Crowning Moments of Awesome for ''[[FanFic/StarsAbove Stars Above]]''

* Konata's promise to Homura in Chapter 13: "If I find out you're the one who made Kagami cry, I'll be taking you ''down'', [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch]]. ''YouAreAlreadyDead''."
* In spite of which, she is ''not'' going to let any demon monks hurt the person her friend likes. She tells Homura she's going to protect her, and ''charges'' at them.
* Chapter 17. Five words: [[CallBack "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"]]
* Chapter 31: [[spoiler:BigDamnHeroes entry from Konata, transformed into a MagicalGirl, complete with the InTheNameOfTheMoon speech]]
* Naturally, the final chapter is one ''very long'' moment of awesome for the entire MagicalGirl team.