [[FragileSpeedster Absurdly fast and agile]], armed with [[RareGuns an]] [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter AR-17]], and topped off with an [[RuleOfCool awesome avatar]]. He took out Dyne quite handily. [[TooCoolToLive Too bad he didn't see Death Gun coming...]]