For ''VideoGame/StarCraftII'', see [[Awesome/StarcraftIIWingsOfLiberty here for Wings of Liberty]], [[Awesome/StarcraftIIHeartOfTheSwarm here for Heart of the Swarm]], and [[Awesome/StarCraftIILegacyOfTheVoid here for Legacy of the Void]].
* "Eye of the Storm", the final mission of the Protoss campaign in the original ''VideoGame/StarCraftI''. Raynor and his surviving Terran troops teaming up with Tassadar and his surviving Protoss to come together to try and defeat the Overmind. Controlling two races, each on opposite sides of the map made it really feel like a great moment. Not to mention the aftermath and Tassadar's crowning moment of awesome.
* "Emperor's Flight". You as the UED start off by using a fleet of Valkyries and Siege Tanks to wipe out a Zerg base and claim it as your own, so you can assault a Protoss base before your targets escape to a warp gate (said targets are Terrans hiding out in a conspicuous Command Center in the base). Then as you begin building up your forces, you get a message that the warp gate has activated and its energy is inciting passive Zerg in the area to attack. From there you fight a three-pronged war, Terran, Zerg, and Protoss, all mixing it up. Then when you win, a third Zerg force operating for an unknown fourth party attacks you and the Protoss so the Terrans can escape. The mission is practically a microcosm of what ''Starcraft'' is all about.
** [[ Patriot's Blood]]. Great scripting and lots of fun.
** "To Chain the Beast", the final Terran mission, has you turtle up for the majority of the mission penned in by invulnerable CombatTentacles and a semi-unkillablesuper-Ultralisk. Fortunately, the three [[KeystoneArmy Keystone Armies]] are quite vulnerable to a few well-placed Yamato shots, after which you can disband all your defenses and send them on the ([[VideoGame/StarcraftII second]]) biggest turkey shoot in the galaxy.
* Briefings:
-->'''Tassadar:''' [[DoNotGoGentle And I say to thee]], [[YouShallNotPass THIS SHALL NOT COME TO PASS! AIUR SHALL NOT FALL! Executor, I stand ready.]]
** Raynor's speech is awesome too.
-->'''Raynor:''' Well, I guess all I have left is to see this through. The Zerg have taken everything from me. My home, my friends, my family. I know that nothing I can do can bring those things back but I'll be damned if I just sit on my hands and wait for the end. I want a piece of them all right. I'm in.
* Don't forget this precious piece of dialogue from Brood Wars.
-->'''Fenix:''' It is difficult to believe that I am working along side my greatest enemy in order to save this sector.... Fortune has been whimsical of late.
-->'''Raynor:''' You sound like a tired old man, Fenix!
-->'''Fenix:''' Don't let the fact that I am 368 years older than you dull your impression of me young Raynor, I can still -- how do you Terrans say it? -- 'Throw down with the best of them!'
-->'''Raynor:''' I stand corrected.
* Raynor talking back to the Protoss for mocking him.
-->'''Tassadar:''' Arrest me? Aiur ''burns'' at the touch of the Zerg, and you come all the way out here to arrest me?!
-->'''Raynor:''' Don't let it get you, man. [[CallBack This happened to me once]].
-->'''Aldaris:''' Who is this ''human'', Tassadar?
-->'''Raynor:''' The name's Jim Raynor, pal. And I won't be talked down to by '''anyone'''. Not even a [[CantArgueWithElves Protoss]].
-->'''Aldaris:''' Amusing.
* [=DuGalle's=] confrontation with Arcturus Mengsk is dripping in coolness from both of them.
-->'''[=DuGalle=]:''' So, the elusive Arcturus Mengsk at last. I was hoping to speak with you before we finished our business here. I am Admiral Gerard [=DuGalle=], and I must commend you, Sir, for holding back our advance for as long as you have. You are indeed a worthy opponent. \\
'''Mengsk:''' My thanks to you, Sir. But you must know that your victory here means little to me. It might have taken me awhile, but I did overthrow the Confederacy. I'll overthrow your rule as well. \\
'''[=DuGalle=]:''' That seems unlikely, Sir, seeing as how you'll be publicly executed along with the rest of your ranking officers. \\
'''Mengsk:''' You wouldn't dare! \\
'''[=DuGalle=]:''' Hah! The man who crowns himself "Emperor" speaks to me of daring? You have far outlived your reputation, ''Citizen'' Mengsk. Captain, prepare to take the Emperor into custody.
* The endgame of Brood Wars is essentially Kerrigan's own moment of awesome as she faces down three armies at once and comes out victorious.
-->'''Kerrigan:''' I don't think so, Admiral. You see, at this point... I'm pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe. [[YourLittleDismissiveDiminutive And not all of your little soldiers or space ships]] will stand in my way again.
* Kerrigan gets another one when she mocks Fenix by [[IronicEcho quoting]] [[WorthyOpponent Tassadar]]'s "you are your own worst enemy" at him. Despite Fenix immediately lampshading the irony, the fact that she can do this with a perfectly straight face really shows how far she had come from the near-BloodKnight she started out as after she was zergified.
* Kerrigan does it again at the culmination of ''Brood War''. She seemingly invokes EnemyMine by rallying Raynor, Mengsk and the Protoss against the UED - but as soon as Korhal is retaken and Mengsk is restored to power, she turns around and backstabs all parties involved when they least expect it, ensuring that Mengsk can't pose a threat to her and eliminating one of the two high-ranking Protoss leaders left after Aiur's fall. [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge Next]], she blackmails Zeratul into restoring her to undisputed power over the zerg then forces him to do something she knows will make his life, in her own words, "a walking torture day by day". And when she gets cornered by three separate factions rightly pissed at her, [[KarmaHoudini she counterattacks and sends two running home to lick their wounds as well as completely wiping out the UED]]. The same UED that pretty much came, saw and systematically kicked the crap out of every single faction in the Koprulu sector in one go. And she wiped them out -- not defeated, ''killed down to the last man''.
* The ending of Brood War's Protoss campaign. Artanis activates the Xel'Naga temple and then watches as the sun rises over Shakuras, bathing the normally dark planet in light.
* Mengsk's speech at the end of the Terran campaign as he is crowning himself emperor. You play the game from Raynor's perspective so you know he's a bad guy. But the speech is so damn awesome and inspirational that it's no surprise that the average Terran would swear loyalty to him.
* Midway through the Protoss campaign, Tassadar comes upon the remnant of [[GeneralFailure General Duke's]] Dominion force from Episode 2. He gives a fairly [[BullyingADragon typical warning]], claiming ownership of the planet's airspace, accusing Tassadar of recklesness and demanding his retreat from a mission vital to the future existance of both races in face of the zerg. Having previously spared Duke more out of pity than anything, Tassadar has this to say:
-->'''Tassadar:''' General Duke, I am Tassadar, and you are well known to me. Whatever leniency I extended to you and your comrades before, may have been in error. If you persist in halting our course, we will burn your pathetic fleet down to the last man.

!Expanded Universe
* For all that Mengsk looks like a GeneralFailure in the games, the novella ''Starcraft: Uprising'' showed him displaying considerable tactical genius. Among his finest moments was using a siege tank to escape General Duke's battlecruiser. [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer Yes, you read that right]] -- he used a [[TankGoodness siege tank]] stationed in the ''Hyperion'' cargo bay to blast a [[TheBattlestar battlecruiser]] InSpace And we all thought siege tanks didn't have AntiAir.
* In the novel Starcraft; Evolution by Timothy Zhan, a five-man research team is trapped inside a cavern with [[HordeOfAlienLocusts an entire army of zerg trying to get in and slaughter them]]. [[HopeSpot Fortunately, they have a heavy flamethrower to even the odds]] [[RealityEnsues but most of the team have armor too insufficient or too compromised to survive the heat it would generate]]. This leaves Erin Wyland, civilian researcher, as the only candidate to wield the flamer. Even though her heart is pounding with fear, even though her armored suit is slowly shutting down due to the intense heat, even though she can ''smell her own cooking flesh'', she ''still'' burns through fifty meters of charging zerg and ignites a brushfire in the foliage surrounding the cavern, thus creating an impassable barrier.


* Not only ''Starcraft'' is patched after ''8 years'', but you can '''download it for free''' on Blizzard site!
** And the second news: there is going to be a ''remastered version''. This game is so popular, that it will get HD quality (and other features) this summer!

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