[[caption-width-right:350:The Riker Maneuver.]]

* Riker, when the ''Enterprise'' is being chased by the bad guys in a nebula, as they are commenting about how dangerous the gas is, Riker orders them to collect some in the Bussard ram-scoops (red things on the front of the warp nacelles), Geordi asks what he intends to do with that gas. Riker responds: "I mean to shove it down the Son'a's throats." And he does, leading to an explosion that destroys one Son'a ship and cripples another.
-->'''Riker:''' We're through running from these bastards!
** The Trill ensign gives him a look that just SCREAMS "and I hope they like the taste of it!" after that line.
* Also Data, after they discover Picard packing for a little excursion, sums up the feelings of the rest of the crew ready to help him fight the bad guys: "Saddle up. Lock and load." as he slams home a powerpack in a phaser rifle.
* Picard gets one when he convinces Gal'Na to change sides.
-->'''Gal'Na:''' ''(with some disdain)'' Is this how a Federation officer pleads for his life?\\
'''Picard:''' ''(quietly)'' I'm ''not'' pleading for my life. ''(turns to face Gal'Na)'' I'm pleading for ''yours''. You can still go home.
* As the ''Enterprise''-E [[RammingAlwaysWorks bears down]] on the Son'a command ship:
-->'''Son'a:''' [[OhCrap He]] ''[[OhCrap wouldn't]]''.
-->'''[[NervesOfSteel Worf]]:''' Yes. He would.
* Picard defeating Data ''with a song!'' From ''Theatre/HMSPinafore'' no less.
* Worf smashing one of the Son'a drones with his rifle when his ammo runs out.
-->'''Worf:''' Definitely feeling aggressive tendencies, sir!
* When Picard feels for a moment than the Enterprise may arrive too late to save him from a fiery death, he shows no fear but only a [[FaceDeathWithDignity calm resignation]].